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  1. Fans opinions matter, if he doesn't get asses in seats. And now he knows he has Slash carrying the biggest load of the show. He has Duff carrying another load of the show. It's not all him. With all the clowns back in the band, it's back to all focus on him and him having to carry the show, with a voice that gets worse instead of better. And I do not believe that he would be content going from playing in stadiums back to playing in front of a couple of hundreds in theaters. Axl wasn't filling arenas anymore in Europe in 2012. He had good sized crowds, but far from being close to sold o
  2. In Germany they are currently doing quite a lot of drive-In shows. Acts like Doro Pesch or Nena have/had a couple scheduled. Also the biggest indoor arena in Germany, Cologne's Lanxess arena is doing social distancing shows. That place is big enough, so they have smaller acts with quite a crowd, as they wouldn't fill up the place anyone. Not sure how that works though in terms of having to pay the rent for the place. But then again, it's a series of concerts in that arena, so probably different rules apply. As for the Dublin anouncement, it now says on Ticketmaster: A note from event org
  3. They won't get you a refund. When they can put on a new show within a year of the original date, they don't have to refund you. That's Portugal's great new law.
  4. Slash left before. Axl felt he had something to prove. There was fire. That fire is gone. Slash leaves. Axl closes up shop. It's not 25 years ago.
  5. That. And I doubt that Axl has the passion, for lack of better word, to build it up again and carrying it on with him and his worsening voice being the only focal point of the show. If Slash leaves, Axl will pack it in.
  6. Enjoying my free 2 months Sky subsription and starting it off with The Goldbergs Season 7, for light entertainment.
  7. Yes. But those side effects are known (they even give you the likelihood of the side effects happening), because these drugs have been used for years. This vaccine is new. Nobody knows if it has any side effects/long term side effects. Those will become known only long term. Will I take it? Well, I guess that depends on how they sell/explain it (whether/if there are side effects). Also, if it will be mandatory to do certain things/travel to certain countries. Like I said, I usually don't doubt vaccines. I don't have a problem with a shot. But something new and relatively untested is a dif
  8. Shame. Maybe we could have thrown some of that dude's words in his face next year.
  9. But the thing is, I'm not using any other novel drug. I just wanna remind you at Contergan/Thalidomide which in the 50's was given to pregnant women to deal with morning sickness and stuff and the women were fine/better. Except for many of the babies, who came out disfigured and it took some years to find out that this drug was responsible. It really seems to be a choice of taking a chance of contracting Corona or dealing with a new and relatively untested (at least for longterm effects) vaccine.
  10. And what about long term effects? How can you know about those when you rush to have a vaccination approved within a couple of months? Usually I also wouldn't give a vaccination a second thought and trust that they work and are safe, but those are established and experienced vaccinations, not one that just has been invented. So I'm not quite positive I would get one right away.
  11. Yeah. I get you. But I'm not in the business of blocking obnoxious people, who twist the words coming out your mouth and having a different opinion... maybe I should though...
  12. On to Vikings first half of season 6. It always takes a while to get back into. Damn Amazon for yanking it so early. Would have preferred to watch it closer to the second half.
  13. Where did I say I think they WILL DEFINITELY happen. I'm saying, no one knows either way. And obviously quite some think they will happen, otherwise shows wouldn't get rescheduled left and right to next year. One guy in a crowd could also spread the flu. One guy in a car could cause a massive car accident. So whatever.
  14. Well. Go on being negative then. I maintain that no one really knows what will be. If the gig happens, I will go. If not, not, obviously.
  15. No. Realistic is to admit that nobody knows what will happen in a year.
  16. Yeah. But how many people do you really come in contact with, close proximity for a prolonged time??? You're not gonna meet 100,000 people going to a festival. So, depending on the overall infections, that risk shouldnt be all that high. Especially in countries that are doing better. And you're too negative. No one knows what's what.
  17. If you go to the concert, whenever that is, that shouldn't be a problem. If you want a refund, they sometimes only refund to the original purchaser. It is sad, yes, but people should know better than to support asshole companies like that.
  18. I will return one and and keep the other. I need to have some concert tickets in my house. The last time I was without was almost 30 years ago.
  19. I guess an ending of show like Lost can only lose. Can't please them all. As for Six Feet Under. Yep. That one was perfect. I need to set some time aside to watch the whole show again. Haven't seen it since the original run. Bought the DVDs, but haven't watched it since. May have to get the Blu Rays now.
  20. Alright. So that was season 6. While I still liked it, I liked season 5 more. While explantionwise it was good enough for me, I'm not entirely sure if I understand the last minutes. Gotta do some reading. But overall it was a great ride. On to season 3 of Code Black now, before it gets yanked from Amazon.
  21. Yeah. I knew some wiseass would take issue with it. The majority of the public don't give a shit about CD, as do most GNR fans, especially ones who were around when GNR still was GNR. So it can't be overrated. That doesn't mean that I can't like a song or two of Axl's solo album.
  22. Finished with season 5. That definitely was a trip. Loved the time jumps and how deflated, disillusiond, defeated and, well, lost (that title works so well), Ben was in the latter half. Not sure I really understood everything, but didn't feel let down. Still amazed at the actors passing through and so many of them ending up on shows together. Even Lionel made an appearance.
  23. Yeah. Except no one really rates that shit, except some hopeless.
  24. Yes. Still need to catch up on the last 3 seasons. Like the show so far.
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