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  1. As someone young in the late 80’s and 90’s Guns N’ Roses and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of my favorite things. Awesome picture and happy birthday!
  2. New album thread has turned into a Silkworms vs. Shotgun Blues debate? Damn! Hahahah We need a new album... Or at least some positive news about one lol
  3. Is it only going to be up at 4 pacific time live? Will it stay up? Someone recording it? Not sure if I will be home from work in time
  4. Was hoping we would have a nice new live show by now... Long work week would be nice to cap it off on a Friday night with some drinks and a new show! But ”soon” is the word I guess Iol
  5. Troubadour Show would be amazing! Energy of first show of axl, slash, duff being on stage would be killer. Hope they sound great lol but energy alone would be amazing to see. Hope we get to see it
  6. They have been busy the last few days lol Childrens book... Axl twitter feud... Now possibly releasing live shows on YouTube. I am all for them staying active, in the spotlight and hopefully releasing music. Now let's just hope they finish up that new album! Iol
  7. Susan has been our best source of information in recent years... Hoping she drops so more positive news in the not too distant future
  8. https://twitter.com/axlrose/status/1256666101338959872?s=21 Axl back to tweeting
  9. Band and Axl sound great early on in show. Hope they have some cool surprises rest of the way
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