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  1. Yeah. That's why I wouldn't do it, but those deck chairs in the front look appealing. Well, they say to honk is not allowed. You get head phones for the music or have to use your car stereo. And there is an app with applause sounds that lets you applaud. Strange times.
  2. The future of concerts? Kulturwasen in Stuttgart, Germany.
  3. Exactly. They both played the same arena in Basel, Switzerland, 3 years apart, and both were not sold out. Yes. You don't give a shit about them. That much is clear by now. That permeats and influences all your mentionings and opinions about them.
  4. Fact is, it was stated on the irish promoters website that dates would be announced on July 6th. Since all other irish reschedules are already announced, it isn't unreasonable to assume that the delay is due to the fact that GNR wants to announce all european reschedules at the same time (like major bands do). That didn't happen and got postponed. Ticketmaster USA now states that dates will be annouced for USA on July 27th. It's not unreasonable to assume, that both european and US Dates will be announced by that time and that that is the reason for the hold up on the irish/european dates. Tha
  5. Why would they tell american audiences that dates for Europe will be announced? What american cares about that?? And since the various Ticketmasters in Europe also didn't send out an E-Mail announcing the July 6th announcement, it means nothing that they don't send one out now.
  6. The July 6th announcement mentioned by the irish promoter got delayed, so it very well will have to do with the announcement of the US dates and everything will be announced together.
  7. It came from the local promoter MCD, who obviously get their information from the tour promoter. Ticketmaster is not to blame for once. And a venue won't give out information like that, as they have nothing to do with the staging of the show. They just rent out the place.
  8. Ticketmaster Ireland doesn't play by that rule. Still haven't heard back from them.
  9. But the blame doesn't lie with Ticketmaster, but with whoever is organizing these shows. For the Ireland for example, all of the shows of their concert promoter MCD are rescheduled (over 200), except GNR. So as usual, it's GNR dragging their feet. LOL tell that to american rock fans, who look down at general admission shows and want seated shows, so no one gets too close to them.
  10. So they shouldn't say "we didn't make any money", they should say "we were too stupid to keep all the money we made". Yeah. We are way to late to go to so many concerts. I could have seen half of the tour with the money I spent on this tour.
  11. Well, the one arena I saw in Basel in 2012, the upper level was quite empty. Mönchengladbach didn't fare much better, I was told. And the Oslo show I saw in 2010 also wasn't close to a sell out. Yeah. The albums saved them back in the day.
  12. Exactly. Even though I tend to take that with a bit of grain of salt. I can't really believe that they didn't make any money in '91/'92. But then again, compared to now, tickets back then cost nothing (even though people were still complaining about ticket prices), so maybe it is true.
  13. Way less than the 1500, I guess. They say groups can stay together, but should keep a distance to other groups. Not really sure how that works, as I wasn't there, but so far didn't hear that there was a problem and they had a concert every week since June 20th with the scheduled last one on July 25th, before continuing with regular scheduled shows from September 12th. Wonder how that will go then.
  14. I guess it depends on what you classify as small. In Switzerland there is a smallish venue, called Z-7, which holds about up to 1500 people (even though usually there are way fewer people there) and they also did some social distancing concerts in june and july. Of course, a pub won't be able to do anything. ;-)
  15. Yeah. They probably would fare the same if they would try to do their own concerts, I'm sure though they would do better than in Germany. But either way, they do get a crowd going at those festivals. I saw them in Blackpool some years ago and there was a good crowd. And they were the only act with a name on that day.
  16. Sadly, they are only in certain countries. They are a good draw in the UK, the Netherlands, parts of the USA and some other countries, that don't get many international acts. Apparently they are not a good draw in Germany and Austria. Michael Jackson fans sadly are not really Jackson 5/Jacksons fans and especially when he's not there, as many really only became fans when he went solo. It's a damn shame, because the Jackson 5/Jacksons have a great catalog. Yeah. Credit definitely goes to them. Janet would just have cancelled.
  17. Yeah. It was. I guess it was purely to save face. They had about 8 concerts scheduled throughout Germany and one after the other got cancelled. It was sad to watch. Well, it also was sad to watch them at a "private" show in such a big place, but we had an awesome time. The show was seated, but everyone could just come down to the stage. The concert was great. A shame that people didn't give them a chance without Michael. But I'm sure though there wasn't any money made that night.
  18. I guess it's all about making the best out of the situation and come up with ideas that work for everybody. Even if it means, making less money than they used to. I saw the Jacksons once playing in front of 1,000 people in an arena that holds 15,000. And I would have bet that that one gets cancelled too, like all the other shows. If there is a will, there is a way. If you can find sponsors to chip in, as mostly there are radio stations involved, also in the aforementioned drive-in shows, it might be worthwhile. It certainly isn't easy though.
  19. Not if you listened to Axl and Duff, who claim their previous mega tour lost them money and touring with Nu-Guns in part was to get out of debt. And even a fraction of 500 mio. divided by 3 is a high 2 digit fraction.
  20. Yeah. It's that poster again. Slash would be stupid to fuck that up. He's having the best of both worlds right now, after seeing strangers ride his legacy for 2 decades.
  21. Don't need to be. Just have to look at what this tour made.
  22. Except, finanically he doesn't need to. He is better off than ever. Set for this life and the next one. Financially there is absolutely no reason for him to carry on.
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