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  1. The Chandlers all also became completely estranged from one another afterwards. Evan actually hung himself shortly after MJ died and Jordan, in addition to refusing to testify against MJ in the 2005 trial, is pretty much confirmed to have told friends when he was at Uni that he was still a huge MJ fan.
  2. On topic: They're playing the same core bunch of stuff from the same, small catalogue in their fifth decade. I don't see how anyone wouldn't get complacent and lethargic. I also can't understand for the life of me why any band/artist at any level in any context wouldn't make it more fun for themselves AND their fans. I can't sing or play for shit but when I daydream imagining I could I think about how excited i'd be to be able to cover and share some of my favourite songs by other artists. I love the idea of doing special one-off shows doing just covers of even just one artist. For instance, I
  3. I've been listening to some old New Guns boots for the first time in years. During the first Ashba shows Axl often prompts Ashba to "play it right" including before the first few This I Loves which he goes on to butcher until he changed up Finck's solo so he could manage it. It's funny also cuz at the same time during those Far east shows before they got to Canada Axl really fucking sucked, especially on TIL. Clearly had not prepped like he had before '06.
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