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  1. Just when I wasn’t planning on getting my hopes up….. 😂
  2. Very sad! My favorite stand up comedian and in my opinion the best talk show guest of all time along with Don rickles
  3. MTV VMAS are tomorrow In nyc I think…. Putting Tinfoil hat on now to think if there is any chance that makes any sense 🤔 Ooh wait they play back to back shows in AC? Maybe it doesn’t make sense lol
  4. I mean if they don’t at least add a deep cut or a new song this is the biggest troll of all time lol 😂 it is on 3 social platforms
  5. Damn! I knew last night was supposed to be the night. I heard from an insider pink and Dave grohl also guest in the studio version with updated vocals! 😂
  6. Agreed that while an odd experience it does make the concert unique. For the people at the show, or for someone that has seen Guns a bunch of times this will be a story they can talk about for the rest of their days.
  7. The fact that Fernando is on here is good news in my mind….. means they are busy and hopefully up to some planning. I take it as good news but maybe I am just being overly optimistic 😂
  8. Cool that brain was there. Would have loved to see him play a song or two !
  9. So far band and axl sound very good! I have been in and out in a few streams. But heard jungle, and brownstone and both sounded really good
  10. Los Angeles makes sense for spot where new material might get played… Also Thursday night into Friday makes sense. I just have a feeling it is too close timeframe wise to absurd getting released. Hope I am wrong though!
  11. Back to back Jack Nicholson movie references for Denver ( the shining) and Los Angeles (Chinatown) ! As a huge Jack fan I love it.
  12. GNR insider posters… this does seem very reminiscent of the early to mid 2000’s lol 😂
  13. If I had to guess before the tour started when they would release something, I would have figured around New York show or Los Angeles show. So ya never know. Hope you are correct !
  14. The shining is one of my favorite movies… stanley Kubrick … Jack Nicholson… classic! Love the reference
  15. I am loving that they are switching up order of setlist! I also agree band sounds very tight. Hoping as the tour goes on they only get tighter and add some deep cuts and maybe some new stuff to the setlist. It is very nice to see that the band seems to be having a blast out on stage too
  16. Ahhh makes more sense now. Didn’t realize he was in the mix to join VR at one point.
  17. On a country station? Wow 😂 wouldn’t have expected that. But cool nonetheless!
  18. Agreed that era of the band is untouchable. Would love pro shots !
  19. Yep.. in the movie one of the criminals crushes another in a wood chipper. For the shirt they are crushing the appetite monster
  20. It is a reference to the movie Fargo. I like the movie so I kind of like the shirt too. It isn’t as cool as the Detroit shirt… but I like it
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