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  1. Your welcome. Considering I've never been sick, tested, had a shot or wear masks and I'm still alive. Yet those who are vaccinated claim to be getting sick. I'm pretty sure the Vax is supposed to prevent you from getting Covid otherwise it's not a Vax! You Lame-o's can continue hiding in your house or walking around like zombies with your face covered, even when you are by yourself. I'll never do it. If I thought my life was in danger, I'd do something about it, but it's not so Life goes on.
  2. Seems like yesterday Axl signed in as Dexter just to cuss out a Mod here (and the chats) Those were the days.
  3. Clearly, I was saying Liberals/Democrats are hypocrites. You can't say I can choose to abort a life but cannot choose to decline a vaccine. But you knew that, I think you're just playing dumb.
  4. Oh my, I love this song. Very excited for this. "living the dream" was god awful. It sounds fantastic! Better than either GN'R song so far.
  5. This covid thing is/was real but it's all about control now. The media are liars and this virus has a 99% survival rate. I've never been sick, never tested, I don't wear masks and I still have a job. Anyone who thinks they have a right to tell anyone what to put in their body is clearly insane. If abortions are "my body, my choice" but vaccines are not? I'd say you have a mental disability. Don't fall for it. Give up your rights on this, you'll never get them back.
  6. No bueno. I can't even describe how bad he sounds. I think you know what I'm sayin...
  7. Love the guitar riff. Lyrics are not bad. The song falls apart at the pause and guitar solo. It gets messy. Still, I do like it!
  8. If I was in my 20's again I'd probably buy these, but not at my age. I just download and enjoy for free.
  9. Seen Baz twice recently. It's such fun to hear Skid Row songs and see Baz live. Grew up on Slave to the Grind. I would say Skid row is a close 2nd favorite band for me, next to GN'R. I've seen interviews with Dave Sabo and he shows absolutely no interest in reuniting. So sad, considering how much money there is in it and classic rock tours.
  10. This is Frank 100%. I know his sloppy-ass drumming anywhere. Josh Freese plays on the Demo.
  11. 1999 - 2000 vocals with a new sound. It's different. The breakdown is kinda just "there". I like the Demo better. Cannot top Josh Freese on drums. But hey, It something new. No complaints.
  12. If it was only one album, that's all you might have got! They self imploded shortly there after. I'm happy with it. It was their last (original) musical gasp before destruction.
  13. Oh this explains his vocals!!! Does this cover 2016 - 2021? Hmmm.
  14. Didn't go to the midnight opening. Went the next day. Listened to them in my room (cassettes which I still have) It was a lot to take in. Miss being a teenager... collecting GN'R Posters & magazines, MTV all day long, Long hair and Good music.
  15. Why are people spelling it Hard Skool? It isn't even printed like that on the Village sessions CD. HARDSCHOOL
  16. $100 for a hoodie and $50 for a t-shirt? Not in this lifetime.
  17. Been to several shows. Steven is always nice to fans, He'll take pics and sign anything if you catch him. Band sounds awesome too!
  18. Back when these came out I made a mix CD of the leaks that were good enough to listen to (as in new songs we never heard before) I got one CD's worth. The rest of the demos were terrible or unfinished. I listen to it all the time. It's better than Chinese Democracy. This is my list. Quick song (w/ vocals), Perhaps, Atlas Shrugged, Hardschool, State of Grace, Eye on You, Nothing, Silkworms, Zodiac 13, Dummy, Devious Bastard, The Rebel, Shankler's Revenge, Prom Violence, Oklahoma, Me & My Elvis, and D Tune.
  19. Watched the whole thing. Very nice. Enjoyed seeing old clips and interviews I hadn't seen in 30 years.
  20. Nope. Nothing. Covid shot = never had one, never will.
  21. Interesting you would blame your friends for having free will rather than blame the band/live nation for forcing people to inject chemicals into their body just to see a concert.
  22. Oh yes. Take THAT part out and it's perfectly fine towards women.
  23. How nice of Axl and Duff to release this song considering how "woke" they are. One of the most misogynistic bands ever. Not that it bothers me. I just don't like hypocrites.
  24. Currently playing Zelda: Skyward Sword. Played it 10 years ago on the Wii but never could finish the final boss, so I gave up. Enjoying the HD graphics and gameplay again. Using the joy-con's separate instead of them on the dock is weird but I got used to it. I plan on beating the game this time!
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