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  1. I'm glad the next 3 seasons were shorter. So maybe a little less back and forth. But yes, good to hear they didn't drop the ball as bad as Dexter.
  2. At the beginning of season 4 of Lost now. Still enjoying it. What really is astonishing though is the amount of talent that came through this show. Pretty much every actor I got to know through other shows of the past 15 - 20 years makes an appearance here. Amazing.
  3. Yeah. Probably. And not a priority at the moment, so it got pushed back.
  4. I think it will be exactly the same version as the one floating around now. It's not hard to see that due to the Corona crap the book got pushed back.
  5. Yeah. I've also asked for a refund now, as I've realized that with the cancellation of the 2 Diana Ross Shows, I'm not going to travel to Ireland. Rather see them somewhere I can go by car. Hopefully they refund everyone who asks.
  6. Yeah. If you protest you only lose out yourself and change nothing in the big scheme. That's the sad thing about it.
  7. It definitely is criminal. You would go to jail if you would do something like that as a private person. But politicans say that is okay and back that shit up. Mind boggling. To use citizens as banks.
  8. Yeah. I also got money back for my 2 irish Diana Ross shows. I don't really think they should cancel right away. They need to plan ahead for when concerts can happen again, they don't organize concerts within 2 weeks and obviously it is a tough time for concert promoters, but they should leave the option for people to ask for and get a refund without hassle. That's the least they could do to treat their customers with respect. I trust that most people will hang on to their tickets anyway.
  9. Yes. It's borderline criminal. And just imagine you have bought a ticket in a different country, for a concert you can no longer attend. Then you get a voucher (if you're lucky) for concerts of a promoter you don't have any other business with and have to wait for years, until you can claim your money back. And you can also forget about selling the ticket privately (if the concert is merely postponed), because who in their right mind will privately buy a ticket from a stranger at this point when there is no guarantee the concert will acutally happen. And after holding your money hostage for Ab
  10. Yeah. That may be better. Either way be wary of any tickets you buy between now and then, considering how these european countries shit on consumer rights and cut their rights after the fact. Only buy, if it doesn't bother you that the money's gone for good/held up for the next couple of years either way: https://www.evz.de/en/shopping-internet/coronavirus-cancelled-events.html
  11. I guess it is, when you have to remember over weeks and months and years what has happened. Not so much, when you watch it all in a couple of weeks.
  12. Yeah. I didn't have the patience for that, so I dropped out quickly, always planning to watch it once it's all said and done. Took me longer than expected to get around though. I usually wait until a season is done and then watch it back to back. For me that's way more rewarding, easier to stay in the show and like that I also don't have to complain about filler episodes, as I can just watch another right after.
  13. BvS is a pile of shit and not really relevant. We had 80 years of origin before that. Bruce Wayne falling into a cave, stirring up Bats had been done in Comics before though. Don't remember exactly what origin Begins peddled, as I haven't watched that movie in ages, just can't bring myself to watch it again, but have planned since years to watch all 3 back to back.
  14. Yes. That's what I heard and also that the conclusion is not really satisfying, which made me wonder if I should even bother. But right now I'm at the beginning of season 3 and I'm enjoying it. Is a bit of a trip, but entertaining.
  15. That has always been the origin. It might differ in detail, but it's always been the same. He used the symbol he feared most to strike fear into the heart of criminals.
  16. It's different in each country. If it is cancelled it could be that you only get a coupon. Fucking Germany (and many other countries) issued an unlawful law, that allows concert promoters to issue coupons, instead of returning your money. It's criminal.
  17. Well. If I'm worried then I'm more worried about side effects, than whether it works or not. So, you've already had it and went to intensive care? Do you know how/where you got it? It's only 10 am in L.A. so give it some more time.
  18. Yeah. I thought that too. I just returned a ticket for a concert in Italy and got a stupid coupon and now I'm contemplating whether I should buy a ticket for a show in Milan next june. But then what? Am I going to stand close to a couple 100 people at a show with a couple 1000 and hope for the best? What is different next year, if there is no vaccine? Or if there is one, should I get a barely tested new vaccine just to be able to go to concerts again?
  19. Alice Cooper should never retire. His shows still kick ass.
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