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  1. I think COVID really sped up my apathy to GNR that eventually would have occurred anyway if they kept going down the same boring path Before COVID, I was actually kind of stoked to see GNR later this year. Now, I got the refund for the postponed show and barely even care if the show gets scheduled and may pass it up for different musical experiences This would have been a perfect time for even just a new single, both to help music fans have something new to enjoy during a live concert-less pandemic, and to strike while the iron is semi-warm. Their reluctance to do anything remotely
  2. I heard he was working on the podcast but is having to re-record all of it because Bob Ezrin didn't find it interesting enough
  3. Was at that gig! Damn I really hope that sees the light of day in full sometime, not just because of the personal connection but because in my opinion it was one of the overall better nights of 2016, which was already a great GNR year to begin with
  4. One thing is for sure, Zakk Wylde not joining the band means that all the GNR material since then has had 95 percent less pinch harmonics than it would have otherwise
  5. Regarding tuning down, it is strange because Axl can still hit the actual pitches of all the songs in the original keys perfectly fine, it is just the way he is doing it now that doesn't sound as good - rasp, power, etc. whatever you want to call the difference in timbre
  6. For me it is probably the second half of Estranged, and the entirety of Don't Cry. Estranged IMO is Axl's pinnacle of lyrical prowess
  7. Oh wow Rocket Queen was one of my favs seeing live because of Slash's solo haha. I am a guitarist myself so maybe I am biased, but I never get tired of Slash doing some funky talkbox stuff over that groove
  8. Yeah no isolated tracks exist for the live shows, the best you can probably get is someone good at audio editing who can take the live audio and boost the frequencies of the guitar while at the same time lowering the frequencies of the rest of the track to get a slightly louder sounding solo that stands above the rest in the mix
  9. I think Nick Cave should sing "Stagger Lee" like Mickey Mouse
  10. 2021 isn't so far away from 2016 where I would assume if he really wanted to, getting back into 2016 territory would be impossible - but he hasn't since so idk what that says lol. In the future though definitely a combo of tuning down the songs he would absolutely need to tune down, and modifying the melodies of those kept in the original keys - along the lines of Robert Plant when he did the Zeppelin show in 2007
  11. They haven't done Jungle as an intro since 2006/2007, and not since Slash came back so I think having Slash do the intro coming out first with the spotlight on him would be a badass way to start the show. Have Axl come out in the darkness and illuminated as soon as he does his "do you know where the fuck you are" thing - cue crowd going wild
  12. I think new music from this lineup could potentially be great. The part I am skeptical about isn't necessarily the potential of it being great, but it is if there are going to be proper steps taken to make it great - because I don't know if "Slash recording guitar parts to a rhythm track from 2002 and a vocal track from 2006" will have a sonic cohesion that would work well
  13. Yeah that is a decent tune for sure. I also dug Gas & A Dollar Laugh and am honestly baffled as to how they could leave that to just a mere regional bonus track and not a main album track!
  14. Yeah Rick was totally correct. I was young when that album came out so anything from VR was good in my books at the time but nowadays re-evaluating it the songs just aren't there, for the most part.
  15. Absolutely crazy that it has already been 12 years... I still have one CD copy in shrinkwrap because teen-me thought it might be worth something years down the line lol it is a cool memento of the journey of the wait for that album though I haven't listened to any of the studio cuts of these songs in a year or so, I will have to bring the album out and give it a spin Kind of crazy that the wait from 2008 to now is the same as the wait for CD from 1996 to 2008
  16. The new album, which I will refer to as "Power Up"in this instance, is fantastically awesome. My only complaint would be the overall mastering of the album which is compressed and mixed to the point where I got ear fatigue listening on cans and had to switch to speakers. But the songwriting IMO is well done and the performances are as always, high octane and badass. Some great vocals from Brian too, I am glad his hearing issue was resolved enough to do this record
  17. It isn't the wrong album title, it is a visual stylized version of the words "Power Up" and they are using both interchangeably on their official site Would you verbally tell someone "hey man did you hear the new AC/DC album Power Up", or "hey man did you hear the new AC/DC album Pwwrr, lighting bolt icon, up"?
  18. Whenever I see the title of the tour I immediately imagine GNR wanting to avoid releasing new material so much they are gonna do the Smashing Pumpkins album "Oceania" from 2012 in full on this tour instead
  19. "You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get another tour with the same setlist and that isn't what any of us need"
  20. I honestly don't know if this will be a popular or unpopular opinion but I know it will be divisive so I will say it here - I think Oh My God is the best nuGNR era song and beats pretty much every track on the actual CD album Axl's voice is nice and angry sounding, there is an aggression to the song that rocks so much harder than the rockers on CD, and the lyrics are ace
  21. "Not In This Lifetime" obviously was only in reference to new material, not touring lol
  22. "I used to make a little but the little wouldn't do, so the little got more and more / I just keep trying to make a little more, a little more than before"
  23. This is a solid album! Haven't really been up-to-date with AC/DC since Black Ice and Axl/DC so it is nice getting to rock out to a brand new collection of tunes from them
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