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  1. Hair Of The Dog was actually a charting single for them I’m surprised it doesn’t get played more.

    the most obscure GNR song I’ve heard on the radio is Better, the radio station in my town would play it multiple times a day back when the Harley Davidson leak happened. One time my buddy turned on his radio and Sahara was playing, which shocked me until I realized they were doing a special on Slash’s solo album. Made me chuckle.

  2. 1 hour ago, Sweersa said:

    Listening to Atlas again. 

    I really like Brain's drumming on it.

    What are the odds they keep Brains drums on the final version, presumably on the next record? We know Bumblefoot re-recorded the guitar solo, so the one we hear by Brian May is gone. My guess is they will have Slash re-record the solo, if not the entire lead guitar track. Keeping May's solo would be more likely than using anything by Bumblefoot at this point. lol

    I thought Brain's drumming on the title track (Chinese Democracy) was great, all that work to duplicate the Nirvana drums on Smells Like Teen Spirit, only to have Frank re-record the entire drum track. So who knows...

    If I had to guess I’d say if the song makes the new record just about everything would be re-record except maybe Axl’s vocals, which there’s a good chance he’d redo those as well. I can’t see any of the CD guys that aren’t part of NITL making it on the record unless it’s writing credits. Although it’s pretty certain the re-recorded parts on SOYL for the AFD deluxe edition so who knows.

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  3. 1 hour ago, The Holographic Universe said:

    Lol. Perfect answer. Fortus did state in an interview that the timing with those 3 took time. I mean Frank is a good drummer, but he was plucked from a bar band. He must pinch himself daily for his fortune. There was no way Axl was bringing in anybody new or old. 

    Dude he was playing in the Psychedelic Furs when they picked him up, and he played with them 2 more years after that. Not exactly a bar band.

  4. 46 minutes ago, mystery said:

    Really the only way is a deluxe version of CD or even a Chinese Democracy sessions compilation. Other artists have done this. You could have the original mixes, remixes, and the rest of the songs that were recorded. Even updated versions of some of the leaked songs. I think it could really put that era to rest.

    One question I have is what are the earliest recorded CD songs with vocals? The bulk of the songs were said to be recorded from 98-00. I'd like to know what was recorded in 98. Also what was it that got Axl back to singing and writing lyrics after such a rough period for him personally?

    If I’m not mistaken the first song recorded was Madagascar in like 97 but I’m not sure.

  5. There is/was nobody in the band post ‘95 that was fighting for new music like Bumble was. He was never my favorite GNR guitarist but I always respected him for giving back to the fans & not pulling any punches in interviews. His last interview as a member of the band where he ripped into the recording process was totally understandable & refreshing compared to all the blindingly reassuring updates we got from guys like DJ. I’m happy that he’s in the place he is now where he can be creative & still play big gigs with a classic rock band. Seems like what he always wanted from Guns.

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  6. I’m pretty sure we’ll never hear the majority of these songs barring another crazy leak like 2019. I mean I’m sure if there is ever an new album some of these will be included but it would probably be songs like Atlas & Hard School that fit Slash & Duffs playing style. We might get them on a deluxe Version of CD someday but we’re not gonna see that for some time, if ever.

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  7. On 8/30/2020 at 3:06 PM, Creed said:

    NuGnR was never a real band and you can hear it on a lot of tracks. If you read between the lines Fortus is just saying that between 2004-2006 there was a clique of him, Robin and Brian. He is not mentioning Stinson and Pitman. So what he is actually saying is: the maximum of 3 people got real tight through all the years.

    In 2006 Robin was so good that he could have been the new lead guitarist, but Axl decided to add BBF for the Bucket parts...it was a super dumb move by Axl.

    It was even sillier given the fact the Fortus was fully capable of covering most of bucket’s parts. Was never a big BBF fan myself, he’s a great guitarist & vocalist just not a good fit for GNR. I’m not a big robin fan either but his style/vibe fit the band better.

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