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  1. 2 months later and they couldn't have turned this into a regular video?
  2. Perhaps, like most of us, you tried to erase it from your memory.
  3. I'm curious to hear these songs... Fill My World is just bad though. Solo doesn't really go anywhere and the Ashba-inspired SCOM riff is annoying.
  4. It's very obviously cut and pasted together. I think the song was always supposed to be a "sonic showcase" more than anything, so the shit lyrics and repetitive structure wouldn't be so bad if the song weren't mixed and edited so poorly. Just like Hardschool, the original demo is better, but unlike Hardschool, Absurd was unsalvageable. It was always a B-side at best.
  5. I think the only time I've heard him criticize the drums was when talking about AFD - and he was talking about the "80s drum sound", not Steven's playing. He might've said something similar about UYI, though. @Blackstar? I also thought he was proud of the UYI records but didn't look back on that era as fondly because of all the personal shit that was going on. But yea, when he said he wanted to "bury Appetite", he was saying he wanted to be known for more than that... and he accomplished that with November Rain.
  6. I can't believe he ripped off DJ Ashba's legendary SCOM intro...
  7. Found out this stuff existed the other day. It's not bad, I've gone through a couple packs of it.
  8. It's one thing that they're just pasting Slash and Duff onto CD2 tracks - that's exactly what should've been expected. But unfortunately the singles they've released sound like shit. If they release a full album with this loud modern-rock kind of production and poor mixing, it will be very disappointing. The singles have honestly made me lose whatever remaining interest I had in new GNR material... maybe they'll prove me wrong, and there will be a few killer tracks on an eventual album, but at this point I think the only way we'll hear the best versions of CD2 songs is if they leak.
  9. Still waiting for @Fernando to find that Sailing 2006 footage...
  10. My World sucks but it's just an experimental outro, basically. Shotgun Blues is filler but it's not outright bad like Absurd is. Get In The Ring, So Fine, etc. are definitely in the bottom tier of GNR songs but at least there's some redeeming qualities to those songs, like decent guitar solos or y'know, actual choruses.
  11. Something like this would've been cool Vol. 1 (2006) Chinese Democracy (Village intro) Scraped (live intro) Rhiad (Village intro) Better The Blues Zodiac State Of Grace Madagascar IRS Prostitute Vol. 2 (early 2007) Hardschool (Village intro) Quicksong Realdoll Silkworms (Absurd intro) Tommy Demo #1 If The World Perhaps Atlas Shrugged Catcher In The Rye Oklahoma Vol. 3 (late 2007) The General Shackler's Revenge Sorry This I Love Soul Monster Tonto Going Down There Was A Time
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