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  1. Finally catching up on Lost before it gets yanked from Amazon once more in 2 weeks. Currently at the beginning of season 2.
  2. Fuck CD2, the less heard of it, the better. Duff and Slash are back. That is all that is interesting. What they can come up with Axl.
  3. Yeah. They certainly make money. Also they play twice as much shows on a tour in the same time than GNR.
  4. If he wouldn't make the GNR money, he could petition the court to cut the alimony, so let's cut that bullshit talk already.
  5. And still it's not a tiny crowd. Especially for a band with a singer that "sounds like a strangled cat". Fake Guns didn't pull much more either. If it doesn't happen now, with a forced down time, it will happen never. So yes, let's stay positive.
  6. No, it's not. What evidence are you talking about? There is none. Just lots of bullshit. And every accuser is problematic, shady and raises a red flag. None of them is trustworthy.
  7. Not surprising though, is it? That band is always late.
  8. You should look around. Everyone is postponing their dates to next year. GNR will do so too on July 6th.
  9. And? I'd rather not have to buy all my tickets again. Especially, when the concerts are seated. It's much easier to postpone and only refund those who insist on it, than to refund everything and then having to sell everything again. Usually you should be able to get a refund either way.
  10. Irrelevant. It's a different situation now. Why? They still can cancel again, should the situation not improve.
  11. New dates will be announced July 6th. At least that's what the promoter in Ireland says. https://mcd.ie/rescheduled-events/ I'm sure that will be for all the (european) dates.
  12. Yeah. Her time definitely has expired. Geez. These people are all so fucked up. That becomes so apparent when you let them talk and sift through comments.
  13. In other words it will go away, once all the people who can't handle it have died off?! How many will that be? 1 Million? 10 Million? 100 Million? More? And how long will that take? 1 year? 100 years (assuming they can't come up with a vaccine/people refuse to take it)? Or maybe it will just stick around and continue to affect some more than others. Funny how experts are not sure that it will go away, how they are not even sure how long antibodies will protect you from getting it again, but you know that it will go away!?
  14. Yeah. And that Batmobile is the sexiest car ever.
  15. There are few, who would argue that being branded a pedophile by ignorant people, while being innocent, didn't alter the course of his life and didn't lead to his early death. Stage fright, anxiety, mistrust, being paranoid.... everything happened because of how his life got derailed by these accusations. And yes, it is very different. One is a falsely accused and the other is a criminal. A difference of night and day. For a while he didn't give a fuck, he did things how he wanted, so that's why he always had children around and never made a secret about it, while at the same time, h
  16. Yes. That is not so much different. Axl also adopted a family, because he's to fucked up and broken to get one of his own and has the money to do so. Also not perfectly normal.
  17. White boy? And you really have no idea who Slash's kids would be around would Michael be alive. Having your kids not around someone, who's just standing trial for alleged child molestation is just common sense and not really an idictment that you really think he did that. Slash simply could not know 100% for sure and knew how it would look.
  18. People saying you are one and being one are 2 different things though.
  19. Yes. The last good season is 4. After that it gets messy and you can only enjoy it, while willingly overlooking the flaws. It does get a little better from the low point towards the end, but still a far cry from Season 1 to 4.
  20. Except. Batman, the character, wasn't campy. Nicholson's Joker was more Joker than Ledger's and Batman returns was the best Batman movie of them all. The Nolan ones were pretentious claptrap, but not really Batman. A total bore.
  21. Yeah. I already deleted that out of my mind. And forgot about the other one.
  22. Wow! That would be awesome. He's still my favourite Batman. But Ezra Miller as the Flash and Keaton as Batman? He was in JL with Affleck as Batman. What a mess. Really, it is embarrassing how clueless DC/Warner are with their properties.
  23. But few of the topics descend into people, who have no clue, accusing a dead man of being a child molestor, which was not the original topic. Unless the OP, who is awfully quiet in this thread, intended just that with his question.
  24. Obviously not. Yeah. But it shows that the writer is nuts, biased and nothing she says is to be taken serious. And anybody following that link and reading it, should know what kind of person that writer is. And once again, I know why I asked to "let it rest".
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