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  1. I don't have a problem with it. I'm just stating it leaves things open for interpretation, as evidenced in every comment section under every BLM news item as there is lways someone who says ALM, either due to ignorance, disagreement, stupidity, racism, stirring the pot, whatever. A clearer slogan would take care of that. That is all. Don't tell me that. Tell that to all the people chiming in that ALM. And whether you want to admit it or not, BLM leaves room for doubt, as seen in comments over and over.
  2. One could say, as long as he didn't see it coming and death was quick, it does matter. But yeah. Hunting for fun, even if you consume the meat, sucks.
  3. Oh, well. Fuck them all. No one should be saved. Survival of the fittest.
  4. But they don't do it. And you shouldn't have to look up Google to get the meaning behind a slogan, when if you would add one word it would be clear to everyone even without Google.
  5. Well. If it were, you wouldn't always have people questioning it. As it is, it wasn't thought through and gives people a possibility to take shots at it.
  6. Nope. They just have should called it "Black lives matter too", which would have highlighted the cause and not left anyone else feel left out, overlooked or slighted.
  7. Yeah. I wonder how much alcohol was involved in that picture. Things blown out of proportion as usual.
  8. I'd say they definitely were a brotherhood at least until they got a record deal. At the most until they all got independently wealthy towards the end of the AFD era and didn't need each other anymore. As for 1, 2 and 3, that's a no brainer really. I even would go as far as to say 2) Slash and 2a) Duff.
  9. Yeah. He's a total douche for not liking him. Especially to the point of wanting nothing to do with the project. No.
  10. Is that a fancy term for jobless??
  11. Yes. But Matt played zero. And Glen is the Drummer when they don't have guests. As bad as I am was added after the fact.
  12. Yep. But actually it also was Glen who played on the first album. So it was Glen's gig all along, Matt just jumped in for that first tour.
  13. I'm talking about the US cases.
  14. Oh. Okay, then. Everyone else is wrong and all these documented cases are just made up.
  15. Geez. Now you're bringing that up again. Hasn't that been answered time and time again? Yes. All lives matter, but the way things been going, one could get the feeling that only white lives matter. Hence "Black lives matter".
  16. Of course it should be investigated seriously. But in both directions. As to not make it possible for someone to falsely accuse someone out of revenge/other reasons.
  17. And you really expect Axl would have rolled over on that one?? Push him too hard and you have nothing.
  18. In a rape case it is. Nobody should have their life ruined, because some bitch claims after the fact, that she has been raped.
  19. Well. Considering that there are also cases of false claims of rape, it absolutely makes sense to have a closer lok at the character of the "victim". But in this case, it's absolutely irrelevant whether the guy might have been a scumbag 15 years ago.
  20. Why is it understandable though? If he would think things through rationally, he could understand how this came to be. Axl doesn't want to be surrounded by "enemies". Especially not Slash, Duff and Matt, who, if push comes to shove, are not in his corner and are a unit opposing him. He wanted to keep some of his guys. That's a power play and also a way to safe face for Axl, as like this, he only filled up vacant positions. And from Slash's and Duff's point of view, it doesn't make much sense to push it to much and give up their legacy and ruin the reunion, for someone who wasn't there from the
  21. But that's not an isolated incident. Teargassing children, beating 75 year olds unconscious, shooting up innocents in their bedrooms…. it goes on and on, this one was just the one to many.
  22. Considering Izzy is not there, it's his as much as it is Steven's. Yeah. That. There is nothing to commend there. He has no options and he plays it safe.
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