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  1. I haven't logged on to this in like 4 years. wow

    1. Dean


      In terms of anything official, you haven't missed much, however, incase you didn't know, Tom Zutaut's storage locker got sold off in 2019 that contained a lot of never heard before material from the Chinese sessions that found it's way onto the web. Hardschool, Perhaps, Atlas Shrugged, State of Grace and a load of instrumentals, some with guide vocal sketches. The likes of Hardschool can be found on YouTube.

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  2. Member New GNR?

    Member Robin Finck? 

    Member Axl caring?

    Oh I 'member.

  3. I've seen this video countless times and only now did I finally recognize Axl in the first second: 


    1. Dean


      The fella that turns around? It's quite hard to make out.

  4. These "Paul Is Dead" documentaries are a fun watch if nothing else.

    1. Dean


      Winged Beatle is a good one. The guy who made it has created some fantastic tunes despite his lunacy

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