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  1. Shackler's has to be '07 or '08 because it was inspired by the Virginia Tech shooting which happened in the spring of 2007. Unless Axl has a time machine, got inspired by the events in spring 2007, went back to an Alternate 1999, laid down the vocals, then returned to Actual 2008 to talk about this in the forum chats.
  2. (Only because I like to nitpick) Axl said he rekindled his friendship with Sebastian Bach around 2006 and did guest vocals on Angel Down which was released in 2007. I doubt he had those recordings sitting around waiting to paste onto somebody's solo album for years.
  3. "Better" had tons of hype, but it was played relatively quickly after the leaks. People would've gone insane for it if they pretended it didn't exist at the Hammerstein shows.
  4. Homme does seem to have a pattern of this type of behavior but that restraining order was just filed two days ago and got treated like appropriately big news from my vantage point.
  5. If Axl designs it it might feature that old lady from the ice cream stand that was in that TV segment about his sudden rise to fame.
  6. I have Amazon Unlimited and it's on there, not sure about regular Amazon Music.
  7. I think the fact that he's willing to work with and play the Chinese Democracy songs in concert proves he's cool with it. They could easily play nothing but the songs he originally played on, plus covers, and not lose any revenue from fans clamoring for it (Even the ones on this board are sick of the same setlist).
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