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  1. Knew it was a Miser thread when I saw that it was something that could have gone in an existing thread. And Connery on both counts
  2. Muse suck now. And I'd say best since The World is Not Enough. That was a great tune.
  3. Going off that sketch, i'd say Roger Moore was alI'd most a dead ringer.
  4. Dude, he's pushing 60. He looks in worse shape than Roger Moore at 60.
  5. Bond's "cold blue eyes" were often mentioned by Fleming's Bond girls though. His eyes are pretty important. Fleming's Bond also had a scar on his cheek which never became a reality on film. There is another issue too: Bond is English. Only two actors (Moore and Craig) have been English. We've had an English spy portrayed by a Scotsman, an Australian, a Welshman, and and Irishman. So, new question for you Arnold, is Bond's hair color more important than his nationality? Yes.
  6. I've never seen you so worked up and passionate about something like this before. A worthy cause nevertheless.
  7. So what exactly is James Bond supposed to look like? Sean Connery being the first I suppose set the benchmark for what Bond is 'supposed' to look like, but none of the 5 Bond players after Connery look anything like him and Pierce Brosnan certainly doesn't. Unlike many of the actors post Connery, Daniel Craig can really act and the stunt performances are exceptional, especially taking into account the advancements with production and post production techniques. IMO his films make most of the previous Bond films look almost B grade in comparison. The Connery films stand the test of time for c
  8. The world is not enough was amazing. Best Garbage song IMO. Secondly agree this is the best since.
  9. He's no Connery. Meh. Connery was the definition of boss. Slick hair? Check. Iconic accent? Check. Smooth motherfucker? Check? Cigarette always present? Check. Boss? Check.
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