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  1. 1 hour ago, AtariLegend said:

    After one of the worst finales of all time, the show with more bad seasons than good returns.



    Maybe they can declare the last seasons a dream? Just have him step out of the shower, please. :P But, that said, I'm still somewhat excited. And apparently the showrunner from season 1 - 4 is involved. So that could mean good things.

  2. 2 hours ago, jamillos said:

    You probably know this, but it's a spin-off to the three Librarian movies with Noah Wyle. 
    It is on my to-watch list. 

    Thanks for the tip, didn't know about Warehouse 13, it could be fun. 

    Yes. Warehouse is fun. If you like the Librarians, I'm sure you like Warehouse too.

    Just watched "Flesh and bone". It deals in the world of ballet (don't particularly care for ballet), but it was entertaining. Only one season. So a quick watch.

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  3. 22 hours ago, soon said:

    Its wild to live at a time with so much quality content to choose from - because I haven't seen one show/film from your list! But I'm sure they're all great. There's just so much content!!

    Whats The Librarians like?

    Yeah. And there is still so much stuff I want to watch. But with no travelling and no concerts, I finally can catch up.
    Librarians is a fun show, think a mixture of Indiana Jones and Warehouse 13.

    Oh, and I forgot, also finished/rewatched
    Teen Wolf
    Vikings 5.1

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  4. 21 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    I dont know why he used BJ as a vehicle for the country stuff. He should have released that sort of music as a solo thing. Like the music he did for the young guns soundtrack.

    Well. By now BJ is a solo project. It already was when Sambora still was in the band and is one of the reasons why Sambora left/has no interest in returning. Hell, the average housewife fan treats it as a solo project.

  5. 11 hours ago, EvanG said:

    I have listened to it a few times through YouTube but it doesn't sound like a country record to me. And this record is very much about where America is at this moment in time, so I'm not sure what you mean.

    In my opinion they were at their best during the Keep the Faith Slippery when wet and These Days New Jersey era. Richie seemed to have a big influence on those records too.


    There. Corrected that for you.

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  6. 3 hours ago, James Bond said:

    If it's an consolation it'll probably get moved again so you might get your winter wish after all. Winter 2022 at this rate. :lol:

    I wouldn't mind April at all. I mean, Bond was a summer thing from The Spy Who Loved Me to Licence To Kill so I feel like that'll be a nice change of pace from our winter fare from 1995 onwards.

    Yeah. No reason to believe it won't get moved again. No sure though I wanna wait a full year.

    But Licence (the first Bond I saw at the cinema) is 30 years ago. Every other movie since was a winter movie. I would like to keep it like that. Exotic and hot locations is just something for the winter. Not for early summer.

  7. 21 hours ago, Free Bird said:

    It isn't bullshit as long as it's his opinion. 

    A) He states it as fact. B) even it just was his opinion, it's bullshit.

    20 hours ago, Entman said:

    there actually are some bootlegs of this show floating around, pretty ballsy for metallica to blame g'n'r for anything after such a joke of a performance:



    You do not seriously believe this is an actual performance??

  8. On 9/19/2020 at 1:40 PM, action said:


    you watch this trailer, and it's instantly forgettable. there is no humour, no suspense. just quick, stressfull sequences. only interesting bit was the vague bond theme, but even that was a bit  clumsy. I genuinly feel stressed out watching this.

    THIS is how you do a good bond trailer:


    Rubbish, rubbish. It's 2020. Not 1967. Get with the times. I like it and can't wait. Glad Blofeld is back, hopefully this time a little bit more satisfying. And the villain has a lair. Awesome. Also glad it got delayed. So now I have time to do the Bond marathon leading up to it. It's been a while since I saw every single one of them.

  9. 3 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

    Phil dug his own grave, and had legal / drug problems up the wazoo! Not to mention that he had become pretty erratic around the time of the rock or bust recording. As for Brian he could not have and should not have performed that 2016 tour after his hearing loss, but Angus and co should have taken him aside and said clearly "You are the singer of AC/DC, that isn't changing, but right now we have a tour that we need to finish" they handled it wrong, but that's obviously water under the bridge for Angus and Brian... I really don't think it was a "Fuck Brian, we'll get someone else" thing. I think it was simply the machine had temporarily lost a part and it needed to be temporarily replaced. If Axl was singing on this album and Brian was denied doing so, I'd say things were a lot more business than friendly! but almost every band is run like a business now, that's why when a band like Rush is out there and have agreements that it's all for one, one for all it's so unusual. 

    But they surely made it sound that way. Basically saying "We wish him well, but now we got Axl Rose." makes this pretty clear. They could have stated that they have every intention to keep him as the singer when he gets better or for studio work, but they made it pretty clear that their time with him is up. I saw them twice in 2015 and I don't feel that he shouldn't have done the tour. At least not performance wise. As for getting him back, going on tour with a replacement is one thing, but releasing an album with a new singer is another. To many, it's not really AC/DC anymore with both Malcolm and Brian gone. As for Phil, yeah, he dug his own grave, but still, they just sacked him without any word of support or understanding or friendship or whatever and got Chris. and now, they just drop Chris the same way and apparently do not even have the decency to tell him.

  10. 44 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

    Angus is very coy when it comes to business and communication regarding the band. He treats AC/DC as the entity and the people who play as band members as tools to contribute to it. 

    Yeah. That kinda got obvious the way they got rid of Brian. Many thought that was kinda cold and too businesslike. Also with Phil. You fuck up/you have problems. You're out.

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  11. 17 minutes ago, rocknroll41 said:

    Happy that it’s finally confirmed!

    i wonder if Chris Slade was lying in that recent interview, or if he genuinely believed he was still in the band.

    Yeah. If so, they did him dirty a second time. Kinda despicable. Seems like a good guy.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

    Awesome to see Brian back. As much as I wanted an Axl/DC album or even song, this is Brian's rightful place and 2016 would have been a bad way for him to leave the band

    I'm glad Brian is back and I'm glad there is no Axl/DC Album. I loved the 3 Shows I saw, but this is Brian's band. If Axl records music it should be with his band or not at all.

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  13. 17 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    The groups you named are perfect examples of why it was over.  The Stones I give a pass to due to personal taste but really and truly, what was left of rock n roll by the time The Stones were doing stadiums in the 80s?  it was done.  AC/DC, as good as a great many of their songs are, were like a revivalist nostalgia act.  Same with Guns, Metallica, U2 and Springsteen were just pants.  At that point it was just about corporate sponsorship and maximizing earnings as these 'artists' rapidly approached middle age and realised that they hadn't made half the money that they could have and were looking to the future about how they were gonna keep themselves in the manner to which they'd become accustomed.  And thats fine, I ain't against anyone earning a few bob.  But it ain't rock n roll, at least not in the sense of a fertile forward moving genre with some legs to it.

    But those are still here, going on and going strong for the most part, so it's not over. It may only be over (after they retire), because bands tend not to get that big anymore. And there is just something magical about that stadium of 50,000 people singing the same song. A show starting in daylight, going into twilight and ending in the night. That is an atmosphere an arena or club can never match. And all 3 situations are rock n roll.

  14. 15 hours ago, action said:

    not as good as freddie, son


    It's not really a competition though. How do you rate that shit anyway? Freddie Mercury, James Brown, Jim Morrison, Robbie Williams... all great at what they do/did.

    7 minutes ago, Len Cnut said:

    By the time it made it as a regular in stadiums it was all over.  

    It's over? Ask U2, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, even fucking Bon Jovi... I think they beg to differ.

  15. 1 hour ago, Len Cnut said:

    I’m not sure how to respond this.  Yes it does mean that if I don’t like them.  There isn’t any kind of objective fact when it comes to taste and according to my taste Metallica are absolute shite.  If your opinion differs from that thats fine but there’s no objective truth here.

    Objectively speaking, they are not worse than GNR. Period.

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