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    Getting my book "Reckless Road" Guns N' Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction and my fine art photos out to the world for people to enjoy.

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  1. The technology to incorporate video didn't really exist back when we did the book and we didn't consume video back then like we do now. The show is a more robust look at the archives. Again happy to answer these questions and more on a Q&A here.
  2. Happy to do an official Q&A with you guys to answer questions about the First 50 Gigs. We are only two episodes in but here is what is coming: EPISODE LIST Introduction: Marc and Jason - Intro to the series, Marc’s history, Episode 1: Adam Greenberg - Tidus Sloan/Roadcrew Episode 2: Laurie Jacobson - History of The Strip from 1900-1965 Episode 3: Domenic Priore - History of The Strip from 1965-1990 Episode 4: Chris Weber - AXL, Rose + Hollywood Rose Episode 5: Steve Darrow - New Hollywood Rose Episode 6: Nadir D’Priest - London Episode 7: Mid-Season Recap: Hollywood Rose to LA Guns Episode 8: LA GUNS to Original GNR Episode 9: Rob Gardner - L.A. Guns / Original GNR Episode 10: Marc Canter - First Appetite Lineup at Troubadour on 6.6.85 Episode 11: Hell Tour Episode 12: Steven Adler Episode 13: Season 1 Recap/Finale, Season 2 Preview Plus 2 - 14 Bonus Episodes (for specific subscriber tiers)
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