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  1. It does matter how healthy you live and eat. I’m an outdoor person, especially in the winter months. I camp, walk, cycle and thoroughly enjoy the cold weather. The upside is that I never get the flu, a cold or anything related to that. I have asthma from smoking in my teens, yet my lungs are fine as long as I use my inhaler from time to time. I have been tested countless times when everyone around me got the virus. My girlfriend, a ton of coworkers, 4 friends and my mother got the virus. I got about 7 negative test results before I decided that I’m done with testing. I’ll get t
  2. The Japanese have one of the best diets in the world. The lowest amount of obese people and also a incredibly low number of people dying from cancer or heart diseases. There has been an decrease in mortality numbers related to these diseases. If I recall there are Japanese people who wear masks, correct. But only to protect them from allergies. Hay fever is a huge issue in Japan due to the huge amount of pollen certain trees release, these trees were planted after WWII to recover all the nature they lost. The trees they used make up for a huge percentage of Japan’s nature nowadays.
  3. As someone who’s first language also isn’t English this kinda bothers me. The pronunciation isn’t great and it sounds like he doesn’t really understand the lyrics. I never understood that. Singing an existing song is so much easier than speaking in English and having to figure out what to say and how to say it. A cover like this is nothing more than a copy-paste job. Sorry if I offend anyone with this, because that is not my intention. But whenever I sing I notice how I have no trouble pronouncing everything correctly, whereas when I speak English I make typical mistakes and need to
  4. To be fair, it still sounds pretty much like what our government has been doing. The mayors seem to be left alone to decide what regulations to follow and what to allow and what not. Amsterdam did some questionable things by allowing a demonstration with 5000+ people attending, or allowing fans of the Amsteram football team to celebrate winning the national league. Other than that both our government and the media have been spreading mostly confusion amongst people. I believe it’s the same in our neighboring countries. But I never understood how the US could be so divided on pretty m
  5. Do all states look after their own rules and regulations when it comes to big things like this? I would be confused as an American, especially when you work in a different state or have to travel between states a lot. Good to hear how things have turned around over there tho, for a while it looked like the US would suffer a lot more than the rest of the world. Colleagues with horrible morning breath who (thanks to these masks) found out they have horrible morning breath is a win for me as well
  6. It is odd. And from what I heard there are some businesses that started with the mandatory masks but stopped because people got aggressive towards staff and other people who díd want to wear masks. Governments shouldn’t leave something sensitive like this to business owners. But Michigan is going mask free in July? I have a feeling that masks are the last thing to go over here, the whole thing is getting confusing.
  7. I believe It’s up to the owners of whatever business you visit. I’m pretty asthmatic and have trouble breathing through my nose so wearing a mask while doing some groceries is pretty rough. I avoid other stores because more than 5 minutes in a mask has me feeling like I just ran a marathon. So I’d rather see these masks go because they hardly do anything. Actually most of the masks people wear don’t do anything at all.
  8. To be honest I don’t get the masks, I only wear them in the supermarket because they stare at you if you don’t. But of all the things that have been said and done, these masks have to be the dumbest thing they’ve come up with. No one’s wearing one that actually does what it’s supposed to do, they do not do much else besides making your face sweat. And to top it all off there are more facemasks on the ground than on people’s faces.
  9. It kinda does. It took billions of years for life on earth to get where it’s at now. And of all the species that ever roamed this planet we are the only ones with such an advanced set of brains. Brains that get affected during space flight. Evolution takes a long time. Life like on earth happened by accident, and everything had to be just right for this to happen. The chances that the exact same thing happened somewhere else are pretty small, even for the infinity of space. As much as I like to believe in extraterrestrial life, I’m very skeptical. There might be some bacterial lifefo
  10. People still arguing over potential aliens living among us while we even can’t find traces of bacteria outside of our own planet. If there is anything alive out there (which is possible since all the ingredients are out there as well) I doubt that it will be anything like what we know. Our planet, it’s parent star and a whole lot of terrifying space violence had a lot to do in creating and shaping life as we know it. We don’t know if life can sustain itself in a completely different and more violent environment, with different forces of nature at work. Or what life would look like in thes
  11. And now we’re comparing metal to hardrock. Metallica tuned their sound down a loooooot, pretty much to appeal to a more mainstream audience (I believe). They even brought in Ja Rule for one of the worst things I ever heard. I imagine GN’R with Shaq being even worse than that. Both bands did stuff to appeal to a more mainstream crowd, but they are still different bands in different genres. Nowadays lead singers either sound like they’re going to cry or as if they just cried before recording their songs. Drummers sound like they could be replaced by any 90’s drummachine and t
  12. Sad thing is that Coldplay probably is the most popular “band” of the 2000’s. But fuck do I hate that bland uncreative crap. Fuck you Chris Martin
  13. I am still mad we got the instrumental when the version with vocals has been out there forever. But yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on a UYI boxset.
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