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  1. That is definitely a valid point, the fact that in 2016/2017 so much time was spent on touring and that whole juggernaut that I doubt that they really worked on much beyond Slash maybe jamming on random riffs, recording them on his phone and putting them in a folder titled "possible GNR ideas" lol In fact I was huge on defending GNR in those two years because Axl sounded decent and they were still newly reformed. I was like "wait a year or two I bet something is going to happen". Well then 2018 and 2019 came and went and not even a peep regarding new studio recordings on the horizon and
  2. I just wish Axl realized this and wanted to release more material before they are too old or otherwise unable to
  3. Just subscribed and listened to the episode with Gorman - great interview!
  4. I dunno, Chinese Democracy was Axl's vision under Axl's control and even with him taking the reigns on the creative direction of the album he couldn't get the damn thing out until the number of years hit the double digits lol. I think that the rest of GNR just unfortunately at the mercy of Axl when it comes to actually putting stuff out if I was a betting man
  5. I will take "thread premises that prove we are starved for new music" for 500, Alex
  6. ^^^ Looking at this dude's posts if I had a nickel for every time he calls people "millennials" for not agreeing with everything GNR does I would have enough money to buy three of these new pinball machines along with Zutat's locker and 500 GNR toy trucks
  7. To echo ZoSoRose on this one, that is kickass dude that you got to interview Steve and I am definitely gonna be checking that interview out very soon! Steve on all the previous interviews promoting the book seemed just like a genuinely cool dude and a good interview so I am sure this one is gonna be no exception
  8. I heard that to get the true GNR experience the actual pinball machine will tell you the pinballs will be ready to drop soon, and then the actual machine won't do anything for 12 years
  9. Maybe all the youtubers posting GNR videos just had the wrong idea, GNR were only taking them down because they were in color and now B&W
  10. I read it late last year, indeed it is a great book! In fact I would say it is one of my favorite rock memoirs I have ever read - he was incredibly honest from what I thought and I really like that the book was all killer no filler - he got straight to the meat and potatoes of what we all came to the book for. Certain passages of the tales of Chris and Rich, specifically the ones with Rich and the fallout of the tour with Jimmy Page, really just made me angry on behalf of Steve just reading them Not many bands can claim to be in the same realm of missed opportunities as Guns N' Rose
  11. Thanks for posting! Man I really wish they gave the green light on the three different album covers that red hand cover looks great
  12. I personally would rather have Slash do a full reworking of the solos and parts and Slashify them just in my own opinion if I could selfishly imagine my vision for a GNR album. To me that is the perk of getting Duff and Slash back, bringing in a lot of the sounds that made AFD and the Illusions so great. I know Slash goes into shred mode live a lot the fast few years, but he still has the goods of a brilliant signature sound and that sound to me is just as GNR as Axl's voice so I hope they milk Slash's guitar for all its worth on this next album Although it is prob
  13. It is possible that if Dizzy had to find some way to come up with his own parts so he wasn't just standing there looking cool on stage, he could have come up with his parts during those sessions- although if the live shows are any indication he would be so low in the mix where it doesn't matter I am really curious to hear the re-recorded AFD in general. Axl's voice in that era I thought was fantastic! Almost closer to the clean-yet-somewhat raspy vocals of 1986 and 1987 which he never really achieved sound-wise since, listening back to that SCOM '99 bit Wasn't there that whole cont
  14. Considering even in 2001 the lineup had Bucket, Fortus, and Brain which already means a third of the band who was on the AFD re-recording was different, I would say its importance came and went by the time it actually transpired Every lineup has had a different take on the material depending on who is in the band since 2001, and a different feel, so I don't know if there is any through-line that starts with that AFD re-recording
  15. OIAM was and is, going to be an anomaly I think - due to the racial compoment and public controversy it caused when it came out. Considering GNR soundchecked Pretty Tied Up during the Mexico City soundcheck this year, haven't used any words in Back of Bitch that they haven't used in songs like It's So Easy, and Get In The Ring basically being a rock diss track of the press and one particular dude, I can't imagine the album being censored or musically any different beyond a remaster
  16. Thanks @DTJ80 Definitely plan on subscribing to that to support the whole thing they have going, Reckless Road and Marc's insight has easily been for me the most illuminating thing regarding the beginnings of GNR besides what Slash and Duff have told in their books so I hope they have a decent sized audience that can keep their endeavors going
  17. I absolutely love the studio version Pearl Jam did with her, that was the first version I ever heard and it took me a while to finally listen to this original version
  18. The recent reissue of Goats Head Soup.. great remix by Giles Martin!
  19. That OTGM video sounding great! Damn it really drives home how Axl was in such fine form in 2016. Hearing the stark contrast from that to now you really do have to wonder if it was indeed his stint with AC/DC that did some damage on his voice
  20. I heard that if the Billy Bush tape was a few minutes longer we could have heard Trump mention to Billy how Cornshucker is the greatest song of the 20th century
  21. Thanks for the info, I was hoping it was still going! I hope they are getting a decent audience pull to keep going with them
  22. VMA's 2002 intro is so epic from Axl that I think one of the biggest shames of GNR history is how that amazing intro was followed up with one of the most awkwardly sung performances of Jungle to ever exist lol
  23. On a related side note, Steven has been playing the song live in recent years and it is interesting hearing his take on it. That might be the closest we get to being able to imagine how the original Steven version could have been like, taking the UYI we know and imagining his drum parts over that
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