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  1. I thought I recall reading somewhere that Axl and DJ grew up in the same area, obviously at different times however. So they had that in common and just gelled well. I felt it was eye opening that when Axl did That Metal Show he insisted on DJ being there, hell even if it was just to sit in as moral support. I respect DJ for doing his thing and giving it 100% despite how corny some of it is, but that doesn't mean I have to like everything he does. Some of his previous music I really enjoy (ie: Beautiful Creatures, early Sixx AM), but that's about it. His new stuff isn't for me. Even tryi
  2. Fernando on reddit annoys the piss out of me haha. Like already mentioned, I think it would have been accepted much more than it did in 08. And honestly, I think it was a better product in 2000. I recently came across the recordings of Going Down, Oh My God, and Silkworms with Ron on them. Between those, and listening to the earlier versions of what we got in 2008, Ron for me didn't add anything good to the tracks. I say that loving Ron as a person, but IMO he made the tracks harder to enjoy. Like the bridge in Oh My God with him. There was nothing wrong with it on the 99 release. The ai
  3. Where/when did Axl say that? But yeah I chalked up a good chunk of Slash's book as lies. I remember he talked about St. Louis in it, said after Axl walked off they kept playing the riff for a while, all the while he was conversing with a tech or something asking where Axl went and if he was coming back (I'm paraphrasing, I haven't read that book in a good 10 years). But like, it's on YouTube. That didn't happen lol.
  4. Yes. I will definitely drop money on seeing them live if they ever come around Canada again (cheaper seats. Close seats are robbery for what they're doing these last few years) and I'll hate myself for it. But it's done. I expect nothing of them anymore.
  5. The 2014 tour was the highest of expectations and optimism I had for anything of significance to happen. If I recall correctly, that was the year that the tour ended with another Vegas residency. Rumours were rampant, there was talks of Bumblefoot leaving and not enjoying playing the same shit for years. Suddenly we get that out there, Axl pulls out fucking Yesterdays and Prostitute during the Vegas stint. I feel that was a last ditch effort to keep Ron on board. Also, this one I can't recall for sure, but didn't it come out after the reunion that 2015 was the year Axl was ready for anot
  6. GnR updates it's fans once in a blue moon? Wasn't that yesterday?
  7. I believe today marks 10 years that Duff randomly showed up on stage for YCBM. As far as I'm concerned, the defining moment that got the ball rolling that lead to Slash's reconnecting with Axl.
  8. Ashba Water. Big deal that's not cool human bodies are 75% water we all have it already. We are the water.
  9. I wasn't sold on his early feel but Robin 2006 was top form Robin for me. He looked and felt like he belonged there.
  10. Local radio station in Winnipeg is doing 8 pack weekends. Submit your own playlist of 8 tracks that they play at the top of every hour all weekend and if they choose yours you're entered to win an 8 pack of beer from a local craft beer Brewery. I forgot I entered a few weeks ago. Got the email and mine is playing Friday evening. I got a Chinese-era song on local rock radio, which for some reason is hilarious but awesome to me. Went with Better as I felt it was the most radio friendly off the album as I thought it was a long shot to begin with.
  11. "But if he's cracking a joke light that fucker up like a Christmas tree. That's when he looks less bloated."
  12. 100%. Only thing I liked was Rossi's original "Headspin." But Toby's original blew it out of the water. Actually just stumbled across the performance on YouTube recently and that song still holds up. Honestly, the whole Supernova album had some great moments on it IMO. Be Yourself, It's All Love, Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse are still good listens for me. But yeah, Toby was a much more entertaining in so many aspects to watch perform.
  13. A local record shop twice a year would organize a record convention. Rent and set up tables, sell records and any music memorabilia one could imagine. There was one guy who every year had a small tv hooked up to a DVD player, and would burn concert DVDs on the spot for 5 bucks a piece. I got RAR for 5 bucks. Perfect quality. As a 16 year old, I ran that DVD to the fucking ground playing it. The whole band sounded amazing. I was a new GNR fan at the time and this concert was what made me fall in love with the band. Axl sounded amazing, band was great. 2006 band lineup will always have a s
  14. Come see Guns N Roses on the "What The Hell™ Are We Even Doing Anymore?" Tour.
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