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  1. I also have a problem with amount of covers they play and that could be exchanged by "deep cuts". I always wondered why "Slither'? They murdered the song! "By The Sword" instead! Drop "Black Hole Sun", KOHD's new version is boring, Live and Let Die, Attitude (Duff could play one of his own songs), Speak Softly, Wish You're Here, Layla, Raw Power, YCPYAAAM. We are talking a set with 10 plus covers! WTF! To me the only one worthy is "Witchita Linemen", which sounds great. Instead they could be playing My Michelle, Perfect Crime, Bad Apples, The Garden (fuck they played with Alice Cooper in SP - another missed opportunity), Pretty Tied Up, You're Crazy, and don't even get me started on Shadow of Your Love, they could have played Crash Diet, Just Another Sunday, Ain't Going Down. I just can't with GNR nowdays, I just... can't...
  2. Casual, hardcore, whatever at this point! What bugs me is that people have been asking for new music for more than a decade and they are sitting on a bat-shit crazy gold mine. It really doesn't make sense why they did not release anything, other than that "they don't want to". I also agree: they lost the reunion momentum, the only thing that could save it is a full-reunion with Adler and Izzy and an album by all the alumini, other than that I think is already a goner.
  3. R&B an Hip Hop, POP videos OK, rock videos NOT IN THIS LIFETIME anymore hahaha
  4. See, so by what your saying, GNR is doing nothing for the hardcore fans, but also nothing for the casuals! B-O-R-I-N-G!!!
  5. I doubt there would be any videos, other than live performances, they are two expensive and people don't watch them anymore,. About Axl's throat, I know it could be a surprise for you to kow that there's nothing wrong with it. He choses to sing like that for GNR, just listen to all his performances with AC/DC, full on 1992 / 2006 rasp there!
  6. Well, but by your rationale why did Metallica released anything after the Black Album, or Ozzy after No More Tears? It does not make sense! They don't release anything because they don't want to dilute the legacy! If Chinese Democracy was as a commercial success as at least Lies / The Illusions we would have at least 2 to 3 records already! Chinese Democracy < than Teh Spaghetti Incident. Now imagine if they release another commercial flop? There's no more time left to fully reinvent themselves like Metallica did after Load and Reload or even Lulu. There's no time left (they are older than The Rolling Stones when they released Voodo Lounge, or Aerosmith when they released Honkin' on Bobo) and the 2021 casuals are the ones ruling what's next.
  7. Ok, OK! Your source is a Google Search that led to a "very well-known" local entertainment website? LMFAO At least search for the Harvad Study saying you're completely wrong. From my end here, I'm done! Peace.
  8. Based on what you're saying that? Why do you think we're using hand sanitizers and alchool gel? Just for the fun of it?
  9. Covid can be in any surface, not only spread man-to-man! You could be imune but carry it around in your cellphone for exemple, if someone that's not imune uses your phone the chance of getting it are the same. You could pass it on a hand shake on a shoulder bump, and that's not how the vaccine works. It doesn't desinfect you on the outside, only on the inside! hahah Great point! So don't you think maybe it's time to let go? LOL I'm sadly lettling go of the band. Love them, but I became bored.
  10. But don't you think a new record + a new concert format could stir things up?
  11. People here are very naive if they think teh entire world will be vaccinated up to the end of 2021. All projections aim to late 2024 at least for the entire world to be vaccinated (There's a Harvard study about that). When you are vaccinated you become imune of getting the disease, but you're still a vector to those who did not get the vaccine, so social isolation in different capacities will continue until them. Not even in the US the entire north american population will be vaccinated until 2022, so people are dreaming and high as a kite if they think we are about to see the return of stadium concerts or large gatherings, or even medium or small concerts. Forget it!
  12. I still do have the tickets for the postoned dates of Lollapalooza here in Brazil, and GNR is yet to be confirm again in the line-up! That's the only thing that will probably make me get out of the house to see them for the fourth time during this 4 year old tour! You're absolutely right! But one thing you didn't took into consideration is that this tour is not thought or aimed to hardcore fans like us, it is for the general public that buy Greatest Hits and go get a better during Double Talking Jive, because is too heavy, too loud. 4 years, 300+ shows with THE SAME SETLIST! Unbelievable how the most dangerous band in the world became the most boring one.
  13. Here are some: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/368/6493/860 https://exame.com/ciencia/nao-teremos-vacinas-suficientes-para-todos-ate-2024-diz-grande-produtor/ https://forbes.com.br/forbessaude/2020/12/mecanismo-da-oms-pode-falhar-e-deixar-paises-pobres-sem-vacina-contra-covid-ate-2024/ https://www.cnnbrasil.com.br/saude/2020/09/22/vacinar-todo-mundo-contra-covid-19-nao-acontecera-ate-2024-diz-fabricante
  14. If Axl didn't agree or had the final saying in this it would not have happened! Stop blaming TB, in GNR world they are only "yes" men and can only "advice" Axl, in what to do, but we know how that goes! AXL IS THE BOSS!
  15. I don't see large concerts happening in 2021 still! Remember we won't have the vaccine to everybody this year! The chance of infecting someone will not be diminished up to at least 2022/2023.
  16. Come on, man! Becareful with what? You ask me not to be be "as per book", but then you give me a list of what you "think" is the perfect job description for a banda manager? Puft! I'm bringing facts to the table, right or wrong, but fact, you're giving me wishes! Not that black, not that white, my statement was a overall and very surfaced opinion! The only thing you forgot to mention in your list is that they are not owners of the brand or the boss of Axl. You could be all of that included in your list (which maybe they are not, if so they would be perfect humans) and even so they would need to have a GO from Axl. They are not to blame, i'm sorry.
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