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  1. Caram remixed the 2017 New York show for the Sirius broadcast and it was an improvement over the original broadcast - that specific instance to me proves the capability is definitely there, plus Cram is pretty solid in terms of the quality of his mixes. I really like his work with GNR
  2. I totally am glad they are doing something now, however I just definitely think that it should definitely be highlighted just to at least be aware of the limitations of a dry mix so we can all go into Rocket Queen and NR prepared for what a dry mix and high mixed 2019 Axl vocal on those songs will be like
  3. With this mix, it sounds like they literally just are putting the dry microphone recording in the mix. Meaning, you aren't getting the natural sound of the room providing natural reverb, you aren't getting the "true" representation of the way the guitars actually will sound in person, and everyone's parts just won't have the "pop" that a proper mix will have With dry mixes, every imperfection is amplified exponentially, especially when you take said signal and put it as the highest audio in the overall mix (Slash and Axl). If you took the Tokyo DVD's and had Slash's guitar just be
  4. I think he has been fine, really mostly the issue I have is the dry guitar mix. You can play the best you have ever played but if the mix is dry and up front like that, nothing you do will sound amazing. I know that from experience
  5. I don't disagree. I have maintained for a while that even though Frank isn't quite Sorum-level to me with GNR, I think he does a much better job than a ton of people here give the impression of!
  6. Lmao yeah total BS - why can't GNR fans just be normal and stop trying to call every piece of audio heard some secret GNR song
  7. Agreed, listening to it on headphones the dry mix did not do Slash's leads or Axl's vocals any favors. With a dry mix like this, you get Slash's guitar sounding like he was playing guitar in a bedroom with a SM-57 micing an amp with no effects, it just didn't truly capture the actual representation of what his guitar sounds like live
  8. Maybe they can release 3 songs a day and in a week or two put the whole show up on Youtube?
  9. Yeah with Axl's vocals in 2019 shape and not 2016 shape putting vox so high in the mix means the imperfection are amplified - same with Slash's guitar. Getting esentially just the dry distorted guitar tone making any error more noticeable Better than not getting it though so Ill take it lol
  10. The mix is definitely Slash and Axl oriented, put my headphones on so I can hear Richard lol
  11. Axl's vocals high up in the mix, that is a bold move
  12. Just saw this at the right time! Definitely a step in the right direction, and I think that it is good that this is happening Even if it is just a select few tunes, I think that forward momentum is being reached in terms of bridging TB and the fan's disconnect so I am feeling a lot better about the state of things
  13. Something in GNR world getting delayed that isn't because of themselves? 2020 really is a strange year
  14. When Fernando mentions things like the band waiting to release an album after the lockdowns are lifted, and focusing on live footage from the recent band first, everything he says with those makes sense. But so much should have already happened so those just pour salt on the wounds of the missed potential over the years Like, I get the want to focus on live footage from the current lineup first. But we should have already gotten at least one proper live representation of the Appetite lineup (the most famous lineup) beyond one televised broadcast in 1988. It is baffling how many a
  15. As much as I do agree with the concept of letting the band take its time to write, record and release the best album they can possibly make - I just am worried that said time could also give us a Chinese Democracy situation where tinkering for the sake of "we have to make it perfect" will suck the organic life out of another GNR release
  16. Prince's band The Revolution released a Prince show from 1985 on Youtube that had been widely available on DVD or VHS over time and what they did to make it special was put the audio of the concert on streaming services and a couple band members did a Q&A before the live stream started There are so many easy and non-time consuming things GNR can do to at least show fans they actually care. How hard would a 30, or even 20 minute live Q&A with Duff or Slash between them and the fans before a Tokyo 1992 stream be? Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament did just that on the Youtube premier of
  17. I will say that this song is in a different key than the cell phone clip - this song is in A minor whereas the cell phone clip had the first part in E minor (the guitar solo) with a modulation to D minor for the main part (and the key the orchestral parts are in). There is no modulation in this song to begin with, as well I don't hear enough of a similarity to really consider it more than just someone making random stuff up online, with all due respect to that person of course lol I would say unless if there is legit, actual proof to confirm it beyond heresay, or a better rec
  18. Prince's estate did a live stream of a Prince show from 1985, with members of the Revolution online doing a Q+A beforehand, how hard could it be to air hell even the Tokyo '92 shows live on YT and have Slash and Duff do some Q+A questions? Or a pro-shot in the vault that literally all they would have to do is click "upload" and there you go? I know the fans are not "owed" anything, but seeing how many bands are working hard to provide some sort of content to help fans during this time, it is another notch in the "disappointment" count when it comes to missed opportunities so far
  19. Getting my music degree, I noticed that those who had the tendency to showboat the most were often either the ones who could either do only one trick but really well (sweeping and mimicking John Petrucci) or were jazz snobs snowboating how many superimpositions they could do over a chord progression lol. The favorite players of any instrument I had the most fun jamming with were the most understated for sure
  20. Soul Monster and the rest of the instrumentals were cool to hear when they first leaked but I barely listen to any of them - really only when I read threads like these so I can refresh myself of the parts of the track It is hard to give them much replay value without a fleshed out Axl vocal on it, so to me the "new leak" excitement wore off however I would be interested in what Axl could come up with over this particular track
  21. I liked Axl's comments on Twitter, but to commodify them on T-Shirts trying to capitalize monetarily on it is just tacky It isn't as tacky as a Trump Hotel, but it is right up there
  22. I get it. I was a huge defender of the then-newly reunited GNR in 2016/2017/2018 and gave a ton of chances and lots of "well maybe they have stuff cookin' and patience is key" but the more and more I wait the harder it feels to be passionately into this band. I listen to GNR way less than I ever have, I passed on multiple concert opportunities because of preferring to spend my money on bands that change things up more. It is frustrating being a GNR fan, even if there are tiny periods of glee like 2008 and 2016 Glad to hear you won't be leaving for good though! I enjoy your thoughts an
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