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  1. But those people don't buy it at all. They pay for a streaming service and that's it.
  2. If you can't remember the albums, you're not really in a position to judge them. And no, it's not totally different. Both albums feature stronger and not so strong songs. Songs that wouldn't have been released, if they didn't have 140 minutes of music to fill. Nevermind on the other hand...
  3. Disagree. The only way I ever buy music is physcial. Never ever will I buy a download. And I know plenty of people who feel the same. As for album length. I love me a long album. I don't advocate for an album to be short. I just don't see why anyone would release a double album at this time.
  4. You have 2 marketing points in terms of selling a tour. Also you can charge more for 2 seperate albums than 1 double album. People are more likely to pay the lower price for the single album, than for the double album.
  5. I happen to like the guitarist's songs... "Lonely day" is one of my favourites. And why is it not comparable?? Because you like GNR more? When you call some of the SOAD songs "filler", then there certainly ones that compare as filler on UYI. But it's alright, all 4 albums are great as they are. Filler and all.
  6. But SOAD's Mezmerize/Hypnotize was released half a year apart. And it's not like Use your illusion 1 and 2 don't contain filler.
  7. He should though. Because otherwise he'll never get anything done and completed.
  8. You said it's impossible to be done. I merely showed you how it could be done. It's not unreasonable for whoever distributes the album to have a contract that specifies these specifics. Yes. And that power made him ruin his career and front a band which only has released 4 albums in 34 years.
  9. As unrealistic to expect or demand a double album. Edit: And well, some people need a deadline. Or you end up having an album every 30 years. Axl would be way more productive, if he actually had a deadline.
  10. No. A contract that gives a record company these 20 songs at a certain time, for release at a set time. A deadline by which time tinkered songs have to be resubmitted, in case reception of the first album is piss poor and they want to change something, for release at the previosuly set time. Seriously now. Stop being so complicated.
  11. Geez. When you're set to release a double album, you have to have at least 20 finished songs. So why not release 10 of those released songs now and put 10 away to release a year later?? If the songs are finished, they won't be meddled with either way, so you might as well hold some back and release them later. A contract that states as much and there would be no changing of the mind.
  12. If the album is ready, they could also release it half a year or a year apart. Which would make way more sense.
  13. Yep. It's also entirely possible that none of these songs are really finished.
  14. But instead of releasing a double album it would just make more sense to release one album now and the other next year. They also can't just dump 10 new songs into a live set.
  15. Do you guys think Axl also calls that voice Mickey? So, it's not Atlas shrugged, but Mickey sang.
  16. Yeah. The worst thing is when they recount what their parents did before they were born.
  17. I wouldn't even mind using old ideas. If a song is good and fits within the GNR context, use it, by all means (only though if it is written by Axl). But rerecord it. Have current members give their input and not use shit by members who aren't in the band since +/- a decade. As for CD2... that window has closed and only will open itself up again after Axl's death.
  18. Yeah. The concept of the biography itself kinda always make me think "Why should I waste my life time to read about someone else's life? Who fucking cares?". I have bought Slash's biography and downloaded Duff's and Matt's biography ages ago, but other than a few pages, didn't read any of them yet. I did read some of Duff's though, while waiting for GNR to hit the stage (that kinda made sense). That said, I downloaded Steven Tyler's, Joey Kramer's and Joe Perry's biographies as audiobooks and listened to them while doing other stuff. That worked.
  19. Well, if Slash leaves again, it's over. And with all due respect, they (Axl) really can keep his CD 2 shit. The window for that is closed. He had 6 years to release that shit. If they do a new album with Slash, I want nothing of that crap and certainly no recordings of other musicians on it (wouldn't they have to pay those other musicians if they put out the stuff they've recordet?). I want a new album, played from scratch, by the people who are in the band now. Otherwise it's just better they keep on touring on the old stuff and release nothing at all.
  20. I don't know. It's not bad, I guess. But despite listening to it several times, there is no song that really, really grabs me or stands out. But the limited edition box set comes with a live Blu-Ray from his 2017 tour, which is pretty awesome.
  21. For what it's worth, under one of Meegan's post regarding a new Slash album I wrote, "Yeah. While the new GNR album will be made... never". To which she replied "Never say never".
  22. Just today Aerosmith pushed their european tour to 2022. Queen+ did a while ago. I'm sure GNR will too and there will be no summer concerts this year.
  23. Even more silliness. You really want to compare the consistency of 23 movies in the Marvel universe to 3 movies that make up the Star Wars sequels. I shudder how fucked up the Marvel universe would be if the Star Wars people would have been in charge.
  24. Sorry. But all the points you raise are silly. And yes, the original trilogy is better than the dogshit the sequels turned out be.
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