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    Getting my book "Reckless Road" Guns N' Roses And The Making Of Appetite For Destruction and my fine art photos out to the world for people to enjoy.

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About Me

For those of you that can't find my book, I sell signed copies on Ebay for a fixed price $24.95 http://stores.ebay.com/Marc-Canter

Reckless Road Product Description

When teenager and amateur photographer Marc Canter set out to document his best friend Saul Hudson's rise as a rock guitarist in 1982, he never imagined he was documenting the genesis of of the next great rock 'n' roll band. His friend became the legendary guitarist Slash, and Canter found himself witnessing the creation of Guns N' Roses front and center. The candid shots contained in Reckless Road, taken as the band toured in 1985-1987 and made the legendary album Appetite for Destruction, capture their raw, blood-sweat-and-tears performances as well as their intimate moments. Containing original gig memorabilia including show flyers, ticket stubs, set lists, press clippings, and handwritten lyrics as well as in-depth interviews with band members and the people closest to them, Reckless Road offers an explicit, first-person perspective readers won't find anywhere else.

About the Author

Marc Canter is an amateur photographer and the owner and general manager of the legendary rock 'n' roll hangout, Canter's Deli, in Los Angeles, California. He has been friends with Slash for over 30 years, and had unlimited access to the formative years of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Guns N' Roses. An avid collector, Canter is proud and excited to share his memories with the public for the first time. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Slash "Reckless Road is the best rock n' roll book I have ever seen". "I am amazed that Marc turned these casual, candid photos into this book. I'm really impressed"

More info about this book. This book covers the first 50 gigs that Guns N Roses did. with 1000 plus unseen photos. Interviews with over 20 people including band members, roadies strippers, girlfriends, Tom Zutaut the A&R guy that signed the band,Mike Clink the guy who produced the record, Steve Thompson & Mike Barbiero the guys that mixed the record, and close friends of the band. The book is well designed and is a must for any GNR fan. This book covers 10 of the 12 songs off Appetite For Destruction the first time they were played!

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