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  1. You worry way to much. Told you that weeks ago already.
  2. Right. Because you can only do one thing at a time and everything is done by Fernando. Geez. Assumptions are strong in the fan world.
  3. Which doesn't make any sense at all, but whatever.
  4. Even those "studies" are racist, suggesting that not even blacks like blacks. So I call bullshit to that. But whatever, I think it is clear that despite One in a million Axl is not a racist.
  5. Yes. The guy definitely wasn't a threat anymore. So everything the cop did was a pure power display. Because he could. Or so he thought. Even if so. Still doesn't give him/make it right.
  6. Apparently the cops wore gloves and it only looks like he has his hands in his pockets.
  7. Right. And when would they have done this? In the 10 minutes they were sitting on his neck? I doubt they knew about his history at the time.
  8. Wow! These savages ("cops") understand nothing. All their asses should be fired and they should be charged. They are just as stupid as Trump.
  9. You would think those 8 points are a no brainer. Of course, in writing that is all easier done than out in the field, but these cops just need to use some common sense and use appropriate force. If they shoot/choke/beat first even though there is no real threat, just because they are scared, they probably are not cut out for that job.
  10. But sexist people do not dislike being with a woman. Quite to the contrary. Racist people do not like other races and wouldn't choose to be around them, if they are not absolutely forced to. They wouldn't voluntarily be around them. So that comparison sucks really. Huh? Racist blacks towards blacks? Like whites towards whites? Or this that only something you assume black people would do?
  11. But also this, everbody is so fucked up:
  12. But it doesn't matter how he got there, it matters how he ended up. That cop didn't know what kind of guy he is. And a counterfeit 20 $ bill hardly justifies killing someone/treating someone in a manner he doesn't survive.
  13. Well, some people thrive on assuming the worst, being offended and lecturing. Don't know what is your idea of a good time. Since I was responding to a post dealing with racism and black americans, it's a no brainer we are talking about racism. It's the general topic here, isn't it? But yeah, obviously it applies to anybody, no matter what race. Not everyone in poverty is lazy, but being lazy seldomly gets you out of poverty.
  14. Yeah. The question is, how we move from here. If it just remains peer pressure on social media or if it spills over into the real world and a change is Happening and people are called out there too. One thing is for sure though, racists aren't suddenly going to stop being racists. They will just hide it more. Which is kinda sad and I kinda refuse to believe that people really are like that.
  15. I stated perfectly well what I meant, you just chose to overlook an important part and got back at me stating that working your ass off in a low end job won't get you anywhere, when in fact in my first response to you I stated working your ass off to get an education, to get a good job. As for how to take my shit, why not start at the beginning? ^^That was the post. To which I responded: And some people, choosing to take it negatively, thought the only way to understand that is, to assume that I said that all black americans are lazy.
  16. I give you that though. You're almost forced to post something. That's why I didn't. But that doesn't mean that they are not genuinely against racism.
  17. Well, then the whole IG world who are posting black screens on IG now are hypocrites. They didn't speak out last week. They obviously speak out now, because there is a reason and a cause.
  18. And again you're shoving things down my throat I never said, choosing to take whatever I said negative. Wrong on all accounts, in every one of your sentences, misconstruing what I said. But my original point and response stands: it's not all down to "only" racism. Take that as you may. I don't care.
  19. We're not in kindergarten. Didn't think I have to teach you the alphabet and spell it all out. "Working your ass off" is all encompassing. I speak 2 languages. And if I would decide to live in a country with a third language, I would learn that one and not be barely able to speak it after living there half a lifetime. And yes, that essential jobs, the ones no one (or only a few) wants to do, are paid too poorly, is yet another story. Hopefully some of that will change, now that everyone has realized how important they are.
  20. No. I don't have stereotypes. I have experience with how some of you fuckers react, when you hear things you don't want to hear. So you fuck off with putting words in my mouth. I was thinking along the lines of not trying to get somewhere, of not trying to fight the odds, of giving up. You put the word "lazy" in my mouth. Just because you are too simple to get what I meant and want to pick a fight and be offended. If only racism would be to blame, no black people would make it anywhere and white people would all be rich. But that is not the case.
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