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  1. What, did the 2003 Limewire leaks turn up again? Edit: Really want to hear Cats in the Cradle and Every Rose Has It's Thorn again. Cockroach Soup was also a banger.
  2. I turned it off before Slash kicked in during the intro of Estranged. Axl can't even sing in a low voice anymore. That was trash, and I don't believe it will ever get better. I can't believe that this was worse than Rock In Rio with the damn raincoat. Fucking hell Axl. Edit: it also looks like he cut his own hair.
  3. He's probably dressing up his cats and taking pictures of them when he's not on tour.
  4. Thanks man! I haven't encountered any issues so it's definitely fixed. I updated Chrome and Android just in case, because I can be a bit lazy with that
  5. I'm not sure what this is but it pops up under some posts, so far only under downzy's posts as far as I can tell. Also I don't know what's giving the error. Everything looks normal. This is what it says: [[Template forums/front/topics/activity is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Edit: I got another error after I posted this thread as well, but the thread still got posted
  6. Maybe Axl took all this as a sign to look at his health and physique. Probably not. What killed GN'R were Axl, his lawyers, Team Brazil, Perla, the entire production time of CD and Ashba's incapability to bend or hold notes.
  7. Oh I agree with you on Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. I get that they want to start with a young actor but he doesn't really strike me as the Nathan Drake type. But I do think that Wahlberg could be a good Sully. He has that same grumpy seen-it-all look.
  8. Don't know if this should have it's own topic so I'll just post it here. They are finally coming through with the Uncharted movie! Fucking excited about this. They even got a reluctant Mark Wahlberg to wear a mustache for his role as Sully. @RussTCB have you seen this yet? I know you're a fan of the games as well. I recently finished The Lost Legacy, which is actually pretty decent for a spin-off. But after hearing this I kinda want to revisit all 4 Uncharted games again.
  9. The only reason we don't have new music is because it's kind of silly to write songs about Slash with Slash back in the band. And Slash was the one thing Axl wrote about after 1996. If you listen closely to Quick Song you just know he's yodeling about Slash.
  10. His natural haircolour is brownish tho. I'm talking true 1940's German blonde.
  11. Like mentioned, Duff can't grow a beard I don't think Steven can either. Come to think of it, I rarely see blonde guys with a full beard. I haven't been able to grow anything on my head since I was 16 years old. So I'm glad I have a beard.
  12. Fellow autumn and winter person here man For some reason I can't stand heat, I start sweating the moment temperatures reach 20C or above. In the winter I rarely wear a coat because I just don't get cold that easily, or sick. So I'm also one of those people who complain during summer, most people think we're crazy. But I feel ya
  13. To be fair, in most of our countries it's 325 days of flu season And those 40 days where the weather is good we all get hay fever.
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