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  1. On 8/30/2020 at 3:06 PM, Creed said:

    NuGnR was never a real band and you can hear it on a lot of tracks. If you read between the lines Fortus is just saying that between 2004-2006 there was a clique of him, Robin and Brian. He is not mentioning Stinson and Pitman. So what he is actually saying is: the maximum of 3 people got real tight through all the years.

    In 2006 Robin was so good that he could have been the new lead guitarist, but Axl decided to add BBF for the Bucket parts...it was a super dumb move by Axl.

    It was even sillier given the fact the Fortus was fully capable of covering most of bucket’s parts. Was never a big BBF fan myself, he’s a great guitarist & vocalist just not a good fit for GNR. I’m not a big robin fan either but his style/vibe fit the band better.

  2. 4 hours ago, StrangerInThisTown said:

    Actual live performances without re-recorded vocals that sound nothing like Axl did during the UYI tour, that would be a start. Live era is a disaster compared to what they could have made it, there's a reason it's not a known GNR record. And there's still people who want more of Ritz 88 and haven't heard it 1000 times? I'd rather have other shows from that era. One of the unedited jewels that made it onto Live era is a japan 88 version of You're Crazy, that's the definitive version for me. Who knows how many more performances like that are rotting in a vault somewhere.

    I would absolutely love the Ritz show with a proper remaster. It’s actually pretty astonishing they’ve never officially released it but this is GNR we’re talking about.

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  3. 21 hours ago, Tom-Ass said:

    And Civil War... They could do another live album from the classic days and with the songs they left out and totally different versions of the other songs performance wise... Would love to hear one with much more songs performed by the AFD lineup and stuff from the Skin N' Bones tour..

    I always thought to would be cool if they did a second volume of live era, one disk with 11 songs that didn’t make the first one, second disc with the ‘88 Ritz concert.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Nesret said:

    Oh my God, I had a dream last night. I was in a room and Fernando communicated with me over some speakers. Each time I asked him if there will be a new album, he told me to move on, so I did. I moved on into the next room each time he said it. But here it is, guys: the last room didn't have any doors. Obviously that's a sign and I'm incredibly excited to announce this here.

    Sounds like a Saw trap for GNR fans 🤣

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  5. 4 hours ago, WhazUp said:

    The only other one I can think of would be the B-side to Jungle on vinyl being Whole Lotta Rosie live which also ended up on the Live From The Jungle EP, and that is just a live cover of an AC/DC tune anyways

    I am now imagining a world where GNR used the B-sides to their singles as a way to put out tunes like Just Another Sunday that wouldn't have necessarily fit the albums they came out with and man that is yet another hugely missed opportunity for the band over the years

    I forgot about Rosie cuz I listen to the NITL version so much lol.

  6. 35 minutes ago, allwaystired said:

    I'm with you! 

    That's true about the change from 4 to 3 tracks. I think there was a drop off in b-side quality around the Standing time anyway though. They weren't bad songs....just clearly b-sides, whereas up to that point their b-sides were the rival, or better, of any a-side or album track. 

    GNR have always been a remarkably bad b-sides band! 

    There are arguably no true GNR b-sides because the SOYL was the only one that was and now it’s been released as a single.

  7. Yeah & there’s a good chance both 4tus & Frank would have tried their hardest to nail their parts in the studio compared to how they play it live. Even so I think there’s parts on SOYL that sound like both of them, especially if you listen to the LLAS or sound city version for comparison. Too bad there’s no HQ live version to compare it to besides Iceland.

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