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  1. Yelawolf, B-Real and DJ Muggs
  2. Listening to the new Yelawolf x DJ Muggs album.... again. It doesn't officially come out til tomorrow but I'm gonna have it on repeat all day. The production is really nice
  3. Part of Slash and Duff's IEM recordings from 2017 leaked a while ago, I'll send them to you. Slash basically only has his guitar in his IEM, which some people seem to think means he can't hear the other guys. In reality, he can hear everything on stage and uses his IEM to boost his own sound.
  4. He's been adding his own fills since he joined the band, but the tempos didn't change until Slash and Duff came back.
  5. ...what? They played the songs "their way" in the CD years. When Slash and Duff re-joined the band, the songs changed. Must just be a coincidence, though...
  6. At this point I can't even tell if this is a serious post If you think Richard or Frank are deciding how the songs should be played, and are overruling Slash and Duff, you're fuckin crazy
  7. Yea, the best performance of Estranged from the whole tour was the 4/20/16 show.
  8. It's one of the best performances from one of the best rock n roll singers... but imagine the reaction if they finally upload a 'from the vault' Selects and it's from 2006.
  9. There might be some I'm forgetting, and there's some local bands I've seen multiple times too, but this is my list: GNR - 12 times (7x 2010-14, 5x from 2016-now) Motley Crue - 5 times Alice In Chains - 4 times Godsmack - 4 times Alice Cooper - 3 times Sebastian Bach - 3 times (should've been 4, fuckin covid...) Yelawolf - 3 times Monster Truck - 3 times In Flames - 3 times Aerosmith - twice Foxy Shazam - twice Buckethead - twice Zakk Wylde - twice (one acoustic show, once with BLS) edit: some I forgot earlier, Sh
  10. The 2014 versions were better, but as far as NITL goes, that's as good as Yesterdays is gonna get...
  11. Added to the first post. I wish they'd release Estranged from this show.
  12. Strange Days is finally get a vinyl release, on June 12 They also dropped a new song on Friday, featuring Michael Jackson' daughter:
  13. There's a chance that they'll put some pro-shots or soundboards in the UYI box set, but aside from that, the only logical reason to hold onto the live recordings for so long would be to use them as a retirement plan. Once Axl is no longer able to tour, start releasing old stuff to keep some money coming in. Maybe sell some footage to Netflix or start their own subscription service, maybe keep releasing overpriced box sets, who knows... but they're definitely sitting on a pile of cash! *not that we should be applying logic to this band, tho.
  14. To be fair, the whole band sounded bored by 2019. Slash had some good solo spots, but you can tell they just couldn't give less of a fuck about playing some of those songs for the millionth time... and I can't say I blame them! Slash hasn't improved any of the CD stuff though. When even DJ Ashba plays a better TIL solo, you know something ain't right On CD solos he sounds like he's halfway between trying to play something fast, and something melodic, but he doesn't have much direction and the result is usually not very good. I don't get the praise for his solo on Sorry from the last
  15. This is in this thread about the Sailing cover from 2006. If @Fernando actually gives us a pro-shot / soundboard of that cover I will forgive all his other poor decisions up til that point. That would be fucking incredible.
  16. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere arrived today. I'm gonna spin it tomorrow, but the front cover definitely looks like a bootleg...
  17. Probably... but those leaks were a big surprise, so who knows what else is out there. On the one hand, yes, the general demand for this stuff has plummeted over the years. But on the other hand, unreleased music is just as valuable as it's ever been, maybe even moreso. People make thousands off of individual songs all the time on sites like the source or leakthis. If you're familiar with Juice WRLD, one of his grails just sold for 22k. For one mp3 file. Never underestimate the greed of hoarders and the stupidity of fans
  18. My favourite artist is releasing an album every Friday this month. Today was Slumafia, a follow-up to a fan-favourite EP that came out in 2013. Next week is Mile Zero, a "early, lo-fi hip hop vibes, all analog" album produced by DJ Muggs. The week after that is an album that fans have been anticipating for a while, Mudmouth, which will also have a full-length movie released this summer. Then his rock album with Shooter Jennings comes out later this year. As much as I love GNR, it's so great to follow real artists like Yelawolf, or Buckethead, etc.
  19. There's some good riffs and solos but yea, overall I find it bland, and Myles really doesn't help. I would say the fact that Slash has carried the shows since 2017 says more about the rest of the band than it does about Slash, though. Axl got more noticeably worse, but Slash's playing seems bored and disconnected from the band at times too. Just because he's not as bad as Axl or Frank doesn't mean he sounds great. Whether you like Richard's style or not, your last sentence is a joke
  20. Nobody is denying that Slash is the most legendary guitar player in the band, but his current playing is a far cry from what made him legendary.... the last SMKC album was bland and he sounds pretty bored/uninspired with GNR. Slash nowadays is good but inconsistent, and Fortus does sound better at times IMO.
  21. Yea, sorry I meant a 'new' 1986 show. Music Machine is the best '86 show we have IMO... they sounded perfect.
  22. The guy who originally posted the clips wants to trade them for something else. A 1986 show would be cool to see, but as far as "value" it's not worth much. It's "worthless" in comparison to unheard songs or UYI pro-shots, etc. I hope the full show leaks, though.
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