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  1. Love Spit Love Trysome Eatone Event: RSD DROPS 2021 Release Date: 6/12/2021 Format: LP Label: Real Gone Music Quantity: 2000 I'm gonna try to grab a copy of that...
  2. It was better than most of the other Selects, but that's not a very high bar. The first 3 songs were pretty good and the last 3 were just ok. It's So Easy was good. WTTJ was pretty much an average performance from 2016, pretty good and definitely better than 2017-20 performances. Sorry was good overall but Slash's solo was pretty bad... just noodling his way through it. RQ was definitely better than the Download Select... not great but passable. I went for a smoke during the extended solo. UTLH... every performance I've heard of this song on the NITL tour was kind of a
  3. There was a hilarious mixture of relief that Pitman was out and anger that Melissa was in.
  4. Remember when this picture was posted shortly before the show, and everyone assumed Melissa was just some random chick hanging out backstage, while continuing to debate who would play that second keyboard?
  5. I find bootleg issues like that kinda funny. As long as it sounds decent I'm not too bothered about a wrong pic on the sleeve...
  6. You mean the guy who posts BS on reddit? The guy who talks down to fans? The guy who whined about Live Nation getting an award for NITL's success? If Fernando weren't an incompetent douchebag, things would be a lot different
  7. Only grabbed the Snakepit record but I'm gonna get Generation Swine in the next couple weeks... I'm gonna wait til I've spun the Snakepit record and if the quality is good, I'll probably order GS and the s/t Motley record at the same time.
  8. A few pages back @RussTCB mentioned Rollin Records. After watching that video he did on bootlegs, I was ready to pull the trigger on Generation Swine... went to Rollin Records and noticed they had It's Five O'clock Somewhere in stock, so I grabbed that instead. If anyone wants to get a copy for $40 usd, here's the link https://rollinrecs.com/slashs-snakepit-its-five-oclock-somewhere/
  9. I'm still dumbfounded they used mostly 2019 performances. It's like they don't want the viewers to buy tickets for future shows.
  10. The Selects were a swing and a miss... how many people honestly watched this and hoped for more? This is just plain bad.
  11. The Astrologer. If 'The Room' and 'Threat Level Midnight' had a lovechild, it wouldn't be half as fucked up as this movie It would almost be better to watch this with no explanation, but this article is good so I'll post some of it here: https://www.pastemagazine.com/movies/the-astrologer/1975s-the-astrologer-is-the-greatest-cult-classic/#the-film "The film begins by introducing us to Denney as “Craig Marcus Alexander,” who explains via voiceover that he was “born to lie, cheat and steal.” He does this by bilking people out of their money at carnival side shows as an
  12. KROQ Inland Invasion is the only other pro-shot from that time. There are some IEM bootlegs from Japan 2007, too.
  13. There's only 3 pro-shot songs - Nightrain, My Michelle and Paradise City. There's a full audience recording though. There's also an IEM recording... sound quality is kind of weird but you can hear Axl bitching people out during the show
  14. The new single is good, there's some nice riffs and melodies. So far it seems like the album will be on par with their EP - good but not great.
  15. Yea I want to hear it all too, but there's plenty of other stuff from the Village sessions (and probably from the 2002-07 sessions) that would be better for this lineup to use. On very the small chance that they don't release a quintuple album... forget about stuff like the reworked OMG and Silkworms until after they've called it a day, and hopefully they release a CD box set at some point.
  16. New single "Tied Up" drops tomorrow.
  17. Of all the stuff we've heard from the Village leaks... why? OMG might've made sense as a CD2 bonus track or something, had it come out a decade ago. Shitworms has no business being on what is likely the final album. Even as a big CD fan, I honestly don't see the appeal. There's no chance Slash and Duff would improve those songs IMO.
  18. I wouldn't complain if they played it, but there's plenty of other deep cuts I'd rather hear.
  19. Definitely gonna listen to this one later tonight. Did you talk much about the 2019 leaks?
  20. I always thought it was odd they never stuck with one logo... there's 4 different logos on those 5 discs!
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