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  1. Sorry to bring up an old thread but I finally caved & added this to my CDII Album. Had the damn song stuck in my head too much lol. I put it at the end as a bonus track cuz I felt weird putting it on the album at all but turns out it fits there perfect (the song before it is Perhaps) good work again Evader.
  2. I would absolutely love the Ritz show with a proper remaster. It’s actually pretty astonishing they’ve never officially released it but this is GNR we’re talking about.
  3. I always thought to would be cool if they did a second volume of live era, one disk with 11 songs that didn’t make the first one, second disc with the ‘88 Ritz concert.
  4. If they did do a NITL live album it would be cool if they did a standard 2 CD with mostly hits & then do a deluxe version with an extra CD or 2 of lesser played tracks
  5. Come on people do we really gotta use the word “leak?” There’s 1000 other words for urinating that don’t instill false hope in GNR fan’s hearts.
  6. Although I didn’t like it at the time I will say the finished version of SOD/The Blues is a good compromise between the various versions they came up with. The original will always be my favorite though.
  7. There are arguably no true GNR b-sides because the SOYL was the only one that was and now it’s been released as a single.
  8. A live album from NITL could be really cool depending on which shows they use. If they use some 2016 shows it could be a really good product. I personally want the dodger stadium show w/ Alder but I know the general consensus would say Houston.
  9. Yeah & there’s a good chance both 4tus & Frank would have tried their hardest to nail their parts in the studio compared to how they play it live. Even so I think there’s parts on SOYL that sound like both of them, especially if you listen to the LLAS or sound city version for comparison. Too bad there’s no HQ live version to compare it to besides Iceland.
  10. I was listening to a rip of the Mystic studio demo tape & I really like that version of Back off Bitch, the whole tape is great really.
  11. Theoretically the guitar players on this should be Paul & Robin right? I guess you never really know with the early CD sessions.
  12. So I haven’t seen this discussed much so I’ll ask, do ya’ll think that’s Izzy or Richard on rhythm guitar?
  13. There’s the Pinball Machine version, it’s the best quality version with vocals but it’s instrumental besides the chorus. The only other version is the soundboard live one from the club days.
  14. I said this earlier on FB but if they had thrown 1 new song on this thing we all would have bought it. Hell if they put a NITL version of a CD song most of us would have bought it.
  15. Listening to the track now, anybody think it’s possible that they punched in Frank on certain parts like they did on the CD songs? There’s definitely parts that sound like Steven but certain sections sound like franks current live version.
  16. Just watched the interview, Frank seems like a good dude & it was great hearing him talk about the band & all the other stuff. That’s definitely interesting what the said about the AFD box set, combine that with what Steven said it seems clearer that frank played on SOYL. I don’t mind that they did it it’s just why put that out on the AFD box set? They could have freshened up some other old tunes like Ain’t Going Down & Jumping Jack Flash, had slash & Duff overdub their parts on some CD outtakes & just released that as a new record like VH did with their last album. That’s
  17. It would make sense I always thought Axl sounded like Alice on the”ostracized, but that’s alright” pert in perfect crime.
  18. I’m probably alone on this & it would never happen but I would love a live era box set too. You could do a 3rd disc of all the songs that didn’t make the original album (Civil War, DTJ, Mama Kin etc.) and a Blu-Ray with a bunch of unreleased live performances. Hell maybe the could finally maybe release Ritz ‘88 on it.
  19. I Feel Good is the only one I can vouch for cuz it’s the only recording from that show I’ve listened to in depth, is there a full recording out there of that gig? Never found much on YouTube.
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