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  1. Obviously the work should be somewhat meaningful. Like AFD and UYI. Not throwaway like OMG (and an Album, not a single). But yes, why do proper members and acts and bands have to wait 25 years until they could get inducted, but some insignificant rent-a-musician, who joined 10 years ago, can get in right away, because he was lucky to join a HOF-"worthy" band? That's not really fair, is it?
  2. Thank god, it isn't. Since GNR are in there because of AFD and to a lesser extent UYI, none of the people, not inducted with them, would make any sense to be inducted. At all. Absolutely no case. And really, since their whole thing is, 25 years after the first album, nobody's who's recording/contribution to a band, isn't at least 25 years old, should be inducted.
  3. You might wanna rethink that consistancy part: 04/1968 – 06/1969 Mk I Rod Evans Ritchie Blackmore Jon Lord Nick Simper Ian Paice 06/1969 – 06/1973 Mk II Ian Gillan Ritchie Blackmore Jon Lord Roger Glover Ian Paice 10/1973 – 04/1975 Mk III David Coverdale Ritchie Blackmore Jon Lord Glenn Hughes Ian Paice 06/1975 – 07/1976 Mk IV
  4. Yeah. They left or were driven away by an impossible to work with control Freak (just like Newsted was), claiming to be the boss of his former collegues. They wouldn't have left, had he behaved differently.
  5. Oh. The irony. He was playing exclusively GNR Songs (I should rephrase, the GNR songs the fans wanted to hear plus some new songs he tried to pass off as GNR songs), something Duff and Slash never did. So, no. He does not. He's playing stadiums when he's with Duff and Slash. He doesn't when he's on his own. So, once again. No he does not.
  6. Up to CD Dizzy added nothing creatively to GNR. He played what he was told to play. And what he played, at the end of the day, didn't change much. All the other changes you mention, nothing of that had to with the recorded music/albums, which we are talking about here. And there are plenty people saying that even UYI wasn't quite GNR anymore. So AFD 5 guys = GNR. UYI 4 guys = slightly diminished GNR. CD 1 guy (+ 1 guy who previously never contributed creatively) + 6 (or however many actually ended up on the album and with writing credits) other guys = new band operating under old nam
  7. Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath and released solo albums ever since. You thinking that a solo album has to be created like Prince does, or close to it, doesn't change that. And no one really thinks that. And there are few solo artists, who write everything themselves.
  8. Once more. Dizzy is insignificant. Just ask Slash. He contributed nothing to what was GNR. AFD was the product of 5 guys. And like I stated before, I'm not talking about the odd member change were one drops out. And yes, to some even that is not GNR anymore. The same as what I previously said. A gradual/organical change. Members leaving in the course of years, in the course of several albums. Not from one album to the other. And stop playing stupid now asking for every shit to be spelled out. You know which 5 guys made the original GNR allbum. And the covers album with no original song
  9. And yet it's not the same and you know it. Yeah. Especially to know how much they actually, really worked together in that time or wether it just was a on paper thing.
  10. Geez. Don't play stupid now. You really don't want to compare the UYI situation, where a drummer was missing to the CD situation, where everyone was missing. And I already posted that Axl himself says he doesn't consider it a solo album, so no need to bring in Stinson's take, even though that first statement probably proofs that Axl needs other people to finish a song. He's no Trent Reznor. But the band that recorded CD also no GNR. At the end of the day, he was the leader or moderator (or whatever you wanna call it, he's the one with the record deal) of that project, no matter how much o
  11. Yes. But even that happened more organically and gradually with one member after the other leaving / getting fired. Black Sabbath did become somewhat of a joke though, in terms of a band context, with dwindling audiences and only Dio and Ozzy (and Geezer, Vinny and Bill) returning became somewhat respected and welcome in big places again. And Seventh Star actually was a solo album and only on the record company's insistence was released as Black Sabbath. So what is written on the sleeve really means nothing.
  12. Nah. It's not. If I say blue is green, because I call it green, it also doesn't make it green. But yeah, no point arguing about it. What question? There are several? Hypothesises about other bands are irrelevant, when we talk about this particular band, where there was no clear leader and everyone contributed making up what GNR was. You have to look at what type of band you're dealing with and then go with that. For example Nine Inch Nails is a band in name, but we all know it's not really a band, but Trent Reznor with musicians. So in his case it's much easier to accept every effort as Nine I
  13. But with Deep Purple it happened organically. A member left, a member came. You never had the case where only 1 member was left (Dizzy doesn't count as he never contributed anything to what used to be GNR) and all the other members in the band have never played with any of the original guys. We're not talking about the odd member change. We're talking about a singer hijacking the name and exchanging every member. So that's the difference.
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