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  1. Well, if their next release is gonna be a UYI box set, I'd much rather see footage from the UYI tour than from NITL...
  2. At least in 2002, 2014, etc. the argument could still be made that 'he can still sound good when he wants to'. That hasn't been the case for a few years now... I'd like to be proven wrong, but I don't expect him to sound great when he returns.
  3. Was part of a news report I think. Just saw the clip posted on discord today, I don't know if the full song is out there anywhere...
  4. Agreed, that clip is fantastic and I wish we could see the full song. https://streamable.com/49gxrt
  5. That was the Glendale AZ 2016 show. By far the best performance of Patience on the NITL tour IMO, Axl sprinting across the stage during the outro was pretty cool. https://streamable.com/nnlsi7
  6. I don't even know what a decent price would be for the S/T record... the cheapest one on discogs is almost $400 cdn after shipping I'd guess maybe it's comparable to Live Era, rarity/price-wise then? On the one hand, $40 usd plus shipping is still probably more than I'd want to pay for Generation Swine, but on the other hand that pressing was released last year so the price is likely only gonna go up...
  7. If I saw one of these in a record store for a decent price, I'd be tempted to buy it. But the cheapest one on discogs is about $90 cdn with shipping, which is more than I'm willing to spend on a Motley bootleg lol. The Hooligan's Holiday 7" might not be too rare, but I think the 12" single is more common? I don't know for sure though.
  8. Great album, but I honestly didn't know it was pressed on vinyl - I thought the vinyl copies were all bootlegs lol. (I know there's some Generation Swine bootlegs out there too.) Do you know how many were actually pressed? The album you forgot was Saints Of LA, btw
  9. Even if that was their plan (and it's such a stupid plan that it actually may have been,) they've dropped the ball yet again. Nobody with even slightly functioning ears is gonna listen to that November Rain and think "yea, I'd buy their live album."
  10. Top comment: well I used to like this song. At this point I'm convinced that whoever decides to upload these videos, doesn't watch them first...
  11. Nah... people have been saying since it leaked that "it needs a Buckethead solo" but I don't think so... why cram a solo into a song, purely to have a solo? All the song really needs is some re-recorded vocals and a proper mix.
  12. The US shows definitely won't happen, but the Aus/NZ probably will. The rescheduled US shows were realistically never gonna happen, they were just letting TM/Live Nation sit on ticket money for a while longer...
  13. I think what he said was something like "you'll get about 18 tracks, and 10 bonus tracks, then another album, and by that time I should be done with the 3rd record and you'll get it all over again." It was at one of the 2002 shows but I can't remember which one. But he definitely said fans would be getting multiple albums. There was also the March 6(?) 2007 release date that came and went without any acknowledgement from the band. I agree that he wasn't really lying at the time he said those things, because it was likely his intention to follow through with them. But, fast-forward se
  14. There's a pretty good chance the Aus/NZ shows happen...
  15. I don't know the original source, I saw it on another forum. There's also this and this, from early 2016 If it were a pre-reunion pic you'd still see his long hair, that's the same/similar beanie so he's still got short hair in the new pic.
  16. Is Axl actually getting in shape for the November 2021 shows? Will he emerge from hibernation ready to put the Fat Axl meme to death? Only time will tell.
  17. It's no secret that Axl and people in the GNR camp read the forums, and at the time this place was easily the biggest GNR forum, so I assume he basically meant "stop spreading bullshit on the most popular website about my band."
  18. Yes, the Rose Bar acoustic show was only 2 or 3 days after that rant... They played at least 2, maybe 3 surprise acoustic shows that week... that was truly the peak of nuGNR as a touring band IMO, from the Canadian shows to the acoustic NYC shows to the massive SA shows, they were on fire.
  19. What the fuck do you know? That's right! You don't know jack fucking shit you fucking ignorant, know it all, fucking deluded, misguided, self important, self righteous, pious, small minded, clueless, loud mouthed, arrogant cunt. No one needs your opinions n' having to deal with your constant abuse of privileges or the miniscule amount of power you've had here you wield like an angry, lesbian, wannabe, high school parking lot rent-a-cop always mouthing off like you're some kind of authority which you're far from. I have to say it saddens me you continue to babble your horseshit to unsuspecting
  20. One of my favourite bands released a single today and announced their next album, so I pre-ordered the black/white splatter vinyl. I usually just go for the standard black vinyl, but since that wasn't an option I spent the extra couple bucks on the cooler looking variant. Been listening to this track all morning and now I'm disappointed that I have to wait 3 months to hear the full album The single is pretty good though, if anyone's interested:
  21. You're Crazy from this show is so fuckin' good...
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