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  1. ITW needs a Kanye West remix and a music video that follows the story of Estranged. But this time, when Axl jumps into the ocean, all the dolphins are skeletons. Melissa rises from the water to play a sweet, sweet sub-bass solo. 12" maxi single with 4 alternate remixes coming soon to an offline retailer near you. Get the tour-exclusive quadruple album at the all-new-show this winter.
  2. Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars tribute to Little Richard at the Grammys... Anderson kills it on the drums as usual, and Bruno sounds great singing some classic rock. Their 'Silk Sonic' performance was great too but the Little Richard tribute was incredible.
  3. Yea we're on the same page. It's a rarity for bands to use recordings from previous members but not entirely unheard of. With GNR, it wouldn't surprise me at all if new material was frankensteined together using Richards guitar part from 2002, Brains drum track from 2001 with Franks overdubs from 2007. vocals from 1999-2006, etc. Slash will play most, if not all of the lead parts, but would anyone really be surprised if Paul or Robin's rhythm tracks ended up being used? I mean the rhythm part on TWAT was pieced together from like 6 different guitar players, and I imagine some of the 'new'
  4. You're right that CD is one-of-a-kind in how it was layered and pieced together, but generally, it's not uncommon for artists to hold onto songs for a few years, and then release them with minimal or zero re-recordings. If GNR release an album in the future (lol) I'd bet at least some, if not most of the vocals will be 15-20 years old... and I would actually hope the drum tracks are that old, too
  5. This is definitely true... there wasn't much interaction at the shows I've seen post-2012, but the shows in 2010-2011 he interacted and reacted to the crowd a lot more, especially at the "dolphin incident" show
  6. Yea there was definitely a sharp decline from 2012-14, and the 2011 tour only happened because Axl lost a lawsuit, it was definitely a commercial low-point. Rio and especially Bridge School were the final nails in the coffin as far as most casual fans were concerned.
  7. They were really hit or miss in North America, in some cities they'd sell 15-20,000 tickets and in others they'd be lucky to sell 5,000 tickets. More often than not, they sold less than 10,000 tickets. Most of the European shows in 2006-10 sold between 10-20,000 tickets though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Democracy_Tour
  8. From wiki: Chinese Democracy won an IFPI European Platinum Award, having sold more than one million copies in Europe,[300][301] and had sold 2.6 million units worldwide by February 2009, according to Universal Music. 5 mil worldwide since its release isn't that much of a stretch, but I don't know where to find the total sales figures.
  9. I was mostly joking, but it also wouldn't really surprise me if Axl was that petty... I mean they didn't even include the Ritz show in the AFD box, even though they showed it at a release party I would also guess that they're in no hurry to give Matt any money or attention after reading his book...
  10. It would probably involve giving money and publicity to "former employees" so... the classic recordings will rot in the vault forever.
  11. I tried to send it to you but it says you can't receive messages... clear out your inbox or send me a pm.
  12. New single from VOLA, I can't wait for this album...
  13. Coma and My Michelle were decent too, but yea... what should have been a highlight reel was more like a blooper reel. They were pretty bad choices to release considering they'll be trying to sell over-priced tickets later this year.
  14. I realize what the public perception was, and that has no effect on how much I want to hear the rest of the music lol. I honestly couldn't care less about the name issue, what "is" or "isn't" GNR is subjective (they either only made 1 album, or they changed with every album, but all the music is good so I don't care about the name on the album cover). I never said the songs would be hot sellers, but again, I don't care how much they sell, I just want to hear them. The Village leaks gave us only a small taste of the Buckethead stuff in the vault. Also, Sorry is the best Bucket song on CD
  15. I don't care about "what GNR was" lol. Of course they didn't make AFD 2.0 (honestly, who would want that?) but Axl and Buckethead sounded good together and I'd like to hear more of their songs. Stuff like The General or Prom Violence with vocals would be interesting to hear, plus whatever else is in the vault.
  16. If "Dummy" is actually Cuban Skies, I wanna hear that one... and any more solos like TWAT or ITW would be nice.
  17. Nice, I'm gonna keep an eye out for Swine. I don't really wanna order one from the states right now but it's good to know that it doesn't actually sound like a bootleg. It ends up being about $76 from Rollin records after shipping and currency exchange, which is still a bit high... but kinda tempting.
  18. Agreed. Assuming any new album would be mostly CD-era songs anyway, I'd rather hear them in their earlier form. Plus I want as much music from Axl and Buckethead as possible.
  19. How'd Generation Swine sound when you cranked it up? I pre-ordered Dirty Honey's debut album.
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