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  1. Bumped to highlight just what a tremendous show Philadelphia 2012 from the Up Close and Personal tour was. For me, it's the greatest GN'R show since 2006/07 (excluding NITL, could argue a few 2016 shows). That is a big call, but from start to finish, the band were firing on all cylinders and I think musically during this period, the band were more tight than in 2010. Axl is arguably hit or miss throughout 2011/14, but on that evening, he was at the very top of his game and to my ears, exceeded his efforts throughout 2010. Discuss or don't. God bless Tommy Stinson
  2. I watched the season premier of Dark Side of the Ring on Pillman. Austin mentioned that he doesn’t keep much memorabilia, but did keep a gold chain that Pillman gave him at the start of the Hollywood Blondes tag team. After I watched it, I went onto the A&E Austin documentary. It showed footage of Austin backstage after his neck break and he’s wearing it. I thought that was pretty deep (Pillman was still alive at that point)
  3. Yeah that’s what I’m hearing, it’s probably an ideal situation for him though as they’ll inevitably throw a barrel load of cash at him, but will let him see what is available elsewhere as AEW don’t hold their talent exclusively so that’s why you see a lot of them jumping about other promotions/Japan etc. It was mad about Joe, though as I said, I’m not clued up with what’s happening nowadays and thought it was surprising to see him on commentary. I don’t know if this is the case, but my friend told me that he was asked to fill in on commentary and was so good at it that Vince wanted to kee
  4. This even sparked a response from Axl, you can find it here! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/axl-rose-responds-to-list-calling-him-worlds-greatest-singer-124867/
  5. Regardless of me being out the loop with the current affairs of WWE, it was still quite a shock to see that Daniel Bryan's contract has expired.
  6. That is tremendous. The funny thing is, you already have the two hardest things down to a tee - great videos and a wealth of the rarities that you need to review You're on the ball, the rest will take care of itself!
  7. There is probably a much more easier way to navigate through Reddit, but googling 'enter band name Reddit' will no doubt bring up a dedicated page for all posts related to that band with a lot of members. Van Halen as an example, I can see that they have 5000 members with posts that happen daily, so that community is somewhat active and should guarantee that the video would get viewed, especially with the rarity of the LP in question. You're good at advertising both the video and the podcast, so just use it the same as you do approaching it on social media and on the forums, maybe throwing in
  8. The channel will pick up again, just keep doing what you're doing as the videos are of high standard and it helps with you covering such a wide scope. Do you use Reddit for sharing the videos to the communities that it would appeal to? That may be a good shout, it's not something I use very often but I'm sure you'll pick up a few subs doing that!
  9. Good Charlotte, Bowling For Soup, Sum 41, these guys to name but a few...that period of music just didn't do anything for me and I think they all sound the same. I tried The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows and Sic Transit Gloria...Gloria Fades and that was plenty. If it came to having to choose between listening to that album in it's entirety for the rest of eternity or Silkworms, I'd go with Silkworms, and that is saying A LOT! It's all in the eye of the beholder and all that, that's the beauty of music! But yeah, Silkworms wins that contest hands down Great news on potentially getti
  10. Naa, as a songwriter much like what happened with Shadow. I'd be surprised if any parts from ex band members are kept this time around, but who knows?!
  11. You can bet Tobias will be all over a new record also, which I would be incredibly pleased to see.
  12. Probably, I don’t recall that interview but I remembered being baffled at his response to Brando a few years back on their first interview and thought that couldn’t be the case, especially with around 70 having been worked on with Freese up to ‘99
  13. That did actually cross my mind. Brain told Brando he thought he had only played on around 15/16 songs in total, which isn't the case.
  14. That's most likely the case, though you'll have a portion of the younger generation that will watch anything WWE related or watch on the basis of having genuine interest in what was around before their time, who influenced the Wrestlers that they watch etc.
  15. A friend of mine tagged me in this a month ago, I didn't know it had began airing and I've missed 3 episodes. If you have the means, it looks great! https://www.biography.com/tag/wwe-legends
  16. That key change in the middle is tremendous. Love that vibe. Great job!
  17. A&E have been airing WWE's Most Wanted Treasure's. Two episodes so far with Mick Foley and one on the Brothers of Destruction. I'm looking forward to the rest of them, they've been great so far and the sort of program I could binge watch very easily! A trip down memory lane for both the viewer and the fellas themselves. That's the sort of product that they should have been doing on the Network. New season of Dark Side of the Ring too, though haven't caught the first episode yet. I'll get that watched at some point today!
  18. Am I right in saying he had never heard that song before?
  19. I'm not in any hurry to check out Gilby's new record though will most likely give it a spin at some point, but I agree on Tommy. Out of all the solo records/side projects that members have put out, Tommy's is the best in my opinion. The two Bash and Pop records are tremendous also.
  20. What a fucking anthem!!!!!! RAF's original version is good too, but love this! Have a great weekend, folks!
  21. I wish him nothing but the best. Hopefully everything is ok.
  22. I'm sort of on the same boat. I like dropping that the greatest songwriting rhythm guitarist to ever grace Guns N' Roses is a geezer that jumped between two surnames and played some of the most beautiful guitar ever recorded on a cover of a Rolling Stones song....
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