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  1. I never said the were perfect, but they are in many ways closer to perfect and great films than this new trilogy ever could be.
  2. At least Luke didn't force project fight himself into Jabba's lair. Would have made things much easier though to rescue him. 2 bad writers didn't pull that out of their ass then. I wouldn't really say that getting a main character back is a side plot. But guess what, they had one of those in Rise too.
  3. That. And really offered nothing. Except old heroes dying without having one scene together. To me the continuation of the saga will always be the now discarded EU. Fuck the new/remake trilogy. As a whole, it was a total fail.
  4. Show me where I said that they decided after the fact that Luke was gonna die??? I said it makes no sense for him to die like that, for no apparent reason. If that force projection fight, as you make it up, killed him, then Rey and Ren should be dead too. Rey is not even suffienctly trained in the force. And spare me the crap of her being Palpatine's offspring. Another bs contrievance. And really, if they want to kill him anyway, I'd preferred if they would have just gotten his ass over there and let him die in a real fight. I want them to tell an exciting, coherent and interesting story,
  5. No. What you're saying makes no sense and is not what I was saying. I'm saying we know since over 30 years what Jedi are and what they can do. Force projection, force projections fights across galaxies, force ghosts that fight, like they are physically present, force telephone video calls across galaxies, force healing mortal wounds of others, force raising the dead is not in their skillset. Never was. Until some writers thought, "What the hell? Let's make them do that.". And yes, to say "Gotcha. Palpatine was never dead and spent the last 30 years in hiding, with some metal arm up his ass." i
  6. Exactly. And really, they give a shit what a Jedi, as established in 6 movies, tv series, countless books, comics and computer games that where released in 30 years really is. They give a shit about the rules this galaxy far far away has when it comes to what Jedi are and what they can and can not do and come up with shit as they please. And people overlook that and claim it's "real" Star Wars, when in fact it's bollocks. Yeah. Just as the writers, making up shit as you go along to justify the crap they threw on the screen. That's not how Star Wars (or any story) works. Rey hadn't used
  7. Right. Then why didn't Ren and Rey drop dead when they did the same thing?
  8. And for the life of me I can't figure out why one would say that (Star Wars) movie was okay or right (and especially from people who pan the prequel trilogy). Because really, nothing was "right".
  9. Yeah. And also that he's a little lap dog always chasing after Rey, trying to save her... as if Superwoman needs saving. I mean, she can do anything. And if she really is in trouble, she has an almost Sith Lord bringing her back to live.
  10. Ah. That's the Explanation. Right? Duh. I know that Fisher died, but just because Fisher died they didn't need to make her drop dead in the movie too. Especially considering Luke dropped dead in the movie before. They really should have let her float to her death in 8. Oh, it's clear? And what would that explanation be?
  11. I found that reaction totally over the top, especially as she died for no apparent reason. Just like Luke. No one knows why they died. Jedi Masters who just drop dead for no reason.
  12. Right. Visuals and music. Nevermind the lack of coherent story. They managed to pull the wool over your eyes.
  13. This film is bad, plot point wise, because they had no concept of what the trilogy was gonna be over three movies. They set something up with 7, gave Johnson free reign to dismantle/abort/ignore everything that was set up previously in his movie and now somehow had to rail it all back in to get to where they started with 7/make sense of it. So really, Johnson is not the only one to blame for this. It's the producers, who had no clue and gave no guideline on what can and can not happen in Johnson's movie. And really, that they shit on everything that a Jedi is about and is capable or not capabl
  14. I wanted to love it, but I hate it. I like Ep. 8 for the most part, except for what they did with Luke (and Leia), which is a big WTF and not consistent with anything that came before. I'm not sure fans really wanted this. I certainly didn't. LOL the suffering knows no end.
  15. I feel him. One big WTF moment that completly shits on the established lore, filled with plot holes you could drive a truck through. Visually great, but storywise just bad.
  16. They must have been smoking the same shit as the writers of that desaster.
  17. No. It's not. It's expensive for the people there. I saw people that went to the hotel, but did not go to the concert, because tix were too expensive. I guess it all boils down to what a promoter is willing to pay. If a promoter meets their demands and gives them what they want and sets ticket prices accordingly, being confident that people will pay, even though they don't have the money, GNR will go there. If a promoter is not willing to meet their demands, because he is worried that he won't sell the appropriate amount of tickets at the price the fee the band gets dictates, then he won't boo
  18. Well. All the people who say they hate going to festivals. All the event people, who wouldn't go to a festival for one band. And believe it or not, GNR is still an event. Also it's a saturday. And it's been 2 years, since they where here last. 3 if you go for London. And really, for those event fans, they didn't check setlists and youtube videos daily since 2017. For them it is still fresh. And it's one of the biggest tours ever, so for some maybe that's another incentive to go again (or for the first time). And yes, prices are obscene and I too would wish they would fall flat on their face. B
  19. Yeah. Also the second night is a saturday. That will also help to shift extra. And they are already seeing the business the friday does.
  20. In France, Greece and Turkey?! I'm sure they are not doing it for shit and giggles. It will be financially viable. Otherwise they wouldn't have added it an hour after the first one went on sale.
  21. Well. And everyone buying tickets at that price is a wanker. So perfectly fitting. ;-)
  22. That's not true. They did the full set also at festivals. Download Madrid: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2018/caja-magica-madrid-spain-4bea1746.html Solo show Barcelona: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/2018/estadi-olimpic-lluis-companys-barcelona-spain-2bea0456.html
  23. True. But then I would have to stay home, as I'm not standing in the back. So the solution is either going to festivals or cutting down on shows.
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