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  1. It’s a hard song to pull off live,so I think Duff,Melissa and Dizzy should all sing the chorus along with Axl.Same as Paradise City.These choruses need all the band to contribute vocally,at least in some parts of the choruses.Great effort though
  2. I think for first time played live they were spot on.Axl tried his best with his clean voice and I’m very satisfied.We all want some rasp here but come on….Nice to hear it love!Hope it stays on the set list
  3. Guns is a huge as Zeppelin/Stones so they will keep touring as everyone.They will always have sold out arenas.If we get some new music i will gladly accept it.Simple as that
  4. Guys,you can't recreate AFD or UYI IN 2021. People complained about overproduction in CD and now that we have a rocker closer than anything to AFD/UYI sound people still compain. If we get an album sounding like Hard Skool it will be HUGE,soundwise,in 2021. Rock on
  5. This rhythm guitar work shows the difference between the mechanical/industrial repetitive riffs of the old demo and the spiced up sweet and very unique Slash groove .A little touch and sounds so different!
  6. Fucking love it.Slash's solo has almost everything in it,,Rocket Queen/Garden slide,Locomotive double stops,,Anastasia's melody. That's immediately a classic gnr tone.
  7. i think before Madagascar in Rio 2001
  8. Smth like Iggy’s “Home” but it’s not
  9. What is Duff singing?I can’t hear cuz I’m on the road
  10. using headphones makes a huge difference...digging it more and more
  11. In a world full of tik tokers only Axl could deliver a pussy full of maggots. Hats off to the man
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