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  1. I never thought he sounded that much like Freddie, but he definitely has the look down. I agree about it basically being The Luke Spiller Show though... he's a good frontman, but the band should get more attention.
  2. Well, either GNR is/was only 5 guys, or it's a constantly evolving band. If you count UYI and TSI? as "real GNR", you may as well count CD as GNR too whether you like the songs or not. If you consider the NITL lineup to be GNR, then why not the 02, 06 and 09 lineups? Where is the line drawn? To most people, GNR = Axl and Slash, and that's just stupid.
  3. There's only a few hits they really 'have to' play IMO, the rest could be deep cuts and covers like Down On The Farm, Marseilles, Wichita Lineman and The Seeker. Throw in some Duff songs and an extended Slash solo and they could still do a pretty good 2-2.5 hours show.
  4. When I'm Gone is one of my least favourite of their songs, but yea, the album doesn't really have a standout. I'm not opposed to shorter albums, 8 songs at around 30 minutes is actually kind of ideal if it's all killer no filler... but this is mostly filler, unfortunately. I still think they have the potential to make a really good album eventually, though. edit: they're one of those good bands that has suffered from "poor" production... Monster Truck, Foxy Shazam and Radkey are some bands that I've seen who's live energy just wasn't captured on record, and that's kinda what this Dirty Ho
  5. So, the majority of the set? (Seriously though, I'd be fine with them cutting the set down to 7 or 8 'must play' songs and then filling out the rest of the show with deep cuts, or covers, or anything that Axl can actually sing...)
  6. I think I remember the song you're talking about... Fortus even played on it if I remember correctly. I think the GNR instrumental was As It Began, I don't remember what the other song was called though. There's also this, which uses part of The General as an intro before turning into a shit metal song
  7. Why do people think Fortus selling gear has anything to do with his status in the band? He's amassed a huge collection over the years, and it's time to clear some space for new stuff... Best case scenario: - Axl sounds comparable to 2017... not great, but better than the later NITL shows. - Hardschool, Pretty Tied Up and maybe a few more deep cuts added to the set, and they change the order up a bit (open with PTU instead of It's So Easy or something) - Slash plays solos that at least somewhat resemble the album versions But in reality it will be like the
  8. It's the full show, I can send it to you if you want it.
  9. Axl's I think, here's RQ from a remastered version tho: https://voca.ro/1dnGCIUs7e0Z It really sounds like he'd been touring for too long. You can tell he's trying for rasp but his voice just fails him at times during the show, and when he does get some consistent rasp like in WTTJ or Nightrain it sounds very forced, unlike the 2016 shows.
  10. https://streamable.com/o8v49i Great intro scream... they really should've made Mexico City and Houston separate Selects. The 'throne era' wasn't ideal but it was still cool and had some great performances.
  11. Apparently Duff asked him that morning if his band could make it to the Gorge to open the show... idk how true that is but it's funny In 2017 he was on this song with Duff, Mike McCready and Barret Martin:
  12. Some of the stuff he's been adding to the pikes site has been cool, but some of it is just crazy. $10 for a 24x36 poster? Sure, take my money. $110 for a t-shirt that Bucket has drawn on, and probably can't be washed? lol no. $45 for a signed empty vinyl sleeve? Pretty sure my signed Crime Slunk Scene vinyl was only like $35... It's cool that he's finally started selling merch but he needs someone to properly organize the site, and to tell him that some of his merch ideas aren't very good.
  13. Not gonna lie, when I saw the thumbnail I thought "RussTCB and ZakkTCB, haha". Opened the video and he's wearing a TCB shirt... Surprised to see Even Worse in there. Nice video 👍
  14. Yup... if he isn't singing like Dustin Bones, he's forcing out an unpleasant, unnatural rasp. He really sounds like a singer whose voice is on its last legs in that recording.
  15. The album is pretty much an extension of the EP... some good stuff but nothing that's really great. There's a thread on it in My World
  16. It feels like I'm still waiting to hear their best song... like they're right on the edge of making some really good stuff but they keep playing it safe. That said, there's some good stuff on the album. After another listen I think Gypsy, Another Last Time and No Warning are the best songs. I haven't listened to any of the new GVF songs but I've read that the new album has a different sound. If I didn't like their earlier stuff, should I bother checking out their new album?
  17. So you want the GNR equivalent to Airbourne, Greta Van Fleet, etc? Instead of rehashing AC/DC or Zeppelin, try to be GNR instead...?
  18. Speaking of the Gorge 2017 show, a new recording was recently posted on ttd, so I'm listening to it now. The songs I remember as highlights sound pretty good, but for the most part it's just a standard 2017 show. Cool to have a decent recording of a show I was at, though.
  19. Lucky you, I wish I'd never heard that recording It was really awful, and kinda depressing to listen to.
  20. They opened for GNR (and SMKC) in 2019... that's pretty much all you can hope for with up and coming bands 'working with' GNR.
  21. I've listened to the album a couple times now, and it's a bit underwhelming. It's on pretty much on par with their EP. There's not any 'bad' songs but there's not really any standouts either. I guess No Warning and Gypsy might be the highlights, but there's nothing on here that's better than Fire Away or Rolling 7's...
  22. He opened for GNR at the Gorge in 2017. He was pretty good, I liked him better than Royal Blood. I'll check out the album when it's released.
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