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  1. Well. Getting in is not the problem, but getting were you want to might be. Unless, of course, you only care to be in.
  2. That would be the sensible thing. But this is GNR, so what the hell are you talking about, Willis??
  3. Well, that is a term quite commonly used when acts don't want to admit that their sales went like shit. That never ceases to illicit a giggle. Maybe some banker can enlighten us, what the interest would be for holding on to the money for 3 extra months.
  4. LOL do they mean that fans are scheduled to be someplace else on the undisclosed date of the show? Yeah. Was kinda expecting that. Though unclear why they needed 3 months to come to that realization.
  5. It's just strange that first they don't refund you. Now they tell you that they refund you, but still don't tell you when and if there are new dates. Why do they refund now, but didn't last week? Something must have changed.
  6. You sure? They didn't play it the last couple of shows.
  7. Tried to cancel Dublin, but haven't received an answer in almost 3 weeks.
  8. And Falcon Crest. He played Lorenzo Lamas father. The first thing I ever saw him in. And obviously the original Black Christmas.
  9. Zürich was not sold out. Vienna wasn't either, but it was better attended than the swiss show 2 years later, which is the point, they were performing to diminishing returns. Each time they came around, the audiences shrank. Had to go straight to the airport after one show because of that. Not really something I miss.
  10. You can see her name and can read what her location is??!!
  11. I don't think anyone said they never did, but it's a fact that audiences were getting smaller.
  12. Right. Anyone not submitting to your shit is "obsessed". As for Wikipedia. Wouldn't be surprised if you were the one who wrote Sold out there.
  13. Yeah. Also getting in, when everyone wants a good spot.
  14. You and me both. Apparently it's first come and first serve. I'm not sure though how that works with queuing cars and from which point on you are allowed to queue and where.
  15. Yeah. It would be a 2 hour drive. And they say the deck chairs are sold out, even though I could put a pair in the shopping cart and it still looks like I could buy. But the day doesn't quite work for me. So, I guess I won't let it get the better of me. But still, I'm partly tempted and partly to lazy to get through the hassle. It depends. In the front row it could be cool. But it's much easier running to the front row than to navigate your car there. Could become costly.
  16. LOL yeah. You could chase them around if you alternate the honking with a car on the other side of the field. I don't know, in a way I'd be tempted, if I could get a deck chair, just for the novelty of it. To say I did it and saw a concert during this time. Doro Pesch is playing there on friday. But then again, the hassle to drive out there for that. I'm not sure. And I would have to buy 2 deck chairs for 78 € total. That's a bit much. If you can find someone to go with you, it's kinda reasonable.
  17. We could go back and forth on this until the 27th. We could also just wait and see what happens. Anything is possible is my point.
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