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  1. Awesome cheers for the info! Strange timing too, I actually saw another one for sale only yesterday, only the second one I have ever seen.
  2. On the reverse side of the disc around the outside is written a whole lot of stuff (presumbably in Spanish) about copywrite and how it's an offense to reproduce it etc etc. It finishes by saying "Hecho en Mexico". In other words "Fact in Mexico", as in the copywrite comments before that are laws in Mexico. So I believe it was manufactured in Mexico. Also whenever I have seen this listed I have seen sellers list it as Mexican. As the seller in the link in my posts suggests it was Manufactured in Mexico for the US market. It could actually be legit and not a bootleg - I have just never been
  3. Yeah this one is a good example. I own this picture disc, but it only came out a couple of years ago and I still suspect it to be a Mexican bootleg. But it looked ok so I bought it.
  4. It says "Wife Beating has been around for 10,000 years". This was eventually replaced with "Lies Lies Lies" There are also a couple of other different headlines compared to the later cover.e.g "Ladies welcome to the dark ages" was replaced by "Elephant gives birth to midget".
  5. Yeah I haven't seen that one come up in a while. Ive alway liked how it's got the original lies cover on the CD album too - with the wife beating headline etc etc.
  6. Here you go - have you got a spare 499 pounds? I gotta say the colours on this replica look a little too bright - not quite like the original. http://cgi.benl.ebay.be/Axl-Rose-Guns-n-Ro...A1%7C240%3A1318 On the other hand Troccoli's version of this jacket looks a lot more authentic IMHO. http://www.troccolitm.com/rebeljacket.html?1193531430500 Plus Troccoli's is from LARoxx who made a lot of leather jackets for Rock stars etc (they probably even made the original one for Axl). Where as the one in the auction is by some company in London called Charm Leather Co. who I have never heard of.
  7. Sometimes some of the bootleg stuff is just as collectible as official stuff for no other reason than - it looks cool! I will consider picking one of these up for my collection even though it's unclear if it's offical or not.
  8. Hmmm that's the first time I have ever seen that one. Definitely a recent release - my first instinct is to call it a bootleg. Rose Cooper what/who is Bravado? Are they known for making and releasing their own sort of discs like this?
  9. I dig that Live Era Box Set. Nice work too on the Top Hat Vol. I also.!!
  10. She was also fired by the band during the 80's which also fits with what Slash says.
  11. I doubt it's her. She never "worked" for GNR did she? So she wouldn't of been fired. I think it was that former publicist of his. I think her name was Arlett Vereecke. Yeah he's referring to Arlett Vereecke
  12. Great stuff and it's cool you got to get a number of things autographed! Shame he didn't come to Perth - bloody lame Perth
  13. Hahaha Nice pick up. That's ridiculously cheap!!!
  14. It's pretty rare, we'll see if my spare one that's on ebay at the moment gets any takers
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