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  1. Never ever thought I would see Axl fronting AC/DC, the guy barely performs on other people's records(except Bach's cause he is his friend). Funny that he has to peform promotional tasks in AC/DC whilst he does not in Guns. Wonder if he will be late on stage :P

  2. Guns are now operating like any rock n' roll nostalgia act that is basically in it for the retirement fund. $2,500US for a VIP package that doesn't even include meeting Axl, Slash and Duff is criminal. Kiss offer this oppurtunity for LESS than $2,500. This is worse than Kiss.

    Yeah but you don't need a VIP package to see the show, which is all any sane person should want to do anyway. Those packages are for suckers.

    I know, but all being equal, KISS's VIP tickets are much better value. Not sure how much KISS charge for normal tickets though.

  3. Just signed in after well over a year of disinterest in the band.

    Just have to this press release screams narcissism. Axl's no-show on Jimmy Kimmel is also not a good start. These were just some of the reasons Izzy, Duff and Slash jumped ship two decades ago. I hope these are just anomalies and that Axl will really surprise us and bring his A game but let's face it, the guy has been disappointing fans since 1994, no one does it better than W. Axl Rose....

  4. I think dave's a bigger dick than even axl..

    I had a blast at NAMM hanging with fans and old friends I also made a major mistake for trying to saying hello to Dave Mustaine at the Dean booth witch [sic] he totally blew me off and wouldn’t even look at me then had his hired goons / bodyguard tell me go away, pretty lame! I’m over it and life goes on!!!

    Mega thanks to all the fans who stopped by to show there support, you guys are awesome!!!

    not very christian like of him


    Oh boohoo! So he wouldn't say hi big deal?

    Lol that pales in comparison to the things Axl has done to fans over the years.

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