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  1. Hehe no of course not, which is why I said that it sucks. It sucks how they wasted that solo on an album that turned out the way that Chinese Democracy did. I have trouble seeing it as a GN'R album, there are so many rerecorded parts by so many different musicians through the years that it doesn't even qualify as a band recording imho. I wasn't saying anything about wanting him back in the band either, just saying that I absolutely love his TWAT solo.
  2. Which sucks because Bucket's There Was A Time solo pretty much beats everything on AFD. And no I'm not hating, AFD is one of my favorite albums of all time. I'm just saying that Buckethead created some magic on that song.
  3. I can't judge on that since GN'R isn't doing anything in particular since the release of CD in 2008. And since Silkworms isn't new I have no idea if I'd like their new work. I'm fine with the band, I was fine with bad/sloppy guitarists and drunk Pitman. But the thing that made Axl so likeable is so far gone that it's almost sad to watch (for me). Which takes me back to my previous post. I'm fine with checking out whatever single or album they release in the future (especially if it's something entirely new) and probably end up buying it. But the liveshows are becoming really painful to listen to. And I get it, age and Axl/DC and straining etc. But it still sucks to hear him like this, especially when his gritty vocals were the reason I loved GN'R in the first place. And somewhere deep down I really hope there is still some of that fire left in him, but you never know. At least he seems in a good place, so I'm happy for that.
  4. After seeing the trainwreck that was Paradise City with Dave Grohl I kinda want GN'R to stop touring. Just make some music in the studio, where Axl can still sound okay. Dude is Vince Neiling his way through every song. And it also really bothers me that we're getting 20+ year old songs from Chinese Democracy, instead of something written by Axl, Slash and Duff. Releasing Silkworms was unforgivable imho, being so badly mixed made it even worse. I hope Hardschool will be decent enough, and that there is more to come. But I really have to stop watching live videos from these past few years. Everything I loved about this band is absent in these videos.
  5. I know there is a clip of Axl at Pukkelpop screaming "take it!" during Nightrain. It's probably the worst sound Axl ever made on stage. If I recall it's also one of the few shows where they played Riad.
  6. Of all the shit Axl had lying around. I don't know what to think. These are the original '99 vocals aren't they? This was the last thing I would expect as a song by the current band.
  7. Axl had more than a year to do anything about himself. But he got worse. I’m sorry guys but I’m done. There hasn’t been an album since 2008, Axl hasn’t sounded great since 2010 (with the exception of Axl/DC in 2016), the “reunion” is a lame excuse to get some extra cash. Axl is Vince Neil 2.0 and there is nothing on this planet that will make Axl look or sound better. This is the absolute worst and I lost all my interest in this band. No amount of studio magic can make that man still sound good. So there won’t be an album, or a song. I can’t believe I’m even fed up, because it has been like this for 5 years. But fuck this band and fuck Axl.
  8. There Was A Time was not good at all. I love Slash and he is THE guitarist for GN’R, but Bumblefoot absolutely nailed Buckets solo (which is one of the best solos on any GN’R labeled release imho). However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well Axl managed to tackle Shadow Of Your Love on most occasions. Other than that @Gordon Comstock summed it up pretty well. It’s also pretty telling that their best performances were all in 2016. Oh, and there was a performance of Locomotive that sounded pretty damn solid to me (Frank really stood out in this one). It was a phone recording tho, so the quality wasn’t all that great.
  9. And GN’R are doing such a good job promoting themselves. Their latest NITL selects was another trainwreck. Why are we so forgiving when it comes to this band. Axl is well on his way to become the next Vince Neill, he just sounds horrible. Every tour I hope he did something to improve but it’s been a downward spiral since 2006.
  10. It does matter how healthy you live and eat. I’m an outdoor person, especially in the winter months. I camp, walk, cycle and thoroughly enjoy the cold weather. The upside is that I never get the flu, a cold or anything related to that. I have asthma from smoking in my teens, yet my lungs are fine as long as I use my inhaler from time to time. I have been tested countless times when everyone around me got the virus. My girlfriend, a ton of coworkers, 4 friends and my mother got the virus. I got about 7 negative test results before I decided that I’m done with testing. I’ll get the vaccin when the 7.5 billion other people on this planet got theirs. Because I really don’t need it anytime soon. But all of this has nothing to do with my explanation about Japan. I was explaining why Japanese people usually have longer lifespans than people in other countries. I’m really sorry but I just can’t get worried by this. A real “disaster” would have killed billions, the world population still grew since the start of the coronavirus. Which is not a good thing. But hey, that’s a problem our children will have to deal with. And there is no humane solution for overpopulation. We could do something about overconsumption, but no one seems willing to change.
  11. The Japanese have one of the best diets in the world. The lowest amount of obese people and also a incredibly low number of people dying from cancer or heart diseases. There has been an decrease in mortality numbers related to these diseases. If I recall there are Japanese people who wear masks, correct. But only to protect them from allergies. Hay fever is a huge issue in Japan due to the huge amount of pollen certain trees release, these trees were planted after WWII to recover all the nature they lost. The trees they used make up for a huge percentage of Japan’s nature nowadays. So the Japanese wear masks to protect them from extreme cases of hay fever. Some people in China wear masks to protect them from the smog and pollution. I get where you’re coming from with your arguments, and I have no idea whether you’re right or wrong. Just here to explain what’s up with Japan Edit: I learned that because I wanted to find out why Japanese people are also one of the least likely to reproduce. The reasons for that are both strange and a bit sad.
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