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  1. As long as Eon/the Broccoli/Wilson's are the chiefs of Bond that will never happen. They are not a film studio that constantly pumps out movies. They do Bond. And when they don't to Bond they recuperate and spend the money made with Bond. They are not in it to constantly produce movies without a break. And I don't think they will license out the Bond universe for someone else to play in without their involvement.
  2. Maybe you just reread what you wrote. It wasn't that there weren't headlines about there being a female black 007, it was your claim that: "there is no way that people would have been so pissed if it was a white male character as the replacement 007 or Ana de Armas. The fact that things like that make people so insecure is pathetic. As soon as you cast a black woman or a gay character it's suddenly "to fit an agenda." ". Your claim that supposedly people (only) had an issue with her being black. As for Q, as usual a discussion like this that gets boring quick and goes in circles, making me repeat myself. But really there is nothing more I can say, except yes, it should be possible to have gay characters, but just create new characters. Don't make old characters gay in a throw away line, just to tick a box and appeal to someone.
  3. Yes. People don't give a shit, whether Q is gay. So why mention it all? To tick a box. To fit an agenda. To squeeze another woke/sj/minority/whatever you want to call it moment in there. The actor is gay. They could have just left it at that. As for people complaining about the made up female 007 character being black... I think you're extremely reaching/making things up there. Who cares if a newly introduced character is black? If they have an issue it's because some may think they want to turn the leading man 007 into a woman. There wasn't any uproar about minor characters Moneypenny and Leiter being black. And yes, those decisions were agenda driven. The only issue people might have, is that they have made yet another minor character black. Why black? If they want to be diverse, why make 3 previously white characters black? Why couldn't either Moneypenny or the female 007 not be british-indian? That line just sticks out like a sore thumb. It was absolutely unnessessary.
  4. Also James Doohan's. So actually, he's the third. But the first one to live and tell the story. And how beautifuly. Nevermind fucking Bezos interrupting him for a bottle of champagne, almost ruining Shatner's train of thought:
  5. Though he's only the second member of TOS to do so.
  6. As much as I like them, I hope all of them get recast. That would make the most sense with a new Bond taking over. It always was odd that they kept on Judi Dench, when they switched to Craig. Previously it was alright to keep the supporting cast, as it never was a full reboot before, but now it would look stupid.
  7. Uhm, but it was. Even women were commenting that to me. Whether Q was waiting for a female or male date was totally irrelevant to the story. No need to mention that. And considering that the actor is gay, people could have made of that whatever they wanted. That was put in there to appease someone/to tick a box. Same as the female 007. So to say there wasn't an agenda is a bit naiive.
  8. Yeah. Also just saw it. It was alright. Another villain with an iffy motive, just like Blofeld and a strange dude, just like Silva and really the actors who play him and Madeline are practically the same age, so that took me out a bit. But yeah, it was a good send off. Kinda liked the throwback to OHMSS, my favourite Bond movie. Looking forward to what the future brings.
  9. Well, good on you that you don't think getting vaccinated is all the solution and the only thing to do. Though it's only vaccinated, who can pass it on and vaccinated are less likely to test themselves regularly. Bad on you that you lump everyone refusing to get the vaccination (yet) together and try to imply that they are ignorant, not treating it right and careless. But whatever, everybody does what they need to do for themselves.
  10. Oh, well. Or maybe it just shows that not everyone gets it and that not everyone who gets it reacts badly to it. Who's to say that someone who's vaccinated, got it and had a mild or no reaction wouldn't also have had a mild reaction without the vaccine?
  11. Geez. What was not to love then? Man in the mirror live with cinema sound. A few, at least for me at the time, seldom seen snippets of old Jackson 5 days, the first airing of the Leave me alone video, the Speed demon dance sequence, the overlong Smooth Criminal video and a kick ass performance of Come together in a live setting. Everything you love Michael Jackson for. And you were told from the beginning that it's a movie like no other. I loved it back in '88 and it was the first movie I saw twice at the cinema. Really, fuck the haters.
  12. And how exactly do they determine, whether one is 3 times more protected to actually get it?? Well, other than getting vaccinated, hoping you won't get it and if you get it, not giving it to your child with whom you're in close proximity all the time, what have you done? Myself, I had 24 negative tests since May, whenever I was in situations where it was mandated or could have brought me in aforementioned situations, however unlikely (it still is possible to keep somewhat distanced). What happened to the 4 year old is tragic, but not really the norm. 4 year olds don't regularly drop dead from Covid. And, just to make clear, I'm not pretending to know more than anyone else. It's just a fact that also the experts don't know it all, as you can find experts arguing in either directions. I just make my decisons for myself. Period.
  13. Yeah. We got that... even though the "asking for a friend" part is always suspicious. But same difference, I don't see much hope for your friend, if he has to ask a fan to ask on a fan forum where to book GNR.
  14. Nevermind the fact that a world wide reknown act like GNR or their booking agent Live Nation/United Talent agency/whatever won't go into business with someone who has to ask on a fan board where to book them and obviously has no proven record (and assurance they can actually cough up the money needed to book GNR and has the expertise to stage a show of this size). Anyone else would know where to look into how to book them.
  15. And that's the fucked up thing. Why would they not hang out with you, since they are vaccinated??! Some of my friends have gotten the shot, some haven't. We can accept each other's opinion (and also realized there is no point arguing about it) and still hang out together. And no issues (or infections) so far. Why can't this be the norm?
  16. Tour manager has nothing to do with booking. He just makes sure the tour moves along, getting from point A to B and so on. And mundane stuff like luggage getting transported to the airport.
  17. I'm not saying I want to grow up. Some things you just can't help.
  18. Well, most of us are middle aged men that have grown up.
  19. Is this still a thing that rockstars invite groupies backstage? Especially in this day and age when Corona can shut down a tour. And how does that go? Does he still have Andrei pimping for groupies or does he scope them out himself?
  20. If you need to ask somebody whether you should go, then seriously, do not go.
  21. Yeah. It was recorded in Munich, Germany in the week between my first GNR concert and my first MJ concert. 2 hours from where I live. Had I only known. I heard about them recording the video at the MJ show. And then I had to wait for 8 months until I finally got to see it. The agony. It's one of my most favourite MJ songs. Being an MJ fans since years at that point, getting into GNR in '91, having Slash show up on the Dangerous album and then at concerts and in videos... it just all alligned.
  22. Like I said. Damn children. I do not think his heart was really in it and he was more occupied being a dad than making music. Hence the pathetic 2 songs he wrote by himself, whereas all the other songs where mainly written by someone else. He once said that he is married to his music and that he needs the closeness to do what his doing and thus there is no room in his life for other stuff. It kinda shows. While Invincible in and itself is a solid effort, but on an MJ level it is lacking and the "worst" of his solo albums.
  23. Yep, that is a problem with the latter day songs. They don't know when to stop. Then you think the song is over and it goes on again. I always liked 2Bad, but I really fell in love with it, when I saw that sick choreography in Ghosts. Absolutely amazing. Nope. I don't think the two songs sound similar.
  24. Yep. I don't like it either. I don't understand the fascination by some with it. It's a bit dull and too long. Always thought it was a shame that Shout was left off for that god awful You are my life. Damn kids.
  25. wow. This is the first time I'm hearing about someone fainting because Michael pointed at them. Usually it's the crappy condtions. The heat. The exhaustion. The not drinking. The standing for hours being crushed. Well. Michael was like no other.
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