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  1. Check out the band Monster Truck. Their first couple EP's and debut album are pretty good, and they're an awesome live band. Pretty sure they opened for Slash when he was touring the 'Slash & Friends' album.
  2. Perhaps would sound great with this line-up, but I really hope they don't extend the intro.
  3. Atlas and Catcher really make me wish he'd done a full project with Brian May in 1999-2000. It likely would've been a commercial success, and we'd have gotten some great songs.... oh well.
  4. Nah, he should do another Slash & Friends album and have Axl on a track or two. It'll never happen, but it'd probably take some of the pressure off the 'first reunion album' and we'd get new music... hopefully featuring Duff and Fitz
  5. This is all I could find: "First single from upcoming Sáivu album. Song is written and performed by Sáivu and Richard Fortus of Guns n Roses." From their soundcloud page
  6. The album version of Shackler's sounds more organic than State of Grace?
  7. I can't believe they wasted time copy/pasting and pro-tooling the shit out of this song when they could've released stuff like Soul Monster, Oklahoma, Zodiac, State of Grace, Hardschool, etc. It was a great live song in 2010-2011 though.
  8. Pretty sure anyone who's played in bands has met "that guitar player"
  9. The whole instrumental is great, but the drums are especially good. They have a very "UYI but with more groove" kind of sound IMO. I'm guessing it's Freese since it's from March 2000 and the songs with Brain seem like they came later than that.
  10. Yea it's cool that artists are still releasing music... but she's honestly one of the worst 'artists' I've ever heard. She's unbelievably boring. I'm surprised someone on a GNR board would even mention her
  11. I'm pretty sure Brain confirmed that he was drumming on the Checkmate clip back in 2006, and it sounds like the same mix that we got last year, so it's most likely Brain.
  12. Man, that would be a cool episode. I'd love to know if Brain and Bucket will ever do another tour. I saw them in a small venue (about 1000 people) a month after I saw GNR at The Gorge, and it was a great show. Brain is still an absolute beast behind the kit. I'd also like to know if Frank has a favourite Buckethead moment, either on CD or an unreleased track. We know Brain was told to re-record Josh's parts note-for-note, and Axl noticed little details like the kick drum being off by a fraction of a second, and stuff like that. Was Frank's recording process that strict, or did he hav
  13. Even the Stones are releasing more GNR footage than Fernando... I would've been at the Vancouver show too, would've been my first time seeing them. Hopefully I get another chance in a year or two...
  14. A clip of Don't Cry from an 1985 rehearsal has leaked. Hopefully that means we'll hear an old rehearsal soon... once again the fans are delivering more than the actual band.
  15. It's automatically generated by youtube, there have been tons of common bootlegs like this posted over the years.
  16. Is the guy Fernando? Cuz I'd laugh at that. Just picture it... a big, fresh dog shit in the middle of a lawn, and suddenly it gets a Fernando all over it.
  17. Do you think if I added a Frans N' Roses logo somewhere, they'd sell it on the official store?
  18. It's kind of impressive... just when you think this band couldn't be more tone-deaf, Fernandon't proves there is no end to his stupidity. What an absolutely fucking retarded thing for them to do.
  19. Of course there's competition in each market, but my point was that the virus wasn't the reason the tickets were selling poorly. Like a lot of other posters on here, I decided not to buy tickets when they first went on sale, because I've already seen the NITL show and tickets would've undoubtedly been cheaper as the shows got closer. Now, I'm really glad I waited
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