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  1. I kinda get what you mean. I like this single but it's not as good as Fire Away or Rolling 7's. They definitely have the potential to make a great record though, IMO.
  2. Only heard the instrumentals obviously, but at the time it would've been a cool direction for that lineup to go.
  3. Silk Sonic. Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars. Bootsy Collins is featured on the album.
  4. New single California Dreamin' is out now. The album comes out April 23 I thought there was a thread for this band already but I couldn't find it... but I know there's a few other fans on here. Album tracklist: California Dreamin' (4:18) The Wire (3:05) Tied Up (3:32) Take My Hand (3:05) Gypsy (4:12) No Warning (3:07) The Morning (3:27) Another Last Time (4:50) Runtime: 29:36
  5. Either way, I hope they've got the message that fans want previously unreleased audio/video content instead of "cool packaging" and lithos and rings and stuff,
  6. An album full of songs like Zodiac, State of Grace, Tonto, OMG, Realdoll, Circus Maximus, etc. would've been incredible with the '02 lineup.
  7. The 7" vinyl is the remastered version though. Are you talking about credits in the L&L box/super deluxe edition? Weird that they'd be different...
  8. Actually on the 7" vinyl it's credited to only Axl and Izzy. Move To The City (Acoustic) is credited to Guns N' Roses & Chris Weber. But on wiki, SOYL is credited to Axl, Izzy and Paul, probably because those are the credits for the Hollywood Rose version.
  9. Not necessarily. The only people credited with writing SOYL are Axl, Izzy and Paul. Steven might just get bulk cheques every so often for albums sales, singles/downloads, radio play, etc. so he probably wouldn't be paid specifically for SOYL.
  10. Why would Steven (or Izzy) get paid specifically for SOYL? I assume they'd just get a flat percentage of royalties from all AFD sales (remaster and original)
  11. Right Next Door To Hell? A song literally written about hating a woman? Canceled. You Ain't The First? A misogynistic redneck song? Canceled. Back Off Bitch? OMG don't even. Canceled. Garden Of Eden? We got racial violence, and who'll cast the first stone? Racist. Canceled. Pretty Tied Up? That woman is a free spirit who should be celebrated, not degraded. Canceled. You Could Be Mine? Like, your property? Canceled. Attitude? Abusing women is not 'punk'. Canceled. Look At Your Game, Girl? That's literally like using Hitler's artwork as your album cover. Cancel
  12. ...or they'll all be fiercely competing for the same limited ticket money? There's plenty of artists I want to see once touring resumes as normal, but I can't imagine spending a few hundred dollars to see the NITL show again. But if they play some new songs and actually shake things up, they'd have my interest.
  13. To elaborate on this, pro-shots and/or soundboards of any of these would be cool to see: Bad Apples - Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles May 11 1991 You Ain't The First (feat. Shannon Hoon) - The Ritz, New York May 16 1991 You're Crazy (feat. Sebastian Bach) - CNE Grandstand, Toronto June 7 1991 Back Off Bitch - CNE Grandstand, Toronto June 7 1991 Locomotive - Madison Square Garden, New York December 13 1991 Breakdown - Madison Square Garden, New York December 13 1991 Dust N' Bones - The Pyramid, Memphis January 7 1992 Don't Cry (Alt.) - Strahov Stadium, Prague May 20 1992 M
  14. Nothing confirmed by the band, but the label was working on it last year.
  15. He definitely "over-sang" it, but that's what I like about it. He basically abandoned the original version, and did a completely over-the-top Axl version.
  16. 80's: You're Crazy (Lies) 90's: Coma, honorary mentions to You Could Be Mine and Sympathy For The Devil 00's: This I Love (Remix), honorary mention to Stuck Inside
  17. "Somehow, it made sense to him that he was acquainted with Shaggy and Scooby and they bonded over their love of diner pie. Shaggy and Scooby were the only ones that could keep up with him. And in the episode, Axl carries around these tiny, little tasting forks and he has them for Shaggy and Scooby."
  18. Just because a percentage of the fanbase likes those things doesn't mean the fanbase at large should be positive about them though. What everybody wants is music - just check out the comments on their social media. I also went to 5 shows between 2016-17 and GNR is my favourite band... that doesn't mean I won't call them on their bullshit. The 2017 shows were a noticeable decline and it's only gotten worse since then. The Selects videos were rightfully mocked by the casual audience. Children's books and tasteless t-shirts appeal to a very, very small portion of GNR fans. Meanwhile, Sl
  19. I guess it's cool that he's doing something, odd as it might be. Not like it has any effect on new music. His character looks more like Duff though tbh
  20. Oh damn, I remember her. I never knew much about her personally, but that's sad. RIP.
  21. They opened the first night with Coma, and played Locomotive on the second night. The third night is the one they chose to release.
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