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  1. Marc Canter was featured in a Instagram Live and I was able to ask him about some rarities that he had shot with the band and if maybe we could see them someday. Luckly he answered me and he said he has the entire Cathouse '89 (It's So Easy video) concert recorded and that the concert was also in pro-shot. He also mentioned the '88 Giant Stadium (pro-shot) and some BTS from the AFD recording sessions. That would be cool to watch.
  2. I have mixed feelings about this! First (and I know this is unpopular to say), but I love ABSURD and I think the work they've done revamping Silkworms was amazing, but I really think the demo version of Hardskool, with the long intro, was more classic rock, it was just better. I don't know if you notice, but Slash skips some notes (on purpose of course) during the verse if compared to the original version, the song was more fluid and then if feels more punkish and raw. I don't know it's the same feeling I had comparing Lars Ulrich's drum tone on the Black Album to the open snare of Saint Anger. Something just doesn't feel right. What I doubt is if after this "new record" (IF it happens) we will see any other GNR record at all. I think this will be the last one.
  3. To me, there will never be a "new" GNR record! There's Paul Stanley from Kiss and Roger Daltrey of The Who saying, today, there's no point of a new record for both bands, because no one cares anda fans just wanna hear classics, for emotional reasons or whatever. And the we see how everybody reacted to "Absurd" (I really like this version of the song), but the majority of the fans hated it, which I think Axl shot himself in the foot by releasing something "so different" first. Then "Hard Skool" was great, but the new version feels dilluted, generic, I don't know, it's not a WOW song anymore. I really think the band lost its momentum and then Fernando says there's a new record, Beta says there's a new record, Fortus says there's tons of material, Slash says nothing was recorded. Feels like they don't know what else to say to keep fans interested, but I tend to believe in Slash, which is sad. Last but not least, if they didn't record anything in 5 years why record anything now? I miss that Chinese-Democracy-anytime-now feeling.
  4. I read somewhere that the riff of Dr. Feelgood was kind of stolen from GNR. I need to find that article again, but some "insider" or maybe a member of the band/doug goldstein said that Nikki was around during that period when they were reharsing and creating UYI in 1989, and suddenly MC the released DF. *UPDATED* Got it: https://gnrcentral.com/2018/05/15/steven-adler-responds-to-claims-that-motley-crue-ripped-off-dr-feelgood-from-guns-n-roses/
  5. @RussTCB, you're absollutely right and maybe here is not my place anymore, but here's the deal: A) I'm not defending Fernando, I'm defending myself and this is something you guys will never understand, because I get it that it is hard to put yourself in someone’s shoes that’s so far away. But by the way some people here are interpreting my post you can see that some of them, which where born in the US, having English as their native tongue, can’t even read or interpret a simple text in English and can’t even tell the difference about racism and xenophobia. I wasn’t talking about racism anyway. B) But when you make fun of a Latino or a Brazilian or a Chinese or a third country country (I'm talking that in general), yep, you are being Xenophobic. C) About sucking all the fun! Where's the fun, Russ? Where’s the fun in bullying, Russ? That’s the best April fools joke this forum ever had? Come on? Where is the fun? There's negative and a negative macho vibe everywhere in this forum! You are a great guy, Russ, the admins are great guys, there's lots of great people over here, I've been here since 2008, met a lot of great people, had fun, had my time! But this is not my place anymore, Russ! I don’t fit in anymore as you can see! And I think I’m glad to, but hey, keep up the good work man! Since I can’t delete my profile, I ask you to ban me from the forum! No hard feelings! THANK YOU, FOR REAL and to all the admins on this forum!
  6. May you have a great life brother! I'm not gonna give one more single word for your to twist it! The world is a horrible place as it is! You should open your window and check it out! My best to you! My best to you all! An I'm sorry if I was misunderstood, it wasn't my intention!
  7. WHAT??? You have just twisted my words in the most evil kind of way, like you didn't pay attention to a word that wrote and I know that I made myself very clear andI wasn't attacking you! My man, I'm done. This wasn's the purpose of this post.
  8. Nah. It wasn't. Merck Mercuriadis destroyed, really destroyed what was left from the band, he helped to undermine Chinese Democracy and nobody talks about him! Stop talking about RACISM! WTF Do you think I'm black? Fernando is black? Beta is black? Did you know we consider ourselves white? We are not talking about colour? Or race? There's no racism involved in this discussion and this is the problem! There are black Brazilians, there are white Brazilians, there are Latino Brazilians, there are Japanese Brazilians, there are Ginger Brazilians. This discussion whas never about race or racism!
  9. Sorry guys, if anybody felt offended or felt that I called anybody a racist, it wasn't my intention. I didn't! I was just trying to point out a fact that sometimes some people goes too hard and to far on Fernando and to me as a Brazilian it is offensive as hell. It could be nice to exercise to be in someone's shoes, But one can only hope.
  10. Even English being your native language your lack of text interpretation is outrageous! I am not, I'm just point out a fact, not a racist fact, since Fernando is white! But maybe, and pay attention, maybe a xenophobic fact, which maybe you don't understand and that you cannot be blammed for! But I'm trying, as a Brazilian, a white Brazilian, to explain, with respect, with manner, in a light way (not so light), but maybe annoyed by the way a lot of you guys talk about another Brazilian in this forum. Maybe I'm right. maybe I'm wrong. I just think you guys bully too much sometimes.
  11. Not racism! But even if you are white (as I am) and you are from Latin America (as I am) you end up being treated differently in the US or in Europe or in Russia and so on... That's not racism... that's life, that's something you guys don't understand and that's something that hurts us as Brazilians (for example).
  12. Please, enlighten me! Educate me! Who's AC/DC Manager? Who's Foo Fighter's Manager? Who's Metallica's Manager? Or U2's? Madonna's? I don't kown, let's seem Beyoncé. Oh, right, it doesn't matter because they own their carrers, they take their decisions ans have the final says in everything, like GNR! But if Fernando was American or European things would be a lot different for a lot of in this forum. I'm not accusing you or anybody, but it is what it seems from my point of view and from things that I have experienced. And just to make it very very clear, racism and xenophobia are two very different things. I'm not talking about racism. Not at all! And for all things considered I am white!
  13. How stupid this can, could, should, would, must be? Why does Fernando gets so much hate over here? Is he really the one to blame for the band's poor choices over the last 28 years? Is he the one to blame for Slash or Duff leaving the band? Is he the one to blame for the lost years? Is he the one to blame for ChiDem to take 13 years to be done? Is he the one to blame for the lack of tour? Is he the one to blame for Axl's voice? Is he the one to blame for Pittman, or Izzy's no show, or Adler once again being treated like shit? Doc McGee, Merck, Doug Gouldstein, Alan Niven and Axl himself did much more damage to the band than Fernando, or Beta! They only have helped Axl. Tell me one real thing that they have done wrong, or is it because they are not like you know, Americans, and "up to the job"?
  14. "Various 92-94 demos (all we know is "This I love" and "Back and forth again" and the 2 unreleased TSI tracks)" I know that they recorder "Beer and Cigarretes" from Hanoi Rocks, which one is the other from TSI?
  15. As a Brazilian and by not having English as my first language this never came to my attention before. But then I just saw the sign and it all made sense!
  16. Have you guys noticed that during the Freddie Mercury Tribute, at the beginning of Paradise City there's a guy holding a "AXL, PISS OFF!" sign, right at the 00:37 mark and Axl screams "SHOVE IT" pointing rigth at the guy at the 00:48 mark? Look at Slash's reaction at the 00:50 mark, like "WTF! Not here, not now!"
  17. Breakdown instead of Estranged? Dust N' Bones instead of Perfect Crime? Double Talkin Jive instead of Dead Horse? I don't know, man. I think the UYI records are a double album anomally that only worked as it is, even with My World and Shotgun Blues or Don't Damm Me.
  18. Marc Canter did, yesterday, what the band didn't do in 10 years! He just released a snippet of the 1987 Whisky a Go Go gig. https://www.instagram.com/marccanter_recklessroad_gnr/
  19. You know, to me there's no bad GNR song, even "My World" I don't think is a bad song, but what bugs me is that IFW does not sound like a GNR song, it would be great as a Axl Rose solo project, but not in a GNR record. But I also do have an unpopular opinion: I love the "Silkworms" version with fast drums.
  20. Why for? They lost momentum for that! They've lost momentum for everything! I hate this band right now! (That's what I'm saying since I heard "If The World" in 2008).
  21. Hahahahahahahaha Don't you dare to put Guns N' Roses and Bolsonaro (our little dick Brazilian wannabe dictator, guys!) in the same sentence. Where are you from, @Ratam?
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