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  1. I haven't seen this movie, but I'm intrigued to check it out. High Fidelity is a tremendous movie and maybe this one isn't directed at me, but I'll give it a bash and see how it goes. Step Brothers is a tremendous movie though, Michelle had every right to be disgusted at your outrageous comments! Ha!
  2. It would probably be the most cost effective in getting a booklet made, though that would require HD scans from the small number of folks that own them and probably very unlikely. Am I right in saying there are only two legit copies?
  3. Woooaaah. Hang fire there. 01/06, I can give you! That said, I really did think they hit a stride in 2012. 4tus shone on Rocket Queen in particular. Musically, they were tighter than in 2010, but Axl was the difference in it being more widely appreciated in my opinion.
  4. "...without Paul... Saint Paul... there would be no more Guns N' Roses" That's good enough for me. Those guys played a huge part in a great fucking record and their efforts will be appreciated for generations to come.
  5. Good effort! I spotted that there are a few different versions of Chinese (single) too, but I just went for what was most aesthetically pleasing. I'll probably never own the Grenade cover acetate, but I'm happy enough with what I have!
  6. I really hope the US shows kick off, if it's safe to do so, as it'll offer some sort of indication of what the future may hold and if it looks promising - new music being played - then I'll probably treat myself to a trip to Oz to see those cunts on my birthday. I won't be going to Oz.
  7. I hope you're right, though I'm leaning towards on or around that ginger bastard's 60th. It won't surprise me if they focus on the UYI boxset this year though if that drops, which would be extremely disappointing that yet another reissue takes precedent before a new album.
  8. One of the best songs ever written in my opinion.
  9. I'm the same and that includes the rest of the guys that were in the band fleetingly. It's just my opinion, but Appetite wouldn't have been what it was without those 5 guys and anything that came before the five of them got together as Guns N' Roses, I'm not bothered about.
  10. Guns N' Roses - Nightrain (Rock AM Ring)
  11. I've owned multiple versions of it in my lifetime, probably my favourite being a home made tape that cut off midway through I Want To Break Free and the other side of the tape being a bit of Greatest Hits II
  12. Whatever Axl intended to be the follow up to Chinese should take up the vast majority of a new record. That’ll have Slash and Duff thrown in there. I’d obviously love a double record but the likelihood of that happening is 0.
  13. I think anything that was recorded for Guns is automatically owned by Axl or the label. Bucket was allegedly pissed at not having the material he recorded and Tommy has spoken in the past about unsuccessfully trying to get Going Down back.
  14. Let Me Roll it is tremendous. Band on the Run is one of my favourite all time records. If you're ever struggling for a song to cover, I can definitely hear you doing an acoustic version of Let Me Roll It!
  15. Wings - Let 'Em In Fuck, it's been a while. I have it cranked.
  16. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ted-nugent-who-once-dismissed-covid-19-tells-fans-he-n1264648
  17. Hey, if you were in his shoes, you’d want it the same!
  18. Was that the one with the multiple versions of Knockin'? I don't have it handy, I've not seen it in about 10 years but until something comes from the horses mouth, it's best to take everything with a pinch of salt. Steve Hoffman's forum was when the chap made reference to Cuban Skies. Pretty cool story too.
  19. There was an alleged leaked setlist of CDII years ago but I never was convinced of its legitimacy, but I do wonder what Axl intended to hit us with as a follow up to Chinese when he still had the vision of a trilogy. On Sailing, they allegedly hit the studio in London in '06, so who knows? Imagine that recorded in the studio? That'd be phenomenal.
  20. Leo Sayer - How Much Love
  21. Fuck man, that’s pretty cool. I bought a ticket to see them in Stockholm which cost £300 but I ended up not being able to make it. When they played Murrayfield, I seen that the general admission was £90, I wish I’d seen them now just to tick them off but I’ll hopefully catch them next time.
  22. At this stage, that's the best we'll get vocally on that song. A clean voice with a bit of grit behind it in parts that was non existent in 2017 and beyond.
  23. The Stones 15 times?! Fuck, that'd buy you an extension to your house!!! Queen + - Twice Guns N' Roses - Eight times Future Islands - Twice I caught Jeff Lynne's triumphant return at Hyde Park which was a music festival, so I also seen Blondie, Billy Ocean, Chrissie Hynde, Gregory Porter among others! The Darkness - Twice Manic Street Preachers - Once Greta Van Fleet - Once I'm not into Biffy Clyro at all, but seen them a couple of times opening for Guns. AC/DC - Once, though hope to see them again with Jonner. I seen them with Ol' Ginger Bollocks f
  24. Some things could be better if we'd all just let them be. Digging this.
  25. Yeah as Jaro mentioned, they're private organizations so they'll do as they see fit. I just assumed Mourinho had been chased due to Spurs being below par. I'll be keeping an eye on that. A lot of the big jobs will be available in the summer the way things are going. I'll be curious to see who the Celts get in. Howe is rumored to have agreed in principle but I've never been convinced of that and the prospect of Roy Keane's return to management is dividing opinion - I hate the thought of the Scottish media making a big thing out of United and Liverpool, which would be inevitable, if Keane w
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