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  1. He didn't take "time off". The video was shot in Munich, Germany in June '92, sometime between the 17th and the 26th, while GNR had shows in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. But yeah, someone as insecure as Axl might feel threatened, if his guitarist strikes up a working relationship with the biggest star in the world. And as for quoting that hit piece by a cunt, who claimed that Michael Jackson bathed in blood of 42 cows, to put a spell on his enemies, why not quote a more balanced and objective article on the '93 case, called "Was Michael Jackson framed?". Since it all but d
  2. Exactly. The timeline doesn't fit, so there are really only 2 explanations for Axl's comment regarding the Video Vanguard Award: 1) Michael Jackson worked with Slash in '91. In '92 GNR got that award and Axl was concerned that anyone could think that GNR got that award due to their association with Jackson. 2) In an unprecedented move MTV renamed that award after a living contemporary artist to "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award" in '91, which, I don't think, has ever happened before or since and a petty, competitive and insecure little person like Axl, as one of the first artists
  3. Repeating your misinformed bullshit don't make it any true. But that's always the problem with characters like you. Bullshit talk, knowing nothing and nothing to back their shit up.
  4. That's why I said, let it rest. The last we heard Axl talk about Michael is that he enjoyed him as a singer. I doubt he would do that if he thought he's a child molestor. Unless we have a new quote of him about Michael, there is no point of bringing that up again.
  5. Who here said that it is impossible that Axl doesn't like Michael??
  6. Because we'll never know until we hear from Axl. All we hear is through third parties who might have their own problems with Michael Jackson.
  7. Unless you have been there, shut the fuck up, quit talking out of your ass and stop pretending to know things you don't know shit about.
  8. Yes. So let it rest. Some years ago Axl mentioned Michael as one of the singers he enjoyed.
  9. Hmm. Well. I guess it would have been. Stupid, if he didn't and the settlement was done against his will.
  10. Well. If it is a settlement, he agreed with this.
  11. Ex-spousal support is in relation to what the person actually makes. If it is too high, he can always repetition the court to have it reduced. Happens all the time. And yes, I can't see Perla actually getting 100k a month.
  12. Yeah. I think if Slash hadn't returned I would have seen Axl retire soon. He didn't strike me as one wanting to tour until old age. But with Slash around things have changed, I can see them going on for a long time, with it being over the minute Slash leaves. At this point there is no point continuing GNR without Slash. Seriously, could we stop pretending like Slash is the only guy who ever got a divorce? As if that fucking divorce will force him to work until he drops dead???
  13. So the dates are set: In cinemas 12th November UK, 20th November US.
  14. Just goes to show what an arrogant and entitled douche Matt is. Why brag that you disrespected the wishes to not show up drunk for rehearsals?? Why even get there drunk in the first place? As for the inconsistency. It's not that serious. Just an elaboration. Maybe both things happened.
  15. Yeah. They were on the show until episode 2 of season 3. Shame they left. I think the show hit their stride in the latter half of the first season, when they added John D. Cort. That episode with the 3 of them in Mexico (with the lawyer Craig), was hilarious. A shame both Craig and John only appeared as rare guests from Season 2 on. Yeah. That first shark episode was something. Back then I was so mad that Jill survived that shark attack and then they just let her die offscreen.
  16. Actually they got cancelled after season 1. Then Hasselhoff and the creators took over, bought the show back, produced it themselves and brought it back not missing a beat. Yeah. The first 2 seasons are slightly different than later years. And yes, the simple things that always ended up with people having to be dramatically rescued with the lifeguards always having to breathe the life in the victim's bodies in the nick of time, the video montages and the sharks (didn't realize that there were so many episodes that featured sharks), become a bit tedious, but the storylines, even though on the l
  17. Catching up on Nashville, before it gets yanked from Amazon. While I'm not a country fan, I find myself quite liking that show. Quite soapy, but entertaining. And the music is not that bad either. Kinda amazing that all these actors can sing and actually have nice voices. Before that I've been rewatching Baywatch (whenever shows are about to leave Amazon, I feel compelled to watch them). I kinda dropped out of Baywatch in the early 90's, but it was fun to catch up. 9 Seasons in 3 weeks. Season 1 is still my favourite though. Most shocking for me though is the fact that all those seasons
  18. And no one knows what her parts are. Another practical joke there.
  19. Yeah. That is the one CD song I'm kinda missing. It grew on me in concert. I love the chorus.
  20. But with the right slogan, just maybe, there would be a tiny little bit less ignorance. Right now, in every discussion you go, there is someone objecting to BLM, claiming that ALM. But I'm repeating myself.
  21. That's why I say: "Black lives matter too" and you have it covered.
  22. Not to all. But to some, I think. Obviously there will always be people who have an issue with the whole movement. But to some dense people, who innocently don't get it, it surely would make a difference. And the others would have to find another way to make a fool out of themselves. Something that is not that easy and more obvious (that they are looking for something to nitpick).
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