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  1. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ted-nugent-who-once-dismissed-covid-19-tells-fans-he-n1264648
  2. Hey, if you were in his shoes, you’d want it the same!
  3. Was that the one with the multiple versions of Knockin'? I don't have it handy, I've not seen it in about 10 years but until something comes from the horses mouth, it's best to take everything with a pinch of salt. Steve Hoffman's forum was when the chap made reference to Cuban Skies. Pretty cool story too.
  4. There was an alleged leaked setlist of CDII years ago but I never was convinced of its legitimacy, but I do wonder what Axl intended to hit us with as a follow up to Chinese when he still had the vision of a trilogy. On Sailing, they allegedly hit the studio in London in '06, so who knows? Imagine that recorded in the studio? That'd be phenomenal.
  5. Leo Sayer - How Much Love
  6. Fuck man, that’s pretty cool. I bought a ticket to see them in Stockholm which cost £300 but I ended up not being able to make it. When they played Murrayfield, I seen that the general admission was £90, I wish I’d seen them now just to tick them off but I’ll hopefully catch them next time.
  7. At this stage, that's the best we'll get vocally on that song. A clean voice with a bit of grit behind it in parts that was non existent in 2017 and beyond.
  8. The Stones 15 times?! Fuck, that'd buy you an extension to your house!!! Queen + - Twice Guns N' Roses - Eight times Future Islands - Twice I caught Jeff Lynne's triumphant return at Hyde Park which was a music festival, so I also seen Blondie, Billy Ocean, Chrissie Hynde, Gregory Porter among others! The Darkness - Twice Manic Street Preachers - Once Greta Van Fleet - Once I'm not into Biffy Clyro at all, but seen them a couple of times opening for Guns. AC/DC - Once, though hope to see them again with Jonner. I seen them with Ol' Ginger Bollocks f
  9. Some things could be better if we'd all just let them be. Digging this.
  10. Yeah as Jaro mentioned, they're private organizations so they'll do as they see fit. I just assumed Mourinho had been chased due to Spurs being below par. I'll be keeping an eye on that. A lot of the big jobs will be available in the summer the way things are going. I'll be curious to see who the Celts get in. Howe is rumored to have agreed in principle but I've never been convinced of that and the prospect of Roy Keane's return to management is dividing opinion - I hate the thought of the Scottish media making a big thing out of United and Liverpool, which would be inevitable, if Keane w
  11. They've not been the same since Rick Parfitt passed away Mass uproar regarding this, though opinions seem to be divided on some of the forums I check out. Dion Dublin was on the radio this morning saying that if FIFA are threatening to ban players who partake in this from playing international football, that'll be enough to convince them to think twice about it. It's hard to see modern elite players turning down more sums of money though.
  12. On behalf of myself and Persia, we are offended! When was it you were first aware of Chinese? 2015? I give it another 5 years til you've had time to digest the 10th anniversary re-release of Appetite for Democracy with Slash overdubs on DJ, both visually and musically, which will eventually lead to you finding newfound love for Brian Carroll
  13. My friend came with me to the Gothenburg show in 2018, it was his first since the Stockholm show in 2006. He loves Appetite. After the show, I asked him what he thought of it. He was thrilled and in his words “I can’t believe I finally got to see Izzy” 😂😂😂 He wasn’t impressed when I told him it’s the same guitarist he seen in ‘06.
  14. Jonner is probably the member I'd want to read about most. What a life. What a voice. I just got this pre-ordered. We could probably do with an AC/DC thread outside of the Axl/DC section, so feel free for any of the mods to merge this into an older topic and get everything under the one roof!
  15. Queen - Great King Rat
  16. That is so fucking cool man. You've taught him well! A very special album for me and was one I spent much of my youth listening to with my old man, it's a trip to hear of similar stories!
  17. I think I've seen that. I loved how he mentioned that Randy refused the HOF in his lifetime unless he went in as part of the Poffo family with his Dad and Lanny. Lanny, now surpassing him in years and deeming himself the older sibling, took it upon himself to give the fans what they wanted, and that was for Macho Madness to take his rightful place along side the greats! God bless him.
  18. YES! Advertised as VG+ on both sleeve and media, bit of a ding in the corner as you can see but I’m halfway through Tie Your Mother Down and all is grand!!! The inners are in tremendous nick. Firing on all cylinders. Ecstatic to finally own this. Shouting and fighting going on!!!
  19. This is tremendous and you sing it with swagger. As you know I'm a big fan of your acoustic covers, but would love to hear that voice on top of a band playing. Make it happen when it's safe to do so!
  20. There was a supposed trailer for the 06 documentary. They created one for the Chinese tour in 2010 also, both made from different people and both never released. Not too sure what it is you’ve watched.
  21. New episode of Broken Skull Sessions up on the Network with Chris Jericho. I'll tune in shortly! I'll not be able to watch Mania live tonight but was really impressed with the Women in the main event last night. Tremendous effort and was a fairly solid show throughout when looking at the card, it shouldn't really have been (at least to me who is out of the loop). I loved big Omas not showing much enthusiasm when trying to reach for a tag haha!
  22. This came on after Sportsound. Haven't heard it in years.
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