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  1. Objectively speaking, oh the irony of you telling me I'm wrong.
  2. Rubbish, rubbish. It's 2020. Not 1967. Get with the times. I like it and can't wait. Glad Blofeld is back, hopefully this time a little bit more satisfying. And the villain has a lair. Awesome. Also glad it got delayed. So now I have time to do the Bond marathon leading up to it. It's been a while since I saw every single one of them.
  3. But they surely made it sound that way. Basically saying "We wish him well, but now we got Axl Rose." makes this pretty clear. They could have stated that they have every intention to keep him as the singer when he gets better or for studio work, but they made it pretty clear that their time with him is up. I saw them twice in 2015 and I don't feel that he shouldn't have done the tour. At least not performance wise. As for getting him back, going on tour with a replacement is one thing, but releasing an album with a new singer is another. To many, it's not really AC/DC anymore with both Malcol
  4. Yeah. That kinda got obvious the way they got rid of Brian. Many thought that was kinda cold and too businesslike. Also with Phil. You fuck up/you have problems. You're out.
  5. Yeah. If so, they did him dirty a second time. Kinda despicable. Seems like a good guy.
  6. I'm glad Brian is back and I'm glad there is no Axl/DC Album. I loved the 3 Shows I saw, but this is Brian's band. If Axl records music it should be with his band or not at all.
  7. But those are still here, going on and going strong for the most part, so it's not over. It may only be over (after they retire), because bands tend not to get that big anymore. And there is just something magical about that stadium of 50,000 people singing the same song. A show starting in daylight, going into twilight and ending in the night. That is an atmosphere an arena or club can never match. And all 3 situations are rock n roll.
  8. It's not really a competition though. How do you rate that shit anyway? Freddie Mercury, James Brown, Jim Morrison, Robbie Williams... all great at what they do/did. It's over? Ask U2, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, even fucking Bon Jovi... I think they beg to differ.
  9. this forum certainly is not full of metallers.
  10. No, they are not. Just because you don't like them, don't mean they are worse than GNR.
  11. What kind of biased dick questions on Stern's part trying to start some shit. Luckily Lars didn't go for it. Evn on a co-headline tour, someone has to go on first. So to call it opening up is ridiculous. As for Stern's attempt to make it seem outragous for Metallica to go one first, at the time and world wide GNR was the slightly bigger band.
  12. Did I write that? If not, those are exactly what I would have written. On my second fake-GNR gig I decided to not pay any attention to him (and mostly anyone else) anymore and only watch Axl.
  13. Doing my best to forget that. But if you ever need a reason for why he is not a partner. There. Exhibit A: Silkworms
  14. Nah. That's not interesting. That's a given. He's an add on by Axl, who actually didn't add anything. He's lucky to be there. And that only because he's a yes man going under the radar, not causing any problems.
  15. If audiences haven't been able to go to shows for 3 years, there will be big demand.
  16. At this point I'm beginning to think it's comical how these promoters put on new shows for next year and think they will take place. I know, that's what they have to do, just in case shows can take place, but somehow I doubt they will. I will be glad to be wrong though.
  17. Yeah. But so incredibly disappointed that they went if Pattinson.
  18. Actually it was The Batman way in the 40s already.
  19. Is there anything that remotely suggests he is more than an employee??? Why would anyone make him a partner and/or let him have a stake in the band? That makes absofuckinglutely zero sense to do that. Nah. People wanting to take leads from Slash to give them to a musician for rent. Not sure where you seee a bully here.
  20. Obviously the work should be somewhat meaningful. Like AFD and UYI. Not throwaway like OMG (and an Album, not a single). But yes, why do proper members and acts and bands have to wait 25 years until they could get inducted, but some insignificant rent-a-musician, who joined 10 years ago, can get in right away, because he was lucky to join a HOF-"worthy" band? That's not really fair, is it?
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