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  1. There is no plan. There are no ideas. If Axl wants to release something, it would come out. No legalities involved. Wasnt hard to release SOYL. All they have is excuses. 1 full length studio record in the last 28 years. And that probably would have never come out without the leaks. Every excuse is just more bullshit. And it's a huge pile of it. Pathetic.
  2. GNR nor Nando, give a shit about anyone here, or there ideas. It's just another ploy. Axl has nothing left. Any "new" music would be some regurgitated song that began 20 years ago, & would likley include 20 year old vocals. Though, I think its laughable to ever believe this band will ever release "new" (old as hell) music anyway. As long as there still selling tickets, what makes anyone believe they would care about anything else? There devotion to there fans?? Yeah ok.
  3. Ken Tamplin is a contentious prick. Axl has nothing to do with it. And I called him a DOUCHE, not a dick. And why would I give a crap about one washed up never was talking about a washed up has been?? I dont. Fuck Axl and his devotion to Micke Mouse.. Hes got nothing to do with my comment and Tamplin. Which was a simple...Ken Tamplin is a douche........not a dick.
  4. If they ever release Hard School with vocals from 99, it would be a complete joke. Not that it'll ever happen anyhow.
  5. 2012 dvd was bad. I still think Iceland is worse. He needs to stop. Do one off performances so he can actually sing. It's obvious hes not up to touring
  6. Unfortunately I cant believe a new album, or even new tracks, ever get released. Axl's history highlights this. Would have loved to get a proper release of anything, but we have to settle for other things we can find. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I have zero faith.
  7. The Iceland soundboard is the worst I've ever heard Axl. A live album would require him to record the vocals in studio, like Kiss Alive or something similar. His live vocals are not good enough to use tor a live recording anymore. IMO
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