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  1. Sorry if it looked like I was talking about you! I was saying in general! But I also think they don't manage the band in the right way, I don't now if you saw this, but today they posted on Facebook another cryptic message "Pantiently Fn waiting...", which was their job to say "don't do it", they always do that, create expectations on the fans and nothing never happens. Just don't say anything to fuck with our minds! But I also said that "brazilian stuff", because they never gave a hard time on Allan, Goldstein, Merck, Doc and so on...
  2. I'm no defending TB, but I don't think many of you know the real job description of a band manager! They are not the boss, the band is the boss and in this case AXL is the boss. TEAM BRAZIL can suggest, but it is AXL who decides about SELECTS, BOOKS and has the final saying in what, how and the worst WHEN! There's no new music / record because AXL doesn't want to! SO LET'S GO Band managers are hired by music groups to handle the business aspects of the music industry. They guide the artists' careers, provide advice and act as a liaison between the band and others in the music business. A band manager works closely with a music group to help make major decisions regarding the creative and business direction of the band. The manager is the person the musicians put in charge of the business side of the industry so that they can focus on making music. Some band managers work for management companies, while others work independently. A manager often works on commission. Some take on more than one client; others work full-time with one band. The duties required of a band manager vary greatly depending on the individual needs of the artist. Some managers focus exclusively on a few duties, such as advising the band on creative, business and personal decisions and assisting them in finding engagements. Others take on multiple roles, such as booking agent, promoter and travel arranger. Managers often negotiate recording contracts and help the band members understand their responsibilities. So stop bitching about TM, which peoplo only do solely by the fact that they are Brazilians at this point.
  3. It's not the pandemic in this case! Is GNR selling tickets and booking shows without even knowing what's gonna happen in the next few months! The thing is, studies are projecting that we are gonna be facing Covid-19 up to at least 2024, because you cannot control people that don't wanna take the vaccine, we also don't know the side effects of it and also we can be imune to be sick by taking the vaccine, but not to spreading to people that did not get it. Expect a mess. The thing is: 2021 will - still - not going to a safe (or allowed) year for large gatherings or concerts.
  4. The problem is that, to me, every GNR record was perfect! I even think that "My World" is cool! Even the TSI record is so perfect to me, not a the same level of AFD or Lies or the Illusions records, but unique as it should! The problem to me starts with Better! With the three guitars, GNR to me was a PUNK band that played so well that they could not be labeled as punk and then became a HARD ROCK band. But PUNK in its roots, vibe, power chords. If you notice that Izzy was sloppig as hell, you will know what I mean, but that was GNR! To me Gilby played better than Izzy, but Izzy was more creative. GNR became something with CD, the only guitar player I like from that era is Fortus and Finck, because they can be both (lead and rhythm). don't even get me started on Ashba, Huge, Bumble and Bucket. And then there's this lack of material, which is nonsense, they had potential to be bigger then the Beatles! But they don't want to...
  5. See you have a great point there, there's is a cycle in music. And by crossing our history with the history of music you understand why there's no place for Rock with this generation. Rock moved a wave of rebellious and angry post-war teens, the World was a tougher place, Baby-boomers and the Generation X had to deal with a lot of poverty and they didn't have access to a lot of things Millenials and Gen Z (argh!) do. So a angry style of music doesn't ressonate with them! There's a sheik in Dubai that said something very emblematic about the future of the country and that can be applied here, he said: "My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel". What he means is that there is a cycle in the world and that tougher times create tougher people that create softer times that create softer people that create tougher times and all that comes along. Maybe Rock will become mainstream again after the Trump, Bolsonaro, Pandemic eras and the World crisis that's yet to come in the next couple of years due to COVID.
  6. I guess so, what I remembre is that in Venezuela they were told that the country would face a coup in a couple of hours and they they run to the plane! In Argentina they were raided in their Hotel. In Brazil Axl was sent to a police station for trowing a chair. My guess, they were pissed because they were involved in all kind of press scandals and were not use to the intensity of South American fans. I'm a Brazilian, we have an never-ending rift with Argentina, but I got to admit, those Argentinias are the most passionate fans the band will ever meet!
  7. I heard the leaks, like them better than what was released on Chinese Democracy. I got your point, I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but when I don't think Jungle sounds outdated. I think Better does, Scraped does, Rhiad does. I think Royal Blood does not sound outdated for example, I think Ozzy does not sound outdated, it's not mainstream anymore, but not outdated. You know, just different opinions...
  8. The entire south american leg of the tour was plagued by chaos! They had major problems with the press (they were making things up about the band), they were raided in an hotel in Argentina, and police was searching for drugs! In Venezuela they escape a presidential coup as soon as their plane took off the country (Axl got into a fist fight with reporters in Venezuela - there's a video on Youtube), in Brazil they got in São Paulo and Axl was "quoted" saying in the press that this was the ugliest city he has ever seen, he trew a chair through the hotel balcony and towards the reporters (they had two shows in the city and didnt finish none of them) and in Rio a couple started fighting in the audience and he stopped the show! Also there is a video of them in Colombia, and someone threw a bottle or something heavy and Axl stopped the concert! With was a mess.
  9. I don't know you're age, but I'm 41. 30 years ago there was GNR rulling the world with Metallica and then Grunge. 20 years ago there was Marilyn Manson (industrial), Limp Bizkit and all those other nu-metal / industrial stuff, which were considered new rock. That's my point of rock being completely different from today. And remember, this is the time when we heard OH MY GOD for the first time, which was completely Industrial back then and feels outdated today. Like The Matrix / Spawn soundtrack. And 10 years ago there's no "rock" anymore. Today, people don't even know what's "rock" anymore, and it became more of a lifestyle than a musical style! Also, Tame Impala is considered Alternative, even today.
  10. Now let me be the devil's advocate here, as they say in my country: which fans? The MYGNR an other Forum hardcore fans? Or the general fans that buy Greatest Hits and go to concerts only to hear SCOM? I don't mean to be a pain in the ass here, I loved the leaked songs, but this is us, hardcore fans, the general fans don't care! Did you notice that the overall music industry didn't even bother to talk about the new leaks like they did 15 years ago about ChiDem? Not even Blabbermouth! It was only within the foruns and like one footnote here or there. I just think this band is just the greatest and that everything they touch turns gold! But I also think they missed decades of great opportunities to be bigger than Metallica, the Rolling Stones, maybe even the Beatles. (with or withou Slash!) The worst of it all? There is no turning back!
  11. Sorry, brother! It does not! It's just part of a fantasy! A 12 year old fantasy!
  12. Have you guys ever thought that those songs are so old and dated up to this point that they could actually be a flop, if ever released? Those songs are 20 years old, when rock was something completely different. I can't stop thinking that people want "The General" only for its name, people never heard the song and the only "witness" we have is Sebastian Bach saying it was the heaviest song he has ever heard in his life, which doesn't mean much since the dude is over excited by ANYTHING! I just think a lot of people are creating and living a really fucked up fantasy over here and are going to be so disappointed in the future. Last but not least, Axl cannot be blammed for that.
  13. NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This band is a joke! I think the songs that leaked are waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the ChiDem record itself! What a waste of talent! What a waste of time!
  14. I have an addition to make! (so many holy grails for GNR LOL) NUMBER FOUR An official version of "As It Began" (Instrumental and with vocals) - Nobody seems to like the song, but I think is one of the most beautiful songs NEW GNR made (so far).
  15. He only said thaa the vocals on the record are from 98-00. Feeling cheated already?
  16. I had a strange dream last night! I've never dreamt about GNR, but in this dream Duff released a statement saying he was out of the band due to creative differences and the lack of efforts to release something new after 5 years! If one of them (Slash or Duff) is out the band is over.
  17. They never aired the Brazilian concerts! We have some bits and pieces from a local TV station that filmed the concert from the parking lot: MTV Special in São Paulo
  18. NUMBER ONE A official high-quality reworked version of "Crash Diet" NUMBER TWO MTV recorded 3 concerts of the band in Brazil in 1992 (2 in São Paulo and 1 in Rio de Janeiro) and I'd love to see that NUMBER THREE The "Perfect Crime" documentary
  19. Again... we as GNR fans, what have we become? Oh My God,,,
  20. You bet they do! Brazilians are crazy! Here is the original version in Spanish: But then there's a worst version of a very popular american song that became a famous MEME here in Brazil. Guess the song:
  21. What a bummer! You could've lied to keep up with my fantasy. The same as for GNR releasing a new album!
  22. You Italian, You! LMFAO Do you guys understand Portugues as we understand Italian? Because if you speak slow we can understand everything Italian related! Ma che bello!
  23. Feliz Navidad is Merry Christmas in Spanish, in Brazil we speak Portuguese. We don't all look the same, dummy, LOL IN PORTUGUESE: FELIZ NATAL
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