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  1. I can relate so much to this post, like I was for so long able to let a ton of stuff slide over the years, especially from the reunion to 2018. I was willing to wait a bit and let the band get some stuff going on with the newly reformed lineup because hey, the buzz of having Slash and Duff back in the band was carrying me through it all But then longer and longer time passes it seemed clear that things on the creative end were the same as the 2009-2015 era - excuses, silence, and even worse than before because now we have even more meaningless products with the GNR branding coming out fo
  2. The easy solution is to keep Silkworms where it belongs, as a couple of one off performances from 2001 and 2002
  3. I hope so, it isn't like the best GNR song ever made or anything but it is catchy, upbeat, and just a fun tune in general
  4. Archer. Axl goes to Archer and co. and hire them to locate Izzy Stradlin so Krieger can clone him and take the clone out on tour
  5. Honestly I kind of dig that era of Axl's voice and wish we got more of it. One of my favorites is how dark his vocals sound on the Live Era re-recording of YCBM
  6. Yeah, ultimately I think that using it as a way for the band to get the "GNR" feel in the recording studio and nail down parts for future live performances is a cool idea but to actually release it? I don't think many people outside of hardcore fans would even care about an Appetite re-recording by the actual lineup that made Appetite let alone a bunch of random dudes lol
  7. By writing Silkworms and hiring DJ mainly Only half joking
  8. Maybe they meant to say "GNR are dropping all plans to release a new album this month"? I just can't see it, considering this month will be over in less than two dozen days and I would assume GNR would want to release singles ahead of time and do the promotional cycles to bring as much attention to the album release date as possible for maximum first week sales oppurtunities
  9. Was recently revisiting Saskatoon, I second this. There could never be too many videos of GNR from that time Actually it is kind of odd how money oriented GNR is yet they have not even done like a "classic live series" vault release thing like the Stones have done. That would be easy money
  10. Maybe everyone collectively received their GNR branded toy truck in the mail and logged on here out of sheer excitement and ecstasy?
  11. I dunno, most people who are rock fans who I talked to about GNR over the years, of which there were many, were definitely aware that it was "the Axl Rose show" during that time and knew Slash was not there. Which make sense because Slash is one of the most famous and one of the last truly singled-out guitarists of the last 30-35 years that capped the "guitar god" era. From my perspective the lack of Slash in GNR in the 2000s was more well known than the actual music of Chinese Democracy to the average rock music fan lol
  12. Since money is in touring more than albums, I think that the combo of a near-60 Axl without the people everyone wants to see in GNR in the form of Slash, would kill them off. Axl was able to keep it going in the late-90s and early 2000s because after quite a few years of nothing his version of GNR was the closest anyone could get to the "real thing" (public perception wise) But nobody would be interested in a version of GNR with a near-60 year old Axl without Slash when they have just had 5 years of nonstop Slash being in the band, beyond the hardcore fans here who would download the Vil
  13. Not being able to round it down here are a few I have in mind: Rocket Queen - To me the groovy rocker turned ballad is pure genius and shows off Axl's versatility with his upper register YCBM (Live Era) - I count this because Axl technically did do most of this in the studio considering it is a vocal overdub haha (the only part that isn't is the last bit after the guitar solo). Axl's late 90s voice adds this cool darker vibe to the song which I absolutely love. It is an odd pick I admit, but his voice sounds so cool here and I wish late 90s Axl got to shine live with this voice
  14. You can hear the ProTools and layers in that recording, if you thought this was good wait until you hear the dub from the Village Sessions in 2000! Kidding aside, I kinda dig these random appearances lol they are so random but it is nice to see Axl out and about doing stuff other than the same ol' touring stuff
  15. Yeah, totally agree with everything you said here. I think that overall change is nothing to scoff at, but with Axl the change seemed forced. Like, he lost the members of the band that helped define the sound of the band and he needed to do something different to compensate - which IMO is pretty much what happened lol I personally don't care about if Chinese was "real Guns" or not, but I do personally think that Axl could have benefited from doing it under a new band name or solo act, getting all his new styles out there through that, and getting with Slash, Izzy, etc. for the Guns stuf
  16. All things considered though (cause I cannot resist pulling out a Slash-ism lol) there was plenty of evidence Axl was writing and recording new music with the hopes of releasing a new album and touring behind it as early as the late-90's and it took until 2008 for anything to actually come out From my perspective all COVID did was give GNR an easier excuse than any they would've had to have thought of otherwise to explain why they aren't releasing anything
  17. I never minded DJ as a person, as cheesy as he could be on stage at times or cringey like his "kicked his ass at the hotel" story. As a guitarist myself, I noticed he took a lot of technical shortcuts and was just generally kind of your generic run of the mill rock guitarist that didn't really impress me much. And let's not even speak about whatever the hell his Patience outro solo was lmao Ballad of Death for example, that just reminds me of the stuff I used to play when I first learned how to play the minor pentatonic scale over a Youtube backing track in C#
  18. I am not worried about new music this year the same way I am not worried about Ted Nugent making a political statement that isn't batshit crazy
  19. "Hey man, I know it is your birthday and this is a thread dedicated to that, but Imma tell you how much I would rather you not be in GNR" Keeping it classy lol. Happy Birthday Duff, glad you are back in GNR
  20. The two shows I saw I thought Slash did a great job with TIL, maybe I caught him on two good nights in terms of improv Honestly I think Slash did a decent job with the CD songs more than he didn't - not that I like all he did with them but I was a fan of his takes on the guitar material on Sorry and CD as well. Better, I liked the melodies he went for during what used to be Robin's solo, not as much during the Bucket one TWAT was more mixed, I really liked his more verbatim take at the San Diego show I saw as opposed to other versions I heard
  21. This is the third post out of your total of 23 you are complaining about the "msm" so if I may respectfully ask, what specific sources do you get your COVID information from, if you would be so kind as to link them here?
  22. If Hard School was written in the Slash and Duff era, were the lyrics too? Cause that would end my long standing theory of the lyrics to the song being about Slash after the breakup fallout. Then again that would be a savage move for Axl to write a song about Slash, with Slash still in the band, and then make him play it 30 years later as the first reunion single
  23. I agree, Contraband is definitely IMO the stronger of the two albums. Libertad to me had some cool moments here and there but it seemed less raw and less rocking, something I noticed on the last STP album Weiland did with the band before he left that band too. During that period of time I think it was a combination of Weiland's more subdued melody writing and the band not neccesarily providing as energetic instrumental ideas
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