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  1. The Chandlers all also became completely estranged from one another afterwards. Evan actually hung himself shortly after MJ died and Jordan, in addition to refusing to testify against MJ in the 2005 trial, is pretty much confirmed to have told friends when he was at Uni that he was still a huge MJ fan.
  2. On topic: They're playing the same core bunch of stuff from the same, small catalogue in their fifth decade. I don't see how anyone wouldn't get complacent and lethargic. I also can't understand for the life of me why any band/artist at any level in any context wouldn't make it more fun for themselves AND their fans. I can't sing or play for shit but when I daydream imagining I could I think about how excited i'd be to be able to cover and share some of my favourite songs by other artists. I love the idea of doing special one-off shows doing just covers of even just one artist. For instance, I
  3. I've been listening to some old New Guns boots for the first time in years. During the first Ashba shows Axl often prompts Ashba to "play it right" including before the first few This I Loves which he goes on to butcher until he changed up Finck's solo so he could manage it. It's funny also cuz at the same time during those Far east shows before they got to Canada Axl really fucking sucked, especially on TIL. Clearly had not prepped like he had before '06.
  4. I loved Christopher despite disagreeing fundamentally with him on many things including Israel, religion, God, Neo-Con policy in the Bush 2 years. I disagree with Peter on many things too, including religion and God but for very different reasons. They're two of the most valuable political and social commentators of the last 40 years whether you agree with and like them or not. I don't see what anything that happens on GMB has to do with anything. I quite like Piers Morgan in certain contexts. He's great as a blunt instrument for malleting over the head of some daft SJW or feminist for a "dest
  5. Unsurprising amount of absolute sheep. It's got nothing to do with "conspiracy theory" (a meaningless term coined by the CIA to discredit anyone questioning the official JFK narrative). The truth can be found in mainstream outlets including broadsheets like the BBC, The Times of London, the WaPo and NYT. There are serious, tenured journalists like Peter Hitchens who have been questioning policy from the start. It's not about "alternative news" it's about which information is pushed to form the main narrative that sheep like the people in this thread swallow without rubbing more than two brain
  6. I'm in no way saying i'd choose to listen to it for fun, it's just clear to me that he's really giving 100% and doing his absolute best, sad as that is.
  7. Just flicked through Easy, Jungle, Better, This I Love, Madagascar... actually kinda surprised. He is not remotely coasting through on falsetto. He is trying SO FUCKING HARD with what he's got left. He is shredding and rasping all over the place. He is not pussying out of high notes and going for everything. Some parts sound really good and i'm surprised the top range is still there. He totally goes for the first high scream in Madagascar with rasp and it's ok, then his voice absolutely cracks when he tries the same before the solo. His voice is just fucked. But nobody can tell me h
  8. Dude, that's literally the worst Twat vocal ever. He sounds absolutely horrendous!
  9. Yep. It seems kind of logical that when he's listening to himself crystal-clear in his monitors and he sounds like 2010 that he's gonna feel pretty bad-ass and when he's listening to weak-ass falsetto, not so much. In the years you mentioned, but especially 2010, he had the presence and swagger of vintage Axl. Add in the other factors like you mentioned and you get two different Axls. 2001-2002 was a different thing altogether where he had the energy of old Axl but not the confidence and, although his voice was much stronger, the clean voice vs 2010 is not going to bring the same side out. Plu
  10. This this this. Over and over again X1000. Anyone who doesn't get this is bananas.
  11. Wow, weird, guess I was wrong. Before I heard it I'd read others saying they were scratch and just noises so that's what I expected and listened for. Strange how the brain works like that.
  12. I've listened to it like 50+ times and it never occurred to me once there were lyrics. I'll be amazed.
  13. I've not seen them and am skeptical. Seems to me he's just making Axl noises. He even comes in too early at one point.
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