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  1. I remember around 2011 that the mother of Dizzy's daughter was asking for donations to go towards paying for their daughters further education. The salaries of the band from '02 allegedly got out years ago. I remember Bucket was on something like $40,000 a month - could all have been false though. Tommy was working in a call center before getting the Guns gig. Just goes to show how cut throat it is being a musician that isn't with one of the juggernauts making a comfortable living. There's probably more to it with 4tus selling these guitars, I'm sure he'll be doing alright!
  2. Fernando done us a turn here. Credit where it's due. I can't believe some of the previous selects made it past the cutting board, but tonight is the sort of standard they should have always been looking to advertise to the casuals. Outstanding. We've the soundboard recording of a few numbers from both Coachella shows, may be worthwhile seeing what we can piece together.
  3. I picked up A Deeper Understanding by The War on Drugs. Stellar record by a fantastic band.
  4. I'll be at both shows but willing to punt the tickets to the four I've got booked if they don't play anything new beforehand. That said, the Glasgow show was coinciding with Brian Wilson at the Armadillo, so I'll hopefully be able to catch that now with the rescheduled dates!
  5. I don't think we do as he wasn't a heir to the thrown I think. Hopefully I'm wrong!!!
  6. That's what it's all about my friend!
  7. I still remember seeing the crowd footage during Slither. It looked mental. I had the chance to go but turned it down as I didn't want to be a million miles away from the stage.
  8. Izzy at one point was the most productive out of all of them. Granted he's been relatively quiet over the last decade, but 10 albums since '98 is some going, especially with it being released on his own terms and not really bothering too much about attracting a mainstream audience. A few gems in his back catalogue too. I love the Ju Ju Hounds record. Happy birthday, Izzy!
  9. Bob Dylan - It Ain't Me Babe
  10. I'd have picked up that Freddie Mercury single, but it appears it's bundled in with the Adam Lambert live release. No thanks. I'm sure someone will sell it separately eventually, I'm not really in any hurry for it either.
  11. In an ideal world, I'd want the rest of CDII untouched, with Stinson, Finck, Bucket and the rest of them all over it. Realistically, I know it's not going to happen but Slash and Duff will still shine on a new record, I have every faith in that and I can't imagine Axl punting out a record that won't be up to standard. A reasonable consolation for me though would be seeing the likes of Tobias etc among the songwriting credits, as those guys deserve the recognition for the stellar work they came up with when the Chinese sessions got underway and I hope the material, in some form, sees the light
  12. The version with Brain behind the kit is like Brownstone on steroids. It has a phenomenal groove and was the first thing I noticed with the early snippets we got. Could you imagine how shitty it would be for Frank to give 15 years of service, yet for Axl still to use 20 year old drum recordings from Brain on a new record? I hope he does
  13. It's a better venue for it I'd say! Hopefully the weather will be decent enough too
  14. Thank fuck. Glesga also put back to 5th of July. Thank fuck it's not the 12th.
  15. I'm really looking forward to see what you guys do when it's safe to start going to shows on a regular basis. Another feather to your bow that will no doubt bring in more listeners by reviewing shows. Last summer I was meant to be going on another jaunt following Guns and then wrapping it all up by seeing Aerosmith for the first time, however, I will admit that I was glad that they got postponed at the time because as soon as I pulled the trigger on another 5 GNR shows, I immediately regretted it with how everything was looking in terms of new music - not likely. To be honest, it's much the sa
  16. Dean


    Bumping this thread. I just got done watching BBC's Freddie Mercury: A Life in 10 Pictures and it was a tremendous watch. Peter Freestone always comes across great in all the Queen/Freddie related docs that have come out over the years and was good to see him looking well. If you've got an hour to kill, check it out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000tzf0/a-life-in-ten-pictures-series-1-freddie-mercury I was playing this over the weekend:
  17. I watched Fastlane a few weeks back and will no doubt tune into Mania but I haven't watched an episode of Raw or Smackdown in years. AEW made a lot of noise when it first got going, but I've seen a lot of criticism directed their way with some of their creative mishaps of late. I haven't watched any of that since the first PPV, though got a big kick out of Jericho doing his thing. Ahh, about 70% of Piper's promos won't make the cut then!
  18. Yeah, his content is tremendous. I’ll need to check out Wrestling with Regret but Wrestlelamia is a tremendous watch too. I watched the Greatest Rivalries: Bret vs Shawn with the sit down interview over the weekend. I haven’t seen it in a few years and when I got the Network again after a prolonged hiatus, was saddened to see it was taken off. Two of the greatest ever. Seems to be a few teething problems with the Network moving onto Peacock isn’t there? I don’t know what the craic is over here, or why they even moved in the first place, but I seen someone mention they’re trying to ca
  19. Rough. Hair of the dog and a bit of David Soul.
  20. First time seeing this. Wow
  21. Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky
  22. Production is too dry for my liking, especially on Brian’s guitar. Say It’s Not True is a top top track though, probably in my top 10 Queen, + etc etc tunes. PR is some fucking chanter. I seen them in your neck of the woods in ‘05 and it was a great show. I much preferred them playing with Paul than Adam. It’s more like a cabaret now, but it fits the sort of audience they aim for, plus, he can cover the full discography no problem at all where as they were limited with what they could do with Paul but he has an edge to his voice that not many of his peers possess.
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