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  1. I think the fact that he's willing to work with and play the Chinese Democracy songs in concert proves he's cool with it. They could easily play nothing but the songs he originally played on, plus covers, and not lose any revenue from fans clamoring for it (Even the ones on this board are sick of the same setlist).
  2. I imagine some carryover between both. "Don't answer calls from Baz" being one.
  3. I've been around a lot longer than that and you're probably right, but to be fair, the situation now is a lot different than 2014. There's a hell of a lot more money in an album with Slash and Duff than a followup to Chinese Democracy by the (mostly) same band.
  4. I think Richard fits better than the others because he has no persona, he's just Richard Fortus, not "Buckethead" or "Bumblefoot" or "Freakshow Marilyn Manson reject", as people considered Finck. Ashba clearly had a gimmick too.
  5. Something motivated Finck in '06. No idea what it could've been. Wanting to prove they didn't need Buckethead? Wanting to be seen as more than "that skulleted freak", as he was called in reviews from 2002? Could be either, neither, or both. But he looked and played like a real rock star by all accounts, and I saw and heard it myself at the Sunday Hammerstein show.
  6. The reason is that he wasn't in charge and free to sing however he wanted like with Guns N' Roses. Angus had him on a tight leash from beginning to end.
  7. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-catalog-to-generate-100-million-for-sanctuary/ This says "All future material" but I definitely remember something at the time from a news source that mentioned around 50 songs.
  8. I used to think it was true, and pretty obvious, until the locker leaks proved there's more. The only other hint was the publishing deal the band signed with...I want to say Sanctuary? It sold the copyright on 50 new unreleased songs, before Chinese Democracy was released. So they must exist.
  9. The demo of Don't Cry being included would've been interesting. I thought I was the only one that thinks the demo is better than both versions on the Illusions albums.
  10. Catcher In The Rye wasn't played, and clearly sounded different from the rest. The rest seemed planned.
  11. It's just exhausting. I don't hate either one but I am very bored by the whole thing, I saw the tour on the first leg and it was fine but I'd surely not pay to see the same show again. The very popular opinion that Slash would've totally elevated the Chinese Democracy songs if he had played on them...not quite. If they were complete reimaginings and now came off like he wrote them in the first place? It'd be a fun experience to see live, as someone who religiously listened to the leaks and live bootlegs during the whole saga, but he hasn't done that, they're just his slightly modified versions
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